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Skyros (Σκύρος) or Skiros is the most isolated island of the Sporades group, and as a result not too many yachts visit it. Skyros has about 4,000 inhabitants and an area of 210 km2. The tallest peak is Mt. Kokhilas (792 m).

Native to Skyros is a rare species of small pony called Pikermic.


1062 Nisoi Voríoi Sporades
2048 Skyros island
G25 Northern Sporades and North Nisos Evvoia
G26 Nisos Evvoia
54350 Nisoi Vorioi Sporadhes
54352 Plans in theAegean Sea: Nisos Skyros
33 Cape Sounion to Lesvos I.


See Aegean Sea.



Chart of Sarakino


Island icon Sarakino [[Skyros#Sarakino|Sarakino]] (Σαράκινο) 38°45′N, 24°36.9′E
There is a wonderful secluded anchorage at the S side of Sarakino Island. It provides good shelter from the meltemi but it is exposed to the S. The bottom is sand and weeds and provides good holding. Anchor at 4-6 m and take a shore line to a rock. Watch out for the many sea urchins.
Entering Sarakino
The Anchoarge in Sarakino


Island icon Skyropoula [[Skyros#Skyropoula|Skyropoula]] (Σκυροπούλα) 38°50′N, 24°22′E
The S side of Skyropoula is nice place for a temporary anchorage. There is very good spearfishing.
Chart of Skantzoura


Island icon Skantzoura [[Skyros#Skantzoura|Skantzoura]] (Σκάντζουρα) 39°04′N, 24°06.7′E

Skantzoura is a small uninhabited island. The only structure on it is an old hermitage, now abandoned. It is a very pleasant if isolated place.

The island is within the Marine Park which was established a few years ago to protect marine life and particularly the highly endangered Mediterranean seal. All fishing is strictly forbidden. Yachts can stay for only one night. The organization for the preservation of the Mediterranean Seal, Monachus Monachus or as it is locally known, MOm, patrols the Marine Park and enforces its regulations.

There are three anchorages at Skantzoura bay, on the W side of the island that afford some protection from the meltemi. All are exposed to the W. The bottom is sand and weed and provides reasonable holding. For an overnight, it is best to get near the shore and take a shore line to a rock, in addition to the anchor.

Caution: There numerous unmarked low lying islets and reefs at the entrance to Skantzoura bay. Entry to and exit from the bay after dark is dangerous.
Skantzoura bay


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Approaches to Skyros are easy but Skyros is a very windy island its N side of is exposed to very rough seas. All of the anchorages are on the S side with the exception of the "marina." The only harbor in the island is Linaria.



Chart of Linaria harbor

Linaria Harbor

Linaria Harbor/wiki/Skyros#Linaria_Harbor
Harbour icon Linaria Harbor [[Skyros#Linaria Harbor|Linaria Harbor]] (Λινάρια) 38°50.556'N, 024°32.135'E

Linaria is a small harbor and it offers good protection from the meltemi as well as from the S winds. Anchoring is very difficult because of the many laid moorings and bad holding. Most yachts moor alongside the W quay, avoiding the ferryboat area. There is only room for about three yachts and rafting is quite common. If there is no room you can anchor off-shore at the nearby Linaria Cove, although the bottom is weedy here and you need to take care to dig your anchor in well.

In 2013 substantial lazy lines had been laid at the main quay, ably administered by the Skyros Port Fund. George Ladopoulos [email protected] +30 6949541210. VHF 9 Unlimited, water,electricity,wifi showers all included in a standard port fee (17 metres - E31) . Space for about 7 -8 boats on this quay and others on the W quay as previously.

The harbor is very pleasant with a few restaurants and stores. There is a water outlet at the quay, with water available, and fuel by tanker. The town of Chora is about 10 km away. There is a bus twice a day. For a taxi call +30 2220 91 666. Scooters can be hired at the port.
The harbor of Linaria

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


Chart of Linaria Cove

Linaria Cove

Linaria Cove/wiki/Skyros#Linaria_Cove
Anchorage icon Linaria Cove [[Skyros#Linaria Cove|Linaria Cove]] 38°50.9′N, 24°32′E

Linaria Cove is just N of Linaria Harbor. It is open to the S winds. It well protected from the meltemi despite the strong gusts. The bottom is mostly mud and provides good holding.

Caution: On the NE over the hill there is an electric power plant. It is refueled by some underwater pipes located between 2 small buoys. Stay away form the E side of the cove.

The cove is a very pleasant and much more quieter than the harbor despite the proximity of the power plant. You can easily go ashore and leave the dingy at the small pier at the E side. Linaria is a 10 minute walk. Alternatively you can take the dingy to the harbor. On the NE corner of the cove there is a restaurant that has a good reputation with the locals.
Linaria Harbor as seen from Linaria Cove
Chart of Ayios Phokas

Ayios Phokas

Ayios Phokas/wiki/Skyros#Ayios_Phokas
Anchorage icon Ayios Phokas [[Skyros#Ayios Phokas|Ayios Phokas]] (Άγιος Φωκάς) 38°52.4′N, 24°28.6′E

Ayios Phokas or Ayios Fokas is a gorgeous anchorage with very bright green pines all around, almost up to the water line. Anchor at 4m, very good holding on sand .

There is a restaurant ashore which serves good food.
Ayios Phokas

Stin Angali

Stin Angali/wiki/Skyros#Stin_Angali
Anchorage icon Stin Angali [[Skyros#Stin Angali|Stin Angali]] 38°51.2′N, 24°30.2′E
Stin Angali (Στήν Αγκάλη - in the embrace) is a lovely setting and a safe anchorage but liable to have some swell. There is a restaurant ashore.

