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Alonnisos (Αλόννησος) or Khelidromi is part of the Sporades it has about 1,100 inhabitants and an area of 62 km2, and its tallest peak, Kavouli, is 470 m. It is a green island with many olive trees, fig trees, almond trees, etc. The main town in Alonnisos used to be Chora or Alonnisos until 1965 when it was destroyed by an earthquake.


1062 Nísoi Voríoi Sporádhes
G25 Eastern Sporades and North Evvoia
31 North Evoikos to Kavala Gulf
Greek 74 Corinth to Skopelos Island
Greek 331 Sporades to Ay. Efstratios


See Aegean Sea.



The Anchorage at Vasiliko, Peristera


Island icon Peristera [[Alonnisos#Peristera|Peristera]] (Περιστέρα) 39°11.493'N, 023°58.680'E

The island of Peristera or Peristeri or Xero is very lightly inhabited island just east of Alonnisos. There are three anchorages on the island and no facilities.

  1. Vasiliko/wiki/Alonnisos#VasilikoAnchorage icon Vasiliko [[Alonnisos#Vasiliko|Vasiliko]] (Βασιλικό) 39°12′N, 23°58.6′E is a bay at the middle of the west side of the Peristera. The northern corner of the bay is well protected from the meltemi but is exposed to the south winds. The south corner offers some protection but you have to anchor at 15-20 m depth on weed. Bad holding.
  2. Vourlia/wiki/Alonnisos#VourliaAnchorage icon Vourlia [[Alonnisos#Vourlia|Vourlia]] 39°11.2′N, 23°56.7′E - This cove, just south-west of Vasiliko, provides much better shelter from the south winds than Vasiliko. Anchor near the N coast and take a shore line to a rock on the south coast. Good holding on a mostly sand bottom. Here you will be totally isolated save for a large flock of seagulls that roost here.
  3. Peristera/wiki/Alonnisos#PeristeraAnchorage icon Peristera [[Alonnisos#Peristera|Peristera]] 39°10.224'N, 023°58.021'E or Xero Bay - An isolated bay at the south of the island. Well protected from the meltemi but open to the south. This is maybe the most attractive anchorage in the region.


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 and tel. Tel. +30 4240 65 595 (Patitiri)
  • Olympia Radio - VHF no signal

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


In general, during the summer months the meltemi is weaker in the Sporades region. Approaches to the island are straight forward, no dangers. Specific dangers are mentioned, as needed, for each port or anchorage.



The main harbor in Alonnisos is Patitiri but, near by Votsi, is a more attractive anchorage. So is Steni Vala and Kokino Kastro.

Chart of Patitiri


Harbour icon Patitiri [[Alonnisos#Patitiri|Patitiri]] (Πατητήρι) 39°8.55′N, 23°51.95′E

Patitiri is the harbor and the largest town in Alonnisos. The harbor affords good shelter from the meltemi. You can anchor moor stern-to at the quay to the north of the ferry dock, though space here is limited, or anchor moor on the south side of the ferry quay itself. The bottom is mostly sand and provides good holding. The quay is liable to be crowded during the summer months, while the SW of the harbor is more exposed to westerlies and is crowded with permanent moorings.

The town is attractive and has good shopping but it is relatively new and its architecture is nothing special. The society for the preservation of the Mediterranean Seal, Monachus Monachus or as it is locally known, MOm have an information pavilion in Patitiri which is also the headquarters for their patrol boats.
The Harbor of Patitiri
The Anchorage of Votsi


Harbour icon Votsi [[Alonnisos#Votsi|Votsi]] (Βότση) 39°08.9′N, 23°52.4′E
Chart of Votsi

Votsi is one cove north of Patitiri. It is my favorite anchorage in Alonnisos in that it is fairly easy to anchor, very well protected from both the meltemi and the south-west winds, it is very quiet, and only about 40 minutes on foot to Patitiri.

It is best to anchor just behind the jetty. In the fall, when the wind can change direction it is best to use two anchors: one from the bow and one from the stern. This will keep the boat form swinging in the small cove. Alternatively one can take a long shore line to the trees, W of the jetty. The bottom is mostly sand and provides good holding. There is a small quay, but it usually occupied.

