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Harbour of Mali Losinj

Losinj Island lies off the mainland coast of Croatia, immediately W of the island of Cres, to which it was once joined and from which it is now separated by the narrow canal at the town of Osor in Cres. Five miles to the W are the small islands of Unije and Susak and just over a mile SSE is the equally small island of Ilovik. Losinj is a popular tourist destination, especially in July and August, when hordes of Italian holidaymakers flock to the island using the regular ferry service from Venice. The island’s principal town, Mali Losinj, is also the main port of entry in this part of Croatia and is thus a much-frequented port of call by yachts crossing from the Italian coast between Ancona and Venice. The island’s main attractions are to be found in the two settlements of Mali Losinj and Veli Losinj and tripper boats to the offshore islands of Unije, Susak and Ilovik are also busy during the summer. Most visiting yachts head for the main harbour of Mali Losinj (Veli Losinj has little space for a visiting yacht) although there are smaller harbours at Nerezine (where there is also a small boatyard and marina), Sveti Martin and Rovenska as well as several attractive anchorages along the SW coast of the island.


British Admiralty
BA202 - Croatia, Kvarner, Kvarnerić and Velebitski Kanal
BA2719 - Croatia, Rt Marlera to Senj including Approaches to Rijeka
Croatian charts
MK 6 - Cres Island
M24 - Gulf of Trieste to Losinj and Rab


See Croatia.


See Croatia.



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The island is separated from the island of Cres by a narrow channel with a moveable bridge. See Osor for further details.

Also see Mali Lošinj for approaches to the main port on the island.


Mali Losinj has a port of entry. The customs and police are based at Mali Losinj Marina (the second on the left on the approach to the town, just E of the narrow canal), where there is a customs quay.


The principal berthing options for yachts visiting the island are the three marinas established in the inlet of Mali Losinj, Marina Losinj and Mali Losinj Marina on the NE side of the inlet in the approaches to the old harbour, and Yacht Club Marina at the head of the inlet in the old harbour itself. The first two marinas are around a mile from the town centre. Smaller harbours are to be found at Nerezine, Veli Losinj, Sveti Martin and Rovenska on the E coast. Most of the anchorages are on the W coast of the island, both N and S from Mali Losinj.

The harbour of Veli Losinj has little space for yachts
Rovenska harbour is filled with small craft
The tiny harbour of Sveti Martin


Key to symbols: |Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage ||
  • Mali LošinjMali Lošinj/wiki/Mali_Lo%C5%A1inj Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • NerezineNerezine/wiki/Nerezine Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Veli LošinjVeli Lošinj/wiki/Veli_Lo%C5%A1inj Harbour icon – harbour |
  • Sveti MartinSveti Martin/wiki/Sveti_Martin Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • RovenskaRovenska/wiki/Rovenska Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


Note: U. (short for Uvala) = cove.

U. Artaturi

U. Artaturi/wiki/Lo%C5%A1inj#U._Artaturi
Anchorage icon U. Artaturi [[Lošinj#U. Artaturi|U. Artaturi]] 44°34.390'N, 014°24.600'E
The inlet of U. Artaturi is situated one mile NW of the entrance to the inlet of Mali Losinj and extends for nearly a mile N from the open sea. It offers good shelter in all winds except strong southerlies. Anchor at the head of the inlet on either side of the central rocky spit. Depths are between 4.0 and 10.0 metres and the holding is good in sand. The bay is popular with both cruising yachts and holidaymakers and parts of it are taken up with moorings.

U. Liski

U. Liski/wiki/Lo%C5%A1inj#U._Liski
Anchorage icon U. Liski [[Lošinj#U. Liski|U. Liski]] 44°35.427'N, 014°22.942'E
U. Liski lies on the NW coast of the island around five sea miles from the entrance to Mali Losinj. Note that a small islet, with dangerous shoals between it and Losinj Island, lies just under a mile SW of the inlet. Shelter in U. Liski is good from S and W but poor in northerly winds. Depths are 4.0 - 8.0 metres, Holding is good in sand and weed.

