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Ports of NE Peloponnese
There are Port(s) of Entry here
37°15.407'N, 022°55.164'E Chart icon.png
Greece EastPelopon r.jpg
Satellite View of E Peloponnese

The coast of east Peloponnese is beautiful and dramatic. The weather here is less severe than in the Cyclades and in the summer the meltemi is more gentle. However, there are only a few anchorages.


1031 Yerakas to Kea
G14 Saronic and Argolic Gulfs
G15 Southern Peloponnisos
54340 Nisos Spetsai - N. Vorioi Sporadhes
4341 Navplion and Appr Saronic Gulf Greece
414 Poros mechri Monemvasia


See Aegean Sea.





  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 26, 27, or 28

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Approaches in generalare straightforward. Details are given for each port.



Chart of Astros


Harbour icon Astros [[Ports of NE Peloponnese#Astros|Astros]] (Άστρος) 37°24.81′N, 22°45.96′E

Astros or Astrous is nice harbor on the NE Peloponnese. The town has grown from a sleepy fishing village into a summer tourist resort, mostly domestic tourism. Overlooking the town there is a large medieval castle and at the end of the S mole there are the ruins some classical buildings.

The harbor offers good protection from the prevailing S winds. Drop the anchor in 5-6 m and go either stern or bows-to the quay. The bottom has mud and weed and the holding is not always good.

Warning: There strong katabatic winds from the mountains in the evenings.
Astros breakwater and castle
Chart of Leonidio


Harbour icon Leonidio [[Ports of NE Peloponnese#Leonidio|Leonidio]] (Λεωνίδιο) 37°08.7′N, 22°53.61′E

Leonidio or Leonidhion or Plaka (Πλάκα) is a very pleasant harbor in the E Peloponnese. About a 25 min taxi drive from the harbor there is the spectacular Elona Monastery build on the shear cliffs of the mountain.

The harbor does not offer the best protection from the S winds and can develop an uncomfortable swell. Anchor in 6-8 m and go stern-to the quay. The bottom has rocks and the holding is at places rather poor. The harbor police here is always very eager to inspect your papers. The harbor fees are outrageous for what it offers. In 2007 I paid €10 for no facilities other than the concrete while at proper Greek marina with showers, bathrooms, water, electricity and attendants the fee is €15-20.
Plaka or Leonidio
Chart of Kyparisi


Harbour icon Kyparisi [[Ports of NE Peloponnese#Kyparisi|Kyparisi]] (Κυπαρίσσι) 36°58.32′N, 22°59.65′E
Kyparísi or Kiparissia is a spectacular cove on the E Peloponnese surrounded by tall mountains. The shelter here is not always very good but there are several anchoring places to choose from. The holding is not always good.
The commercial harbour of Nafplio


Harbour icon Nafplio [[Ports of NE Peloponnese#Nafplio|Nafplio]] (Ναύπλιο) 37°34.20′N, 22°47.61′E
Port of Entry

Nafplio or Nauplion was the first capital of Modern Greece. It is a town with considerable ancient and modern history.

Today it is a busy and rather grubby commercial harbour, but it does offer a safe mooring for a visit to the old town of this former capital of the Greek state and its wonderfully sited Venetian castle. The harbour is secure in most winds, although northerlies send an uncomfortable chop across the large harbour in view of the fetch. We anchor moored on the quay here while a full meltemi was blowing down the Peloponnese without problems. The holding in the harbour is good. There are no facilities on the quay. The port police seem not to bother visiting yachts at all unless there is a big ship due.
Nafplio Venetian castle

Marinas & Yacht Clubs





Water There is excellent spring water on the quay of Leonidio, for an extra price
Electricity N/A (Not Available)
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry ?
Garbage ?
Fuel N/A
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet In internet cafés
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals In Nafplio


In all four harbors there is limited shopping for provisions.

Eating out


  • In the summer there are hydrofoils from Astros to Nafplio and to Piraeus
  • There are regular hydrofoils to Piraeus from Kyparisi
  • Buses to Athens from Nafplio


  • Overlooking the town of Astros there is a large medieval castle and at the end of the S mole there are the ruins some classical buildings
  • From Leonidio visit the Elona Monastery build on the shear cliffs of the mountain, about a 25 minutes by taxi
  • In Nafplio visit the castle and the little island of Bourzi that was used as a jail in the 19th century


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See Greece.


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