In August of 2011 there were so many boats, many on permanent moorings, that it was extremely difficult to find a space. --Istioploos

There was plenty of space for us in late July 2017. The taverna overlooking the bay is worth a visit. --Lady Marie D

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Steni Vala

Steni Vala/wiki/Alonnisos#Steni_Vala
Anchorage icon Steni Vala [[Alonnisos#Steni Vala|Steni Vala]] (Στενή Βάλα) 39°11.5′N, 23°55.5′E

Steni Vala is a small harbor, just across from Peristera Island. A flotilla operates from here during the summer months and the quay is crowded. It is an attractive place with a few tavernas. Go stern-to the quay. Depths are best close to the bit which is marked off for the tour boats.

Water is available from the mini-market. There's a nice pebble beach just a short walk to the N - follow the signs for the rubbish bins and keep going.

MOm has been operating their seal rescue center here but in 1999 they relocated it in Gerakas.

Kokino Kastro

Kokino Kastro/wiki/Alonnisos#Kokino_Kastro
Anchorage icon Kokino Kastro [[Alonnisos#Kokino Kastro|Kokino Kastro]] (Κόκκινο Κάστρο) 39°10.1′N, 23°54.1′E

Kokino Kastro is located about 2 nM north of Votsi. It takes its name from the red color of the cliffs. There are several very attractive coves with sandy beaches and pine trees all well protected from the meltemi.

The ruins of the ancient city of Iko (Ικώ) have been excavated near by and you can visit them. Also on the little island of Vrachos (Βράχος) were found some Paleolithic tools.


Anchorage icon Gerakas [[Alonnisos#Gerakas|Gerakas]] (Γέρακας) 39°16.3′N, 23°56.9′E

Gerakas is a narrow bay at the nothern tip of the island. It is very nice but it is exposed to the north-east and not a suitable anchorage during the meltemi season.

The MOm seal rehabilitation center operates here.


Anchorage icon Mourtia [[Alonnisos#Mourtia|Mourtia]] 39°08.5′N, 23°50.3′E
This is a bay on the south-west side of the island. It is very exposed to the south but offers some protection to the north winds. Not a very safe anchorage.


Water N/A (Not Available)
Electricity N/A
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry There is a laundry in Patitiri
Garbage There are bins around the harbors and in several anchorages
Fuel About 1 km up the hill from either Patitiri or Votsi. Almost impossible to carry jerry cans without a vehicle
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet In cafés
Mobile connectivity Reasonable 3G signal
Vehicle rentals Up the hill from Patitiri, on the road to Chora, there is motorbike rental place


Patitiri/wiki/Alonnisos#.5B.5B.23Patitiri.7CPatitiri.5D.5DProvisions icon Patitiri [[Alonnisos#Patitiri|Patitiri]] Several grocery stores.

Eating out

Kamaki/wiki/Alonnisos#.27.27Kamaki.27.27Eatingout icon Kamaki [[Alonnisos#Kamaki|Kamaki]] Restaurant just off the waterfront on the road towards Votsi; good and moderately priced food.
waterfront restaurants/wiki/Alonnisos#waterfront_restaurantsEatingout icon waterfront restaurants [[Alonnisos#waterfront restaurants|waterfront restaurants]] Rather indifferent food.
  • Chora
Chora/wiki/Alonnisos#.27.27Chora.27.27Eatingout icon Chora [[Alonnisos#Chora|Chora]] 39°09.074'N, 023°50.559'E Pleasant tavernas and cafés.


Frequent hydrofoil service to the other Sporades and the mainland.



In the antiquity, 5th century BC, Alonnisos was occupied by the Athenians under Kimon and then, on the 3rd century, by Philip of Macedonia. It was later a place used by pirates. The ruins of the ancient city of Iko (Ικώ) have been excavated near Kokino Kastro (Κόκκινο Κάστρο) where some walls and some inscriptions have been found. Also on the little island of Vrachos (Βράχος) were found some Paleolithic tools.

The town of Chora was destroyed in 1965 by an earthquake. At that time Greece was under a military junta. They ordered the town to be evacuated and set temporary housing for the inhabitants at Patitiri. The inhabitants were prevented from going back and rebuilding but were ordered to stay in Patitiri. Chora remained in ruins for several years. Some enterprising Germans bought a few ruined houses, for a very low price, and restored them. Their example was followed by more Germans and a few Englishmen. This process was just beginning in 1986. Now, more then half of the houses have been restored, most of them very tastefully.

Places to Visit

The restored town of Chora is well worth a visit. It is about 5 km from either Patitiri or Votsi.

There is, alas, an overabundance of restaurants and bars. There are also a few art galleries but today they were all closed. Several of the streets have been re-paved with flagstones. By in large, the restoration of Chora is an example worthy of imitation.


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