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Marina Bizerte

Marina Bizerte
Port of Entry
37°16.500'N, 009°52.800'E Chart icon.png
Bizerte marina 2018.jpg
Marina Bizerte with residences (in background) still under construction
Radio VHF channel 09
Phone ?
Berths ?
Max. length ?
Max. draft ?
Fuel Yes
Water On berth
Electricity Yes, 220v
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Hours ?
More notes about the marina

Bizerte marina is still under construction, including a residential complex. Berths of all sizes are available with water & electricity. Showers and toilets are new and clean (as of May 2018).

The marina is located close to the Vieux Port (old harbour) which can is roughly 2km walking distance. It can also be reached by dinghy, although there is no "protected" place to leave the dinghy in the old port.


See Tunisia.


See Tunisia.


  • According to "Mediterranean Almanac" VHF channels for Bizerte are 11, 16, 