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Port of Entry
40°50.321'N, 025°54.017'E Chart icon.png
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Greece Alexandr S.jpg
Satellite View of Alexandroupolis

Alexandroupolis (Αλεξανδρούπολις) is a the largest city in the Greek province of Thrace or Thrake (NE Greece). It is a bustling city without any particular charm save for its impressive lighthouse right on the esplanade. It is however the gateway to the stunning delta of the Evros River, on the Greek Turkish border, and the bird sanctuary of Dadia.


1086 Srimonikos kólpos to Edremit Körfezi
G2 Aegean Sea (North)
54360 Thessaloniki to Canakkale Bogazi Dardanelles
54363 Akra Akrathos to Dardanelles Ayio Oros
31 North Evoikos to Kavala Gulf
32 Thrakiko Sea
321 Thassos, Alexandroupolis, Samothrake, Imvros


See Aegean Sea.



  • Samothrace Samothrace/wiki/Samothrace Harbour icon – harbour |


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12, Tel. +30 5510 264 68468
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 25 & 85

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The approaches to Alexandroupolis are straight forward but be aware there may be heavy traffic into and out of the large port.


Alexandroupolis is a port of entry. If this is your first port in Greece contact the Limenarchio (Coast Guard) on VHF channel 12 before entering the harbor.

For entrance details see Greece.


Chart of Alexandroupolis Harbor

Alexandroupolis Harbor

Alexandroupolis Harbor/wiki/Alexandroupolis#Alexandroupolis_Harbor
Harbour icon Alexandroupolis Harbor [[Alexandroupolis#Alexandroupolis Harbor|Alexandroupolis Harbor]] (Αλεξανδρούπολις) 40°50.43′N, 25°53.13′E
Port of Entry

This is the harbor of Alexandroupolis a major commercial port. It consists of the outer port and a smaller inner harbor. It best to go into the inner harbor which has been converted into a "marina." Most berths, however, are used by local yachts. The thing to do is to inquire about a temporarily vacated birth.

The "marina" has permanent moorings and depths 2-4 m you can go either stern or bow-to. It is very secure.

If there is no room in the inner harbor the Limenarchio (Coast Guard) should be contacted on VHF channel 12. They will direct you to place along the tall, and rough, quay where you will go side-to. The problem with this arrangement, other than its most unattractive location, is the swell from the wake of ships or, in the case of strong winds, the fetch over the large outer harbor.

Warning: There are large numbers of flies and mosquitoes.
The Alexandroupolis "Marina"

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

See above.


The Small Harbor of Makri


Anchorage icon Makri [[Alexandroupolis#Makri|Makri]] 40°50.8′N, 25°45.1′E
This is a small harbor a few miles W of Alexandroupolis. While it appears to have all the facilities, according to local yachtsmen it develops an extremely pronounced swell.


Water Available in the inner harbor "marina" but locked. Ask another yachtsman for the key
Electricity Available in the inner harbor "marina" but locked. Ask another yachtsman for the key
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage Trash cans
Fuel Delivery can be arranged, ask at the Limenarchio (Coast Guard) channel 12 on the VHF
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Only fishing supplies
Repairs Limited
Internet In internet cafés
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals All car rentals seem to be at the airport. I have received good service, delivery and pickup at the harbor, from Prima (+30 5510 45 409) Ms. Marina. --Istioploos 16:42, 28 November 2008 (UTC)


There many supermarkets, provisioning in general is no problem here.

Eating out

  • There numerous restaurants along the esplanade near the lighthouse
  • Good food at is at the Charama, (Kessanis Street number 30) but it is not near the harbor and you must take a taxi
  • About 7 km from Dadia town at Katzatrides in a heavily wooded area a women's cooperative runs a simple restaurant the Gerakina (tel. +30 5540 32 489) which serves cheese-pies (pitas) and other local specialties


There are several flights per day to Athens.


Places to Visit

The Delta of Evros River
From the Hide in Dadiar
Evros Delta

This is by far the most important point of interest. It a a large, 350 hectare, region of marchlands teaming with thick reeds and bird life: flamingoes, cranes, herons, storks, pelicans, geese, ducks, etc. It is one of the most important habitat of aquatic birds in Europe. The area, being along the troubled Greek-Turkish border, is restricted. One can only visit it by previous arrangement and accompanied by a designated guide. The municipal government of Feres (about 30 km from Alexandroupolis) runs a guide service which also provides a flat boat for the visit. Allow 3 hours and make a reservation because boats are limited (tel +30 5550 24 310).


The forest of Dadia is a preserve for birds of prey such as eagles, hawks, falcons, and several specie of vulture. There is hide from which one can observe the raptors feeding. They do supplement there diet by an occasional carcass of a goat. There is a visitor's center in Dadia form where one can take s minibus to the hide, about 3 km up a steep hill. Best viewing times are early in the morning and at dusk. Unfortunately the center does not open until 8:30 AM. Do take your binoculars with you and telephoto lenses. Also, in the center of the town there is nest of storks well worth observing. About 7 km from Dadia town at Katzatrides in a heavily wooded area a women's cooperative runs a simple restaurant the Gerakina which serves cheese-pies (pitas) and other local specialties.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Greece.


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