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Niseros and Yiali
36°37.200'N, 027°10.300'E Chart icon.png
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Greece Nisyros S.jpg
Satellite view of Niseros & Yiali

Niseros (Νίσυρος) or Nisyros, or Nisiros is an almost square shaped island with an active volcano whose caldera is about 4 km in diameter and is a "must visit"site. The island has an area of 41.6 km2 and a diameter of 8 km. Legend has it that Niseros was a large boulder which during the battle of the Titans, Poseidon removed from Kos and hurled at the Titan Polyvotes, whom he crushed. Niseros is remote enough that several traditional customs still prevail. If one is lucky, one can still come across musicians playing traditional music.

Most yachts head for the harbour of Pali roughly in the centre of the north coast. The ferry harbour of Mandraki further west is not really suitable for yachts.

Yiali (Γυαλί) is a small island is located 3 nmi NW of Niseros. The island is an active quarry but has a sheltered anchorage on the south side.


3923 Niseros and Adjacent Islands
G35 Dodecanese and the Coast of Turkey
54407 Nisos Kalymnos to Kadriga Burnu
54408 NIsos Kos To Nisos Tilos
42 Andros to Chalki Island
452 Rhodos to Castelorizo


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Island icon Yiali [[Niseros and Yiali#Yiali|Yiali]] (Γυαλί) 36°39.829'N, 027°07.231'E
Yiali is a small island is located 3 nmi NW of Niseros. It is heavily quarried for pumice. There are two anchorages on the island: Quarry Area and the SW Cove.
Yiali from the Castle of Niseros
View from Yiali looking West


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12, Tel. +30 2420 31 222 (Mandraki)
  • Olympia Radio - VHF no signal

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The approach to Pali should be from the north, avoiding the extensive shoals in the bay immediately east of the harbour. You are turning beam on to the prevailing wind and swell to enter and care is needed if a strong meltemi is blowing. The orientation of the harbour entrance was changed in 2007 from north to east, which improved the shelter inside dramatically. However, the new entrance currently has depths of only 3.0 – 3.5 metres, so entry could be tricky with any easterly swell running. In July 2010 a dredger was moored in the entrance, so the depths here may improve shortly.

Caution: While approaching the small island of Yiali be aware that about 0.5 nM SW of the island there is an underwater reef.



There are only two ports in Niseros: Pali and the commercial Mandraki, which is unsuitable for yachts.

Harbour plan Pali


Harbour icon Pali [[Niseros and Yiali#Pali|Pali]] (Πάλοι) 36°37.159'N, 027°10.373'E

Pali is the only harbour on the island suitable for yachts. Since the re-orientation of the harbour entrance in 2007, shelter here has improved significantly, the meltemi no longer sending in the uncomfortable swell of years past. The southern side of the harbour has been dredged and yachts can now moor either on the northern breakwater (about 10 spaces), or on the southern quay at the village (about 35 spaces); mooring is med moor w/anchor. All moorings have electricity and water.

Depths on the northern quay are about 2.75 metres. On the southern quay depths vary from 2.2 - 2.5 metres on the western arm (just east of the small motor boats) to 3.0 - 3.5 metres on the eastern arm (beyond the ‘elbow’ of the quay). Fishing boats moor alongside the eastern breakwater. There are water and electricity points on both the northern and southern quays (a charge of Euros 5 per day is made for each). Typical mooring charge for a 13 metre yacht is € 8 per night (June 2011) but there was no attendant in evidence (June 2011).

Important note: it has been reported as at March 2015 that the re-orientation of the harbour entrance has resulted in an unforeseen silting problem. The harbour is at present inaccessible to yachts of even moderate draft and the harbourmaster is turning visitors away until further notice. --Athene of Lymington

UPDATE: The dredging at the entrance to Pali Harbour has been completed as of 21 May 2015 and is now safe to enter.

UPDATE 2016 - As of May 2016 - Inside the harbour, there is 3 meters or more. At the entrance of the harbour, the deepest point is to the right as you enter. --Eagle's Nest/Mike

UPDATE 2017 - July 2017 - Inside the harbour, there is 5+ meters on the north wall. At the entrance of the harbour on the left, note that it is extremely shallow less than one metre so stay middle-to-right on entry. Costs per day for 13m yacht are: Berth €6.50, €7 water, €3.50 electric. Both water & electric are always-on... Harbour Master generally comes around each day around 17:30 to check-in new arrivals. Nice inexpensive food in harbour. Eagles Nest car hire very helpful. Emborios village on hill has great restaurant called 'Balcony' --Speedbird

UPDATE 2018 - July 2018 - The Harbour Master was apparently either sacked or resigned: result no water is available, no berthing fees are collected, electricity is free of charge. Moor in front of one of the restaurants and they might allow you to have water from their tap (I was given more than 600 litres and had only breakfast for two). Someone from the municipality came in the evening turned on the water for an hour or so for two fishing boats and then closed it again. --Ioannis

Pali, "new" harbour
Pali, harbour view
Pali, the north quay
Pali, the south quay


Harbour icon Mandraki [[Niseros and Yiali#Mandraki|Mandraki]] (Μανδράκι) 36°36.879'N, 027°08.463'E
Mandraki (Μανδράκι) is the commercial harbor of Niseros. It is a very small harbor dominated by day-trip boats from Kos. When the ferry boat from Kos arrives the day-trip boats exit the harbor because there is not enough room! Yachts are discouraged in Mandraki. Go to Pali.




Chart of Yiali Quarry Area

Yiali Quarry Area

Yiali Quarry Area/wiki/Niseros_and_Yiali#Yiali_Quarry_Area
Anchorage icon Yiali Quarry Area [[Niseros and Yiali#Yiali Quarry Area|Yiali Quarry Area]] 36°39.87′N, 27°07.72′E

The water here while it provides good protection from the meltemi, is polluted from the quarries. Anchor in 5.0-6.0 metre depths. The bottom is sand and provides good holding.

Warning: Stay away from the Quarry loading area.
Chart of SE Cove in Yiali

Yiali SW Cove

Yiali SW Cove/wiki/Niseros_and_Yiali#Yiali_SW_Cove
Anchorage icon Yiali SW Cove [[Niseros and Yiali#Yiali SW Cove|Yiali SW Cove]] 36°38.5′N, 27°07′E

This is very attractive, isolated, with crystal clear waters, and is also well protected from the meltemi. Sometimes fishermen anchor here and you may get some fresh fish. Anchor on sand in 4.5 m, very good holding.

Caution: There many rocks in the area, navigate carefully.


Water Pali: immediately available on arrival on the quay 7 € (2017). Harbour Master will visit later in day
Electricity Pali: immediately available on arrival on the quay 3.50 € (2017). Harbour Master will visit later in day
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry Possible at Aphrodite Taverna, Pali
Garbage There are bins around the ports
Fuel Pali: there is station about 2 km from Pali, you will have to use jerry cans. Or call and small tanker will come to dock.
Bottled gas Give details on cooking gas (Camping Gaz, butane, propane, etc) suppliers. If there are no suppliers in the island just enter "N/A ".
Chandlers Small Marine Store in Mandraki, Choris Onoma St.
Repairs Pali: Eagle's Nest offers maintenance and repair of yacht engines
Internet Free municipal wifi in Pali. Free WiFi also at several of the taverns and car rentals
Mobile connectivity Good 3G signal in most of the island
Vehicle rentals
  • Pali: Eagle's Nest, Mike Zahariadis, offers Cars & Bikes. He is a New York returned native and his American wife, are particuraly friendly to yachtsmen
  • Mandraki: several agencies.


Eating out

Balcony/wiki/Niseros_and_Yiali#.27.27Balcony.27.27Eatingout icon Balcony [[Niseros and Yiali#Balcony|Balcony]] very good food and a fantastic view of the calsdera.
Aphrodite Taverna/wiki/Niseros_and_Yiali#.27.27Aphrodite_Taverna.27.27Eatingout icon Aphrodite Taverna [[Niseros and Yiali#Aphrodite Taverna|Aphrodite Taverna]] excellent food and free wifi.
Kleanthis Taverna/wiki/Niseros_and_Yiali#.27.27Kleanthis_Taverna.27.27Eatingout icon Kleanthis Taverna [[Niseros and Yiali#Kleanthis Taverna|Kleanthis Taverna]] on the waterfront.


Ferries to Kos.


Places to Visit


The most interesting site to see on the island is the caldera. It is located about 30 km from Pali. The caldera is about 4 km in diameter and there are paths leading to several craters. They are spectacular! Wear good shoes because the ground is rough and hot.

The large crater
From inside the Caldera
Another view of the Caldera
Caldera from the Balcony in Emborio
Caldera from the South
Caldera from the Nikiá
The Village of Emborio

Emborio (Εμποριό) is a small village on the main road leading to the caldera. Here is a small restaurant, the Balcony, which not only serves excellent food but its balcony affords the most breathtaking view of the caldera. There is a placard informing us that this was the exact spot where during World War II the Germans killed a local Greek officer and member of the resistance.


The village of Nikiá (Νικιά) sits on the southern rim of the volcano and also has spectacular views down into the caldera. The village has a lovely main square with dazzlingly white buildings enfolding a black and white pebble mosaic. There are several restaurants offering lunch with a view. There is a steep path from here which winds past the monastery of Ioannis Theologos on the rim and down into the caldera itself.

There is a new and well displayed volcanological museum, well worth a visits.

The Village of Nikiá
Nikiá, The main square
The Volcano Museum
Nikiá, A Street
The monastery of Ioannis Theologos
The Town of Mandraki

Mandraki is an attractive town with a very well preserved Mycenaean fortress on the hill above the town, which is well worth the climb. Also worth a visit is the beautiful small 14th century monastery of the Virgin of the Cave, which was built over a natural cave on a crag at the end of village. The church inside has an impressive collection of icons.

Mandrake, a house
Mandrake, a street
Mandrake, house interior
Mandrake, a street scene
The Castle
The Castle
Inside the Castle

Over Mandraki is a substantial 4th century BC castle. The castle is in excellent condition with Cyclopean masonry and many towers. It is definitely worth a visit.


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See Greece.


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  • The harbour at Pali is vastly improved and is already a popular port of call for yachts cruising the Southern Dodecanese. However, it remains largely unspoilt and has not lost its charm --Athene of Lymington 15:22, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

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