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There are Port(s) of Entry here
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Map of Mykonos

Mykonos (Μύκονος) or Mikonos or Myconos is a barren island in the middle of the Cyclades. It is maybe the island that attracts the most tourists. Because of this and despite its many lovely beaches many cruisers tend to avoid it.

Visiting yachts normally berth at the uncompleted Mykonos Marina two miles W of the main town, which is the only safe harbour on the island. Since its partial completion, yachts are no longer permitted to berth in Mykonos old harbour, which is reserved for tripper boats.


2682 Kólpos Patalion to Nísos Nísiros
1647 Nísos Tínos to Nísos Ikaría
G31 Northern Cyclades
54334 Plans in the Aegean Sea
Andros to Chalki Island
Karystos to Naxos


See Aegean Sea.




  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 & Tel. +30 2890 23 922
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channel 03 & 04

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Warning: The channel between Mykonos and Tinos has fierce gusts when the meltemi is blowing.



Chart of Mykonos Harbor

Mykonos Harbour

Mykonos Harbour/wiki/Mykonos#Mykonos_Harbour
Harbour icon Mykonos Harbour [[Mykonos#Mykonos Harbour|Mykonos Harbour]] (Μύκονος) 37°26.96′N, 25°19.645′E
Port of Entry

Since the partial completion of Mykonos Marina, yachts are no longer permitted to berth in the old harbour, which is reserved for tripper boats.

The harbor is extremely crowded and noisy. It is sheltered from the meltemi but it has considerable swell which can be dangerous. If you must go and they let you go early. It is more quiet at the south-west jetty.

In July 2017, the last berths without mooring lines now had those lines installed so anchoring is no longer required. Every berth now has a mooring line, with power and water also availavle everywhere. Prices are 5 to 8 euro for the mooring and 10 euro for the power and water, with a countdown meter taking money re the usage. You get back the difference if you don't use the full 10euro. We were on shore power for 3 days and took 250l of water and only spent 4 euro total. --Alfa1234
Aerial View of the Town & Harbor of Mykonos


Harbour icon Tourlos [[Mykonos#Tourlos|Tourlos]] 37°27.9′N, 25°19.5′E
The old Mykonos harbour is now closed for yachts. The new port is in an area called TOURLOS, which is about 1.5 km north of Mykonos town, but can be seen from town; it’s within walking distance but not if you are carrying luggage. See Mykonos Marina for details.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


Chart of Ornos Bay

Ornos Bay

Ornos Bay/wiki/Mykonos#Ornos_Bay
Anchorage icon Ornos Bay [[Mykonos#Ornos Bay|Ornos Bay]] 37°25.2′N, 25°19.4′E

Ornos Bay is the most protected from the meltemi anchorage in the island. There are though, very strong gusts which can come very suddenly during the night. The bottom is weed and at places it provides very poor holding. Not only that, there are also numerous discarded chains, anchors and other debris on the bottom (especially on the East side), all waiting to snag your anchor. A local guy in a dinghy will gladly organize a diver to get you unstuck!

The top end of the bay is filled with mooring balls, forcing you to anchor farther out in deeper water. The bay can get busy and full.

Anchor at 10-12 m and test your anchor. There is a permanent mooring belonging to a fishing caïque, sometimes you can use it overnight. One can eat at the hotel.
Platis Yialos

Platis Yialos

Platis Yialos/wiki/Mykonos#Platis_Yialos
Anchorage icon Platis Yialos [[Mykonos#Platis Yialos|Platis Yialos]] 37°24.7′N, 25°20.5′E
Some shelter from the meltemi, the bottom is sand and holds better than at Ornos Bay.

Kato Livadhi

Kato Livadhi/wiki/Mykonos#Kato_Livadhi
Anchorage icon Kato Livadhi [[Mykonos#Kato Livadhi|Kato Livadhi]] 37°25.7′N, 25°24.6′E
Good shelter from the meltemi, the bottom is sand and weed.
Ayia Anna

Ayia Anna

Ayia Anna/wiki/Mykonos#Ayia_Anna
Anchorage icon Ayia Anna [[Mykonos#Ayia Anna|Ayia Anna]] 37°25.9′N, 25°25.3′E
Good shelter from the meltemi, the bottom is sand and weed, good holding. This is wonderful anchorages. During the day the beach has several bathers, brought by day-trip boats, but in the evening they all are taken away and you have the anchorage all by yourself.


Anchorage icon Kalafatis [[Mykonos#Kalafatis|Kalafatis]] 37°26.4′N, 25°25.5′E
Reasonable shelter from the meltemi but open to both south and to the east. Good holding.

Panormos Bay

Panormos Bay/wiki/Mykonos#Panormos_Bay
Anchorage icon Panormos Bay [[Mykonos#Panormos Bay|Panormos Bay]] 37°28.3′N, 25°22.6′E
Reasonable shelter from both the south and from the east winds but exposed to the meltemi.

Elia Bay

Elia Bay/wiki/Mykonos#Elia_Bay
Anchorage icon Elia Bay [[Mykonos#Elia Bay|Elia Bay]] 37°25.114'N, 025°23.313'E
Elia Bay is west of Cape Makrokefalos. It is a large bay and well sheltered from the meltemi. Only a few boats anchor here because of the distance from town although there is regular bus service. During the day the sandy beach is crowded with swimmers, some wearing bathing suits and there is a large restaurant/bar ashore. There is also a water sports operation that can be a bit annoying but at night you will probably be quite alone. Use 2 anchors, particularly if you leave the boat, as the wind can be a bit fierce. --Daphnoula


Water None
Electricity None
Toilets None
Showers None
Laundry In the town
Garbage There are bins around the harbor and in several anchorages
Fuel None
Bottled gas
Chandlers None
Repairs None
Internet In many cafés.
Mobile connectivity Good 3G & 4G signal
Vehicle rentals In the town


There are Many stores.

Eating out

  • Many restaurants, most overpriced
  • Try the specialty of the island: kopanisti, a kind of peppery cheese spread


  • Daily flights from Athens
  • Many ferries



According to the mythology Mykonos was a rock hurled at the Titans by Poseidon. It was inhabited by Ionian Greeks around 2000 BC. In Roman times Mithridates of Pontus (Black Sea) invaded the island and destroyed its towns. The main town of Chora was rebuild by the Byzantines. Later it was taken over by the Venetians and belonged to the dukedom of Naxos. The remains of the Venetian castle of Paliokastro, built by the Gizzis, still remains. In 1537 Myconos was overtaken by the pirate Barbarossa. From that period on its inhabitants lived mostly by piracy. During the Greek war of independence, these pirates joined the other islands with 22 ships led by Manto Mavrogenous who also donated all of her considerable fortune to the war effort.

Today Mykonos' inhabitants continue to practice a piracy of sorts, preying on their tourist victims with their outrageous prices. Yet, to their credit, they do keep all of the beaches clean.

Places to Visit


The town of Mykonos is full of boutiques, jewelry stores, etc. Also a lot of dancing discos. There is the mascot of the island Petros a pelican who must be replaced at regular intervals, none of the locals admit this, but he has been there since the 50s!

In Mykonos there is a Archaeological Museum as well as an Aegean Maritime Museum well worth a visit. Also, the Folk Museum (tel. +30 2890 22591), founded in 1959, at the Castle, contains collections of furniture, ceramics, pictures, post-Byzantine sculptures and traditional musical instruments.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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