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Port of Entry
54°11.101'N, 015°33.189'E Chart icon.png
lat=54.18502 | lon=15.55315 | zoom=14 | y

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See Poland.


See Poland.


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Water is VERY shallow North of the Pier (0.3m East of the breakwater) though charted depth (2010) is good.

Bumpy in a NW (the dominant wind) but pretty safe as long as you keep to the middle near the entrance. Outgoing vessels are easily spotted from outside.


{Kolobrzeg is a port of entry for Poland. For details see Entrance: Poland.


At the time of writing anything to the West is Military including the beach, which is why is is so empty. DO NOT stop there, at best you will be frogmarched to the barracks, made to fill in some forms and interrogated by a bored soldier.

  • Not advised to to park up on the East side after entrance at tourist town, since this space is busy with pirate ships and ferries for tourists. Carry on down to the Marina.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Town Marina

The town Marina (opened September 2012) is half a mile in on the East side of entry.

  • Visitors go on the South Pontoons. Never mind the thousands of Seagulls, they aren't allowed to mess on the boats.
  • Leci, Water facilities and plenty of depth all round
  • WC, washing machines, have lots of 1PLN and 2PLN coins

Conrad Yacht Klub

  • The Joseph Conrad Yacht Klub consists of a few very keen racers who are at it at every opportunity. Ask to join a race on any summer weekend. The Kommander Jarek is very helpful and speaks good English
  • A chandlery is onsite [neptun@neptun.kolobrzeg.pl Website]
  • A much larger extension to the Marina is planned to the South East of the existing marina. Progress is slow and no one is holding breaths


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  • [[large Anchorage1]]


Water At the marina
Electricity At the marina
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry At the marina
  • Glass bottles and Plastics are currently all that is recycled, bins are next
  • A green bin is located on site which currently takes all other trash. The marina is aiming to have proper disposal facilities for all kinds of waste by 2014
Fuel At the marina
Bottled gas ?
  • Chandlry: Neptun, ul. Sienkiewicza 17E, +48601727609 (Adam)
  • Tool Hire: Wypozsyczalinia Elektronari, Rybacka 6A, +48794536086 (Kuba)
Repairs Ask members of the Yacht Klub, or Wictor the Harbours Manager. He works from the top office on most week days
Internet Allegedly there are free WiFis around sponsored by the City Council, in reality they do not work and no one can explain why
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


As you exit the Marina, cross the railway line then:

  • Turn right down Solna then first right and right again to find fresh fish from the small fishing boats every morning
  • Turn right down Solna then at first big roundabout turn left to find LIDL Superstore (also sells fresh bread!) and turn right to find Biedronke
  • Another 500M at the next big roundabout, turn right and find Brico Marche (tools) and the main branch of Neptun Candlers. Adam speaks good English and they are very helpful.

Eating out

Turn left to walk into town.


  • Local busses are 2PLN, the main bus/train station is just 400M North East of the entrance to the Morski Port Jachtowy (Marina)
  • Ryainair has cheap flights STN<>SZZ about half the week. The timing is tricky
  • Train Kolobrzeg Kostrzewno -> Goleniaw leaves at 6.26AM (Kostrzewno is the train station 200M South West of the Marina Entrance!
  • Taxi from Sczeczin Goleniaw Airport to Goleniaw : 44PLN. There are local mini-busses which leave when full for 7PLN on the right outside the train station. They are not well labelled, don't get on the wrong one



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See Poland.


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  • The Bison Grass Vodka is Ace.

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