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Mali Lošinj
Port of Entry
44°32.397'N, 014°27.609'E Chart icon.png
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Mali Losinj harbour

The harbour of Mali Lošinj lies on the W coast of the island of Losinj, at the head of a three-mile long natural inlet. Entered from its NW end, the inlet provides good protection in winds from any direction, although with a three-mile fetch the harbour at its head can be choppy in strong NW winds. The town itself is most attractive, its waterfront lined with the imposing former residences of 119th-centurysea captains. It was a popular resort during the days of the Austro-Hungarian empire and the bay of Cikat a mile W of the town is overrun with smart villas and exclusive hotels. Yachts are well catered for, with no less than three small marinas in the inlet plus the option in settled weather of the E town quay or the W harbourmaster's quay. No anchoring is permitted in the inlet, although the bay of U. Artaturi two miles NW offers good shelter in all but S winds.


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See Croatia.



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Entrance to Mali Losinj from Veli Lošinj - panoramio.jpg
Yachts passing the Privlaka‎ bridge channel

The approach to Mali Lošinj is through a 500-metre wide channel between the island of O. Koludarc to the S and the headland of Rt. Torunza to the N. Both should be given a good clearance as there are shallows extending for some 50 metres off them.

An alternative approach is through a narrow canal, the Prolaz Privlaka, dug through the spit of land that encloses the E side of the inlet a mile NNW of the harbour. Depth in the canal is approx. 2.4 metres with the width is 8 metres the passage is therefore only suitable for monohulls of a moderate draft.

Most Privlaka‎/wiki/Mali_Lo%C5%A1inj#Most_Privlaka.E2.80.8EWorld icon.png Most Privlaka‎ [[Mali Lošinj#Most Privlaka‎|Most Privlaka‎]] (Privlaka‎ bridge) 44°32.701'N, 014°27.609'E is just at the north of Mali Lošinj at the locality of Privlaka‎. The bridge which carries the road over the canal opens morning and evening (0900 and 1800) to allow passage by yachts. Vessels coming from the South (harbour) have priority. In the case of strong wind, the bridge may be closed due to dangerous current and waves.

Shelter in Mali Lošinj is good in most conditions, although in strong NW winds the harbour at the head of the inlet gets quite choppy. Conditions are unlikely however to be dangerous unless a yacht is alongside the quay on the E side of the harbour.


Mali Lošinj is a port of entry/exit for Croatia. For details see Entrance: Croatia.

The customs office is immediately S of the canal of Provaz Privlaki. The harbourmaster's office is on the W side of the harbour, 100 metres N of the Yacht Club Marina pontoons.


There are five main options for yachts berthing in Mali Lošinj, working from N to S:

Mali Lošinj Marina

Mali Lošinj Marina/wiki/Mali_Lo%C5%A1inj#.5B.5BMali_Lo.C5.A1inj_Marina.5D.5D
Mali Lošinj Marina lies on the NE side of the inlet, just under a mile NW of the town and just S of the canal of Provaz Privlaki. It offers 80 berths for yachts up to 18 metres and a maximum draft of 8.0 metres.

Marina Lošinj

Marina Lošinj/wiki/Mali_Lo%C5%A1inj#.5B.5BMarina_Lo.C5.A1inj.5D.5D
Marina Lošinj lies on the NE side of the inlet, a mile NW of the town and just N of the canal of Provaz Privlaki. It offers 84 berths for yachts up to 18 metres and a maximum draft of 8.0 metres.
The newly refurbished E quay

E Quay

E Quay/wiki/Mali_Lo%C5%A1inj#E_Quay
Harbour icon E Quay [[Mali Lošinj#E Quay|E Quay]] 44°32.009'N, 014°28.066'E
Port of Entry
The town quay on the E side of the harbour, which used to be too low for use by yachts, has been raised by around a metre and mooring rings have been installed at the N end of it, just S of the stub jetty. There is room here for 3-4 yachts to lie alongside in depths of 3.0 - 4.0 metres with reasonable shelter from most directions, albeit with regular wash from the tripper boats.
The W quay opposite the harbourmaster's office

W Quay

W Quay/wiki/Mali_Lo%C5%A1inj#W_Quay
Harbour icon W Quay [[Mali Lošinj#W Quay|W Quay]] 44°31.957'N, 014°28.065'E
Port of Entry
There is a newly refurbished length of quay just outside the harbourmaster's office immediately N of the pontoons of Yacht Club Marina. Yachts can lie alongside here in depths of 5.0 – 6.0 metres while completing formalities in the harbourmaster's office (or even overnight at less busy periods). Shelter here is adequate in settled weather but subject to swell from passing vessels and probably untenable in a bora.
Yacht Club Marina, Mali Lošinj

Yacht Club Marina

Yacht Club Marina/wiki/Mali_Lo%C5%A1inj#.5B.5BYacht_Club_Marina.5D.5D
Port of Entry
Yacht Club Marina lies inside the old harbour at the head of the inlet and consists of five pontoons with 110 berths for yachts of up to 30 metres and a maximum draft of 8.0 metres.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


U. Artaturi

U. Artaturi/wiki/Mali_Lo%C5%A1inj#U._Artaturi
Anchorage icon U. Artaturi [[Mali Lošinj#U. Artaturi|U. Artaturi]] 44°34.3′N, 14°24.6′E
The inlet of U. Artaturi is situated one mile NW of the entrance to the inlet of Mali Losinj and extends for nearly a mile N from the open sea. It offers good shelter in all winds except strong southerlies. Anchor at the head of the inlet on either side of the central rocky spit. Depths are between 4.0 and 10.0 metres and the holding is good in sand. The bay is popular with both cruising yachts and holidaymakers and parts of it are taken up with moorings. Chartlet


Water At all three marinas and on the town quays
Electricity At all three marinas and on the town quays
Toilets In Marina Lošinj, Mali Lošinj Marina, and Yacht Club Marina
Showers In Marina Lošinj, Mali Lošinj Marina, and Yacht Club Marina
Garbage Bins around the harbour and in the marinas
Fuel In Marina Lošinj and Yacht Club Marina
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers In Mali Lošinj Marina
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Rental outlets in the town


Eating out


  • Buses to Cres and Rijeka on the mainland and, in season, Zagreb
  • Seasonal ferries to Zadar and Pula


Cikat still has a few palatial villas


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Places to Visit

Mali Losinj is a typical Croatian island town, with narrow mediaeval streets and red-tiled rooftops punctuated by soaring church bell towers. Its quays are mostly lined with the imposing former mansions of 19th-century sea captains. The 17th century Church of the Nativity 100 metres SE of the harbour is worth a visit for the impressive artworks contained within. A walk along the sea promenade to St Martin’s Bay half a mile E of the harbour brings you to the Church of St. Martin, with a fine cemetery containing tombs of Italian nobility and local sea captains. The walk along the E side of Losinj island continues to Veli Losinj, the original island settlement, which is dominated by the impressive Baroque church of St. Antun on the harbour. Dozens of sea captains lie buried under the church floor here, their other memorial being the numerous fine villas ringing the harbour. Another half hour’s walk SE around the peninsula is the neighbouring and even smaller harbour of Rovenska. A rather longer walk or cycle ride in the other direction from the harbour takes you to the bay of Čikat along a narrow sea promenade fringed with pine trees. Čikat is a relatively upmarket resort, with several villas formerly owned by Austrian and Italian aristocrats, although the route there is lined with ugly campsites and camper van parks.


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See Croatia.


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