Port Achladi

Port Achladi/wiki/Skyros#Port_Achladi
Anchorage icon Port Achladi [[Skyros#Port Achladi|Port Achladi]] 38°46.8′N, 24°34.1′E
This is supposed to be a very good anchorage. I have only seen it from a distance and it looks very attractive (--Istioploos 08:42, 4 May 2008 (MDT)).

Tris Bookes

Tris Bookes/wiki/Skyros#Tris_Bookes
Anchorage icon Tris Bookes [[Skyros#Tris Bookes|Tris Bookes]] 38°47.120'N, 024°35.651'E
Tris Bookes (Τρείς Μπούκες) or Trebuki is a very large natural harbor and has been used by the British and Greek navies as an anchorage. The name means three mouths and is descriptive of this large bay protected by two islands that give it three openings. However, it less suitable for yachts because of fierce gusts and swell. Also a Greek Naval base is under construction and could restrict access.
View from land
View from Sarakino Island

Renes Bay

Renes Bay/wiki/Skyros#Renes_Bay
Anchorage icon Renes Bay [[Skyros#Renes Bay|Renes Bay]] 38°46.345'N, 024°38.167'E
This is cove on the SE corner of the island.


Water Linaria: there is water outlet next to the quay where a hose can be used
Electricity Linaria: outlet on the quay
Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
  • There is at least one laundry in Chora
  • Lykonides Hotel at the Linaria harbour will look after laundry - wash/dry/fold 15€/6kg
Garbage There are bins around the harbor and in several anchorages
Fuel Linaria: at the W corner of the quay there is a fuel station. Depending on the location of the yacht, the hose may reach or the owner, if he fills like it, will deliver fuel to a yacht with his mini tank. Otherwise you can carry jerry cans the short distance
Bottled gas In supermarkets
Chandlers Only fishing supplies
Repairs N/A
Internet In Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Spotty coverage in some parts of the island
Vehicle rentals Only in Chora


There are several small stores in Linaria and many stores in Chora. On the road to Chora there is a large supermarket.

Eating out

Filipaos/wiki/Skyros#FilipaosEatingout icon Filipaos [[Skyros#Filipaos|Filipaos]] opposite the ferry in it is quite good.
Ο Παππούς καί εγώ.../wiki/Skyros#.CE.9F_.CE.A0.CE.B1.CF.80.CF.80.CE.BF.CF.8D.CF.82_.CE.BA.CE.B1.CE.AF_.CE.B5.CE.B3.CF.8E...Eatingout icon Ο Παππούς καί εγώ... [[Skyros#Ο Παππούς καί εγώ...|Ο Παππούς καί εγώ...]] (My Grandfather and I ...) serves an excellent variety of local dishes.
There is a large variety of restaurants here
The restaurant here serves good food


There are flights to/from Athens.



Skyros has a rather long history. In Greek Mythology its king, Lycomedes, offered hospitality to Theseus when he was an old man, but he became very jealous of his fame and murdered him. The same Lycomedes hid Achilles as a favor to Thetis, Achilles' mother, so that he could avoid going to the Trojan War. In more historical times, the island was conquered by the Athenians in 470 BC. In 404 BC it was taken over by the Spartans, and in 322 BC by the Macedonians who were followed by the Romans.

Skyros then became part of the Byzantine Empire until the 15th century when it was taken over by the Venetians. They held it until 1538 when the Ottoman Turks took it and held it until the end of the Greek War of Independence in 1821 when it became part of Greece.

Today Skyros is renowned for its folk art and its Carnival. The largest town is Chora, or Skyros, which is built around the Venetian castle. It is about 10 km from the Linaria harbor.

Embroidery from Skyros
Pikermic Pony
Skyros Chora6.jpg
The Town of Chora
Skyros Chora5.jpg
A Street in Chora
Skyros Brooke.jpg
he grave of Rupert Brooke

Places to Visit


This is one of the most picturesque towns in the Aegean. It is built on a hill which is crowned by a Venetian Castle. The traditional houses are well kept and always freshly white washed. Skyros is one the few places left in Greece where traditional folk crafts are thriving. Not only architecture but woodcarving, ceramics and embroidery are practiced with great flair.

Good samples of these crafts can be seen at the well known Faltaitz Museum of Folkloric art. It is small but very eclectic. It was founded by Manos Faltaitz who is still overseeing its function. He is Greek, and a native of Skyros. The original family name was Faltsis, but it was corrupted to Faltaitz in Odessa where his father did business. The museum is housed in the family house and a number of rooms have been re-created as there were last century. The exhibit consists of Skyrian furniture, chests, embroidery, traditional costumes, Carnival costumes with their large bells and masks, books, etc.

Next to the Faltaitz Museum is the Archaeological Museum. It is small and it has an interesting collection of Prehistoric, Mycenaean and Geometric finds from the Magazia excavation.

The narrow windy streets in Chora are full of surprises. Now a lovely courtyard, now a store with a man carving a wooden cradle, now a cozy restaurant.

Tris Bookes

Here, in an isolated spot among the olive trees is the grave of the British Poet Rupert Brooke. The grave is considered British soil and is maintained by a society in England. He was already a well known young poet when he died in 1915, at sea, on his way to the Gallipoli battle. He was 28 years old. They buried him here, some distance from the sea, while the boat lay at anchor in the bay. It is still very moving.


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