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Krka river
43°47.746'N, 015°52.659'E Chart icon.png
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Krka i Prokljansko jezero.jpg
View from E of Krka river and Prokljansko jezero

This article is about the region of Krka river and Prokljansko jezero (Prokljan lake) which lays at the lower part of the river.

The river is connected to the sea via a 5-mile long inlet entered through a narrow strait, the Kanal Sv. Ante, situated five miles SE of Vodice and 11 miles NNW of Primošten.

Yachts mostly come to this region to visit the Krka National Park entered at the village of Skradin eight miles upriver. Nevertheless, the shores of the river are fairly scenic which makes the passage quite pleasurable.


See Northern Dalmatia.


See Croatia.


See Croatia.


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See Šibenik for navigation along the Kanal Sv. Ante into the Šibenski zaljev (Šibenik bay).

Once into the bay of Šibenik, the entrance to the Krka river channel is a further three miles at the NW end of the bay. The channel is marked with port and starboard buoys.

Šibenski most/wiki/Krka_river#.C5.A0ibenski_mostWorld icon.png Šibenski most [[Krka river#Šibenski most|Šibenski most]] (D8 motorway bridge) 43°45.764'N, 015°50.947'E — vertical clearance 27 m.

Follow the channel round into the large inland lake of Proljansko Jezero, being careful to avoid the numerous mussel farms en route.

The channel then continues after the headland of Oštrica at the E side of the lake for a further two miles, then under a motorway bridge and up to Skradin.

Take care of the Shoal at the Rt Lukovo/wiki/Krka_river#Shoal_at_the_Rt_LukovoDanger icon Shoal at the Rt Lukovo [[Krka river#Shoal at the Rt Lukovo|Shoal at the Rt Lukovo]] 43°48.415'N, 015°54.518'E at the northern shore of the river just before the A1 bridge. Depths up to 3.3 m. Marked with the red light. Sail closer to the S shore there.

Most Krka/wiki/Krka_river#Most_KrkaWorld icon.png Most Krka [[Krka river#Most Krka|Most Krka]] (A1 motorway bridge) 43°48.513'N, 015°54.943'E — vertical clearance 56 m.

Another road bridge just beyond Skradin with less than 10.0 metres air draft prevents any further progress.

Krka river Krka National Park.JPG
Krka river
Going fast on the Krka river


  • In Skradin
    at the municipal quay
    restaurant pontoons down the river

Luka Raslina

Luka Raslina/wiki/Krka_river#Luka_Raslina
Harbour icon Luka Raslina [[Krka river#Luka Raslina|Luka Raslina]] 43°48.452'N, 015°51.405'E

A village at the W shore of the large inland lake of Proljansko Jezero. Moor at the N or S breakwaters. There is less than 3m in places. There is a water tap in the harbour. A restaurant and a Konzum supermarket in the village.

Note: Watch for the E cardinal mark S of the harbour.

Luka Zaton

Luka Zaton/wiki/Krka_river#Luka_Zaton
Harbour icon Luka Zaton [[Krka river#Luka Zaton|Luka Zaton]] 43°47.135'N, 015°49.420'E
4 NM NW of Šibenik. Moor alongside the quay. Depth 2m. The berth is open from SE. A Konzum supermarket is at the square at the head of the bay.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Marina Zaton

Marina Zaton/wiki/Krka_river#Marina_Zaton
Marina icon Marina Zaton [[Krka river#Marina Zaton|Marina Zaton]] 43°46.712'N, 015°49.840'E
A private "marina" at the W inlet at the begining of the Zaton bay, approx 0.7 NM SE of the Zaton village. The marina belongs to a branch of Dream Yacht Charter. Reportedly free berths could be found there on weekdays only: when the charter boats are away.


Zaton village banner 160923-111512-DSC02484.jpg
Invitation to Zaton

U. Zaton

U. Zaton/wiki/Krka_river#U._Zaton
Anchorage icon U. Zaton [[Krka river#U. Zaton|U. Zaton]] 43°46.876'N, 015°49.906'E
A small inlet opposite so-called marina Zaton. Depth 7 m on mud. 15 min. walk to the village.


At one of the 3 inlets at the E shore of the river. See Skradin for further details.

Proljansko Jezero

U. Parna

U. Parna/wiki/Krka_river#U._Parna
Anchorage icon U. Parna [[Krka river#U. Parna|U. Parna]] 43°48.264'N, 015°53.656'E
At the river Krka at the E end of the lake. Depth 9 m.

U. Beretuša

U. Beretuša/wiki/Krka_river#U._Beretu.C5.A1a
Anchorage icon U. Beretuša [[Krka river#U. Beretuša|U. Beretuša]] 43°49.069'N, 015°53.268'E
A doglegged inlet at the E end of the lake. Depth 6 m. Note: Watch for S and E cardinal marks S of inlet entrance.

U. Vrulje

U. Vrulje/wiki/Krka_river#U._Vrulje
Anchorage icon U. Vrulje [[Krka river#U. Vrulje|U. Vrulje]] 43°47.524'N, 015°53.732'E
A long creek at the SE end of the lake. Depths from 10 to 2 m.

U. sv. Kata

U. sv. Kata/wiki/Krka_river#U._sv._Kata
Anchorage icon U. sv. Kata [[Krka river#U. sv. Kata|U. sv. Kata]] 43°48.591'N, 015°51.377'E
A creek just N of the Luka Rasline. Depths 3-8 m. Note: Watch for E cardinal mark S of the Luka Rasline.

Rijeka Guduća

Rijeka Guduća/wiki/Krka_river#Rijeka_Gudu.C4.87a
Anchorage icon Rijeka Guduća [[Krka river#Rijeka Guduća|Rijeka Guduća]] 43°49.581'N, 015°50.617'E
At the mouth of the river Guduća at NW tip of the lake. Depth 3-11 m.




In Raslina and Zaton/wiki/Krka_river#In_.5B.5B.23Luka_Raslina.7CRaslina.5D.5D_and_.5B.5B.23Luka_Zaton.7C_Zaton.5D.5DProvisions icon In Raslina and Zaton [[Krka river#In Raslina and Zaton|In Raslina and Zaton]] small grocery shops.

Eating out

'In Raslina, Zaton, and Krka National Park/wiki/Krka_river#.27In_.5B.5B.23Luka_Raslina.7CRaslina.5D.5D.2C_.5B.5B.23Luka_Zaton.7C_Zaton.5D.5D.2C__and_.5B.5Bwikipedia:Krka_National_Park.7CKrka_National_Park.5D.5DWorld icon.png 'In Raslina, Zaton, and Krka National Park [[Krka river#'In Raslina, Zaton, and Krka National Park|'In Raslina, Zaton, and Krka National Park]] restaurants.



See Krka National Park at the Wikivoyage.


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