U. Sv Jakov

U. Sv Jakov/wiki/Lo%C5%A1inj#U._Sv_Jakov
Anchorage icon U. Sv Jakov [[Lošinj#U. Sv Jakov|U. Sv Jakov]] 44°38.482'N, 014°23.941'E
The bay of Sv. Jakov lies on the NE coast of the island in the southern approaches to the Osor canal, about one mile S of the harbour of Nerezine. The bay is protected from N by an island joined to Losinj by a sandy spit. Shelter is good in winds from W and N but poor in southerlies and strong NE winds. The best anchorage is at the head of the bay just off the beach in depths of 5.0 - 7.0 metres. Holding is good in sand and weed. The surroundings are attractive and wooded, but the anchorage is surrounded by holiday villas.

Luka Balvanida

Luka Balvanida/wiki/Lo%C5%A1inj#Luka_Balvanida
Anchorage icon Luka Balvanida [[Lošinj#Luka Balvanida|Luka Balvanida]] 44°29.484'N, 014°30.046'E
The inlet of Luka Balvanida lies on the SW coast of the island and offers good shelter in all but strong W or SW winds. Anchoring depths are 5.0 - 8.0 metres and the holding is good in sand. The anchorage is good for swimming off the boat.

Luka Krivica

Luka Krivica/wiki/Lo%C5%A1inj#Luka_Krivica
Anchorage icon Luka Krivica [[Lošinj#Luka Krivica|Luka Krivica]] 44°29.873'N, 014°29.650'E
Luka Krivica is a deep, dogleg inlet on the SW coast of Losinj, just half a mile NW of Luka Balvanida. The inlet is open SW, like Luka Balvanida, but it is possible for relatively shallow draft yachts to anchor at the head of the inlet to obtain better shelter if the winds turn W or S. Depths in the inlet are 5.0 - 8.0 metres but only 2.0 - 3.0 metres at its head. The anchorage is usually very busy during the season and it will probably be necessary to take a line ashore. Holding is good in sand and weed.

Luka Cikat

Luka Cikat/wiki/Lo%C5%A1inj#Luka_Cikat
Anchorage icon Luka Cikat [[Lošinj#Luka Cikat|Luka Cikat]] 44°31.810'N, 014°27.390'E
The bay of Luka Cikat lies half a mile SE of the resort of the same name, on the W side of the peninsula that encloses Mali Losinj inlet. The bay offers good shelter from most directions but is completely open W. Depths range from 4.0 metres inshore to 18.0 - 20.0 metres in the centre. Holding is good in sand and weed. Note: anchoring here is forbidden during the holiday season of May - September.


Toilets In the marinas: Marina Lošinj, Mali Lošinj Marina, and Yacht Club Marina
Showers In the marinas: Marina Lošinj, Mali Lošinj Marina, and Yacht Club Marina
Laundry In Marina Lošinj and in the town of Mali Lošinj
Garbage Bins around the harbour and in the marinas
Bottled gas Give details on cooking gas (Camping Gaz, butane, propane, etc) suppliers. If there are no suppliers in the island just enter "None"
Internet WiFi at internet cafes in the town of Mali Lošinj, Nerezine, and Veli Losinj

Also free municipal WiFi and at the marinas but usually hard to get online

Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS in the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals In Mali Lošinj, rental outlets in the town


Eating out

  • Mali Lošinj Numerous cafes and restaurants around the harbour and in the town
*BaracudaRestaurant on W side of harbour was good in 2004 (and excellent in 2015). --Athene of Lymington



Valdarke cove on the lungomare, Losinj
Cikat still has a few palatial villas


Give a short history of the island.

Places to Visit

The main town of Mali Losinj is, like most of the Croatian island capitals, an attractive mediaeval town, nestling at the SE end of a deep natural inlet. Its busy waterfont is lined with the pretty, pastel-painted houses of former merchants and ships captains. Within easy walking distance along a lungomare which winds along the N coast of the island are the equally attractive and often quieter former fishing villages of Veli Losinj, with its impressive Baroque church of Sv. Antun, and Rovenska. The settlement of Cikat on the other side of the peninsula a mile W of Mali Losinj is a pleasant resort, with several villas formerly owned by Austrian and Italian aristocrats, although now fringed with ugly campsites.


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