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Keats Island
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Keats Island is an inhabited island located in Howe Sound near Vancouver, British Columbia. Around eighty people live on Keats Island year-round. It is one of the larger islands in Howe Sound. Other than a few cleared fields, the entire island is covered in forest. There are several beaches scattered around the island, and a prominent rocky outcrop called Salmon Rock at the Southwest tip.


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Keats Landing/wiki/Keats_Island#Keats_LandingHarbour icon Keats Landing [[Keats Island#Keats Landing|Keats Landing]] 49°23.677'N, 123°29.041'W This is a ferry terminal.

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Plumper Cove

Plumper Cove/wiki/Keats_Island#Plumper_Cove
Anchorage icon Plumper Cove [[Keats Island#Plumper Cove|Plumper Cove]] 49°24.144'N, 123°28.480'W
Nice anchorage in the Plumper Cove Marine Provincial Park. Dinghy dock. Many hiking trails.





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Visitors to Keats Island can take a BC Ferry vessel from Horseshoe Bay north of Vancouver to Langdale Ferry Terminal on the Sunshine Coast. Keats Island and nearby Gambier Island are served by foot passenger ferry from the ferry terminal at Langdale, and Keats is accessible by water taxi from Gibsons and Horseshoe Bay.



Like many of the features in Howe Sound, Keats Island was named by George Henry Richards, who surveyed the British Columbia Coast from 1857 to 1862, first in HMS Plumper (which is commemorated by the name of Plumper Cove) until 1861, and then in HMS Hecate. Keats Island is named after Sir Richard Goodwin Keats, a British Admiral. Admiral Keats served under Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson and was famous for sailing HMS Superb through a blockade at Gibraltar in 1801 during the Napoleonic wars. In 1813 Admiral Keats was also a governor of the Island of Newfoundland. Keats Island is the only large island in Howe Sound named for an officer who did not take part in the Battle of Trafalgar, as his ship was undergoing a refit at the time. However, he had already established his fame in the Second Battle of Algeciras.

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