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The harbour of Marina from the SE

Marina is a settlement with a small harbour and a marina in it. It is situated in a tiny inlet on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, seven miles W of Trogir and the same distance due E of Rogoznica.

Originally a small and rather neglected fishing settlement, it has been given a boost with the construction of the Marina Agana and the conversion of its main claim to fame, the 16th century fortified tower that protects the entrance, into a luxury hotel and restaurant.

The shelter is excellent in all but strong SE winds, which send in an uncomfortable swell. Cruising visitors must berth in the marina here.


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See Croatia.



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The inlet of Marina and Marina Agana is situated at the extreme W end of Zaliv Marina (Marina Bay), the T-shaped bay that extends E as far as Trogir. The bay is entered between the island of Čiovo, at the N side of which lies Trogir, and the mainland. There are no dangers in the approach along Zaliv Marina, although there are shallows inshore in parts and a yacht should keep at least 200 metres off. The inlet of Marina and Marina Agana is clearly identifiable from the 16th-century tower at the entrance.


There are no suitable alternative quays or anchorages, so a yacht must berth in the Marina Agana if visiting here.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

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  • Marina AganaMarina Agana/wiki/Marina_Agana Marina icon – marina |


Uvala Šašina

Uvala Šašina/wiki/Marina#Uvala_.C5.A0a.C5.A1ina
Anchorage icon Uvala Šašina [[Marina#Uvala Šašina|Uvala Šašina]] 43°30.640'N, 016°10.826'E
A cove at the NE side of the entrance to the Zaljev Marina. There is a small harbour at its head (min. depth 2m) which is always busy. Anchor outside at 8 m.

Luka Vinišće

Luka Vinišće/wiki/Marina#Luka_Vini.C5.A1.C4.87e
Anchorage icon Luka Vinišće [[Marina#Luka Vinišće|Luka Vinišće]] (Ljubljeva uvala) 43°29.135'N, 016°06.965'E
A large deep inlet S of Marina. At its W entrance at the Rt. Artatur there is a red flashing light. A few restaurants and a couple of grocery shops ashore. If approached for an anchoring fee ask for their papers.


Water In Marina Agana/wiki/Marina#In_.5B.5BMarina_Agana.5D.5DWater icon In Marina Agana [[Marina#In Marina Agana|In Marina Agana]] on the berths
Electricity In Marina Agana/wiki/Marina#In_.5B.5BMarina_Agana.5D.5DElectricity icon In Marina Agana [[Marina#In Marina Agana|In Marina Agana]] on the berths
Toilets in the marina - near A mooring
Showers in the marina - near A mooring
Laundry in the marina - near A mooring
Ice Machine in the marina - near A mooring
Lift in the marina. Mon-Fri 8am-3pm Sat 8am-1pm Sun - does not operate
Garbage Bins in the marina
Fuel No fuel station
Bottled gas Camping gas refill in the marina
Chandlers None
Repairs Marina Agana/wiki/Marina#.5B.5BMarina_Agana.5D.5DService icon Marina Agana [[Marina#Marina Agana|Marina Agana]] small boatyard: engine, electrical and electronic repairs. Wood and fibreglass hull repairs. Osmosis treatment and paintwork.
Internet WiFi in Marina Agana
Mobile connectivity Good G4 LTE signal around the marina. Many restaurants offer free wi-fi if dining in. GPRS on the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals Marina Agana/wiki/Marina#.5B.5BMarina_Agana.5D.5DCar icon Marina Agana [[Marina#Marina Agana|Marina Agana]] can be organized via the marina office
Health Pharmacy near Post Office

|Boat rentals| Sunsail Charter Rental


 /wiki/Marina#.26nbsp.3BProvisions icon   [[Marina# | ]] A few provisions shops in the village. A few provisions shops in the village.

Supermarket - Tommy Market. Good range, best in village - with fresh bakery inside. Very busy Saturday's with charter yacht changeover.

Fresh Market - 7am-12pm. In summer months most mornings there is a fresh local market, up to 10 vendors, fruit and vegetables, some mornings fresh caught fish.

Studenac - Simple market, standard selection.

Post Office - Sells post cards, stamps and Croatia mobile phone sim cards.

Eating out

Marina Agana/wiki/Marina#.5B.5BMarina_Agana.5D.5DEatingout icon Marina Agana [[Marina#Marina Agana|Marina Agana]] restaurant.

In the village/wiki/Marina#In_the_villageEatingout icon In the village [[Marina#In the village|In the village]] several restaurants.

La Barca - Marina Agana. Good selection, quite expensive in comparison to other restaurants in the village.

Konoba-Pizzeria Hila. Upstairs terrace, outdoor courtyard seating and nice front terrace. Good selection of dishes, reasonable prices.


Buses E towards Trogir and Split, W towards Šibenik.


Other than the tower, there is little of tourist interest around Marina Agana. It is, however, a useful base for visiting the World Heritage-listed town of Trogir seven miles E.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Croatia.


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