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Satellite view of Andros

Andros (Άνδρος), a member of the Cyclades. It is 380,041 km2 and has about 10,009 inhabitants. The highest peak of Andros is 944 m (3097 ft). Andros is not a very touristic island but it is the home of several very rich shipowner families like the fabulously wealthy Goulandris; as a result it is very well kept without the usual tourist related hassles.


2682 Kólpos Patalion to Nísos Nísiros
1038 Stenó Sífnou to Stenó Kafiréa
G3 Aegean Sea (South)
G31 Northern Cyclades
54355 Nisos Andros & Dhiekplous Kafireos
42 Andros to Chalki Island
421 Karystos to Naxos


See Aegean Sea.




Island icon Yiaros [[Andros-Greece#Yiaros|Yiaros]] 37°35.5′N, 24°42.7′E

Yiaros is a barren uninhabited island mid-way between Kea and Tinos and about 8 nM south-west of Andros. There are no anchorages but with sheltered weather one can anchor in an exposed little cove on its south side of the island for lunch or a swim. There are strong gusts here with the meltemi.

The island was used as a place of exile for political prisoners as recently as during theJunta of the Colonels (1967-72).


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 Tel. +30 2820 22 572
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channel 04

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


In general the west side of the island experiences strong gusts when the meltemi blows. For particulars see individual ports or anchorages.


There are several anchorages in Andros. The main harbor on the more protected west side of the island, Gavrio is very busy with ferry boats. Most cruisers prefer the quieter, nearby Batsi.


Chart of Gavrio


Harbour icon Gavrio [[Andros-Greece#Gavrio|Gavrio]] (Γαύριο)) 37°53′N, 24°44′E

Gavrio (Γαύριο) provides the best shelter in the island. You can either anchor off-shore or go stern-to at the quay. The bottom is mud and provides good holding.

Caution: There are several reefs in the approach to Gavrio. In particular there is Vouvi with dangerous shoals at the sourh-east entrance, the rock Rosa, and shoal waters near the islets Akamatis and Plati.
Chart of Batsi


Harbour icon Batsi [[Andros-Greece#Batsi|Batsi]] (Μπατσί)) 37°51.39′N, 24°46.98′E

Batsi is just 2 3/4 nM south-east of Gavrio and provides good shelter, although it can be gusty, from the meltemi but it is exposed to the south. You can either anchor off-shore or go stern-to at the small quay. There is room for 10+ boats stern to facing north east and another 7 side to the east and west of the new extension to the mole. Depths alongside the new mole are >5 metres. The bottom is sand and provides good holding. There are no harbour fees to pay although there is a self-styled harbour master who will guide you to a space and attempt to collect one. We checked with the port police; their understanding with him is that he can do this work for tips, but certainly not charge a nightly fee or direct boats to move. An "official" port police/harbour master's office is built and slated to open in 2016. Electricity and potable water free of charge from posts on the quay.

This is a pleasant and quiet anchorage (if you are off-shore) and yet there are enough stores and restaurants ashore. There is fuel available from a station but it is uphill and out of town, not an easy walk carrying jerry cans. You can rent cars and motorbikes.
The Harbor of Batsi
Anchored off


Harbour icon Kastro [[Andros-Greece#Kastro|Kastro]] (Κάστρο) 37°50.6′N, 24°56.4′E

Castro is the capital of Andros also known as Andros or Chora or Hora.

The small yacht harbor in Chora has been enlarged and there is now room for many more yachts. As of May 2014 water and electricity had not been installed. --Daphnoula

Danger: The is not protected from the meltemi and it can be dangerous. There is a dangerous reef directly at the approach into the harbor.

I have moored here during the 1980's and again in the 90's during a strong meltemi and the area behind the large mole was quite comfortable. --Daphnoula

Marinas & Yacht Clubs





Anchorage icon Korthi [[Andros-Greece#Korthi|Korthi]] (Κορθί) 37°46.5′N, 24°57.9′E

Korthi is a very lovely cove.

Warning: It is exposed to the east and it is not protected from the meltemi and it can be dangerous when it blows.

Palaioupolis Bay

Palaioupolis Bay/wiki/Andros-Greece#Palaioupolis_Bay
Anchorage icon Palaioupolis Bay [[Andros-Greece#Palaioupolis Bay|Palaioupolis Bay]] 37°49′N, 24°49′E

This is a lovely anchorage about 3 nMi south-east of Batsi. There is reasonable protection from the meltemi but it is very exposed to the south.

Anchor off-shore. The bottom is sand.

There are some underwater foundations of the ancient harbor and some ruins ashore.

Katabatic winds with a meltemi can be fierce here. --Daphnoula

Plaka Bay

Plaka Bay/wiki/Andros-Greece#Plaka_Bay
Anchorage icon Plaka Bay [[Andros-Greece#Plaka Bay|Plaka Bay]] 37°45.8′N, 24°53.1′E
This is a small bay south of Cape Zagora.


Water ?
Electricity N/A (Not Available)
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage There are bins around the harbors and in several anchorages
Fuel There is fuel available in Batsi from a station but it is uphill and out of town, not an easy walk carrying jerry cans
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs ?
Internet In internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Good 3G signa
Vehicle rentals Available in both Gavrio and Batsi


Good food shopping in both Gavrio and Batsi

Eating out

Adonis/wiki/Andros-Greece#AdonisEatingout icon Adonis [[Andros-Greece#Adonis|Adonis]] serves some very good mezedes (tasty morsels).
Several restaurants
Several restaurants


There are daily, and in the summer several per day ferries to Rafina.



The island was named after the Cretan general Andros, the grandson of Apollo. It has been inhabited since pre-historic times by Karians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Cretans, Pelasgians, and Ionian Greeks. During the 7th century BC Andros was very prosperous. In Classical times Andros was a reluctant member of the Delian Leaque headed by Athens. During the 13th century AD it was taken from the Byzantines by the Frankish crusaders and then by the Ottomans in 1556 to be followed by the Russians in 1774. After the 1821 war of independence Andros became part of Modern Greece.

Places to Visit

Street of Museum of Modern Art

Chora (Χώρα) is the capital of Andros also known as Andros or Hora. It is a very picturesque town with traditional Cycladic architecture.

In town, of interest are the Archaeological Museum which houses many finds from Palaiopolis and Zagora. There is also a small but very good Museum of Modern Art which houses a collection of the local sculptor M. Tombros as well as works of the most important contemporary Greek artists. They also have regular exhibits of non-Greek modern artists. The museum is housed in a very pleasant building which harmonizes with the Cycladic architecture.

In modern times Andros has been the home island of many wealthy shipowners, in particular the various members of the Goulandris family. The Maritime Museum of Andros shows some of this tradition.


In addition to the excavation site and the underwater jetty there is a local exhibit of the Archaeological Collection of Palaiopolis.


Here is the site of the Geometric settlement at Zagora.


A prominent feature of Gavrion is the Tower at Aghios Petros. It is dated from the Hellenistic period (4th-3rd centuries BC) and it is worth a visit.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Greece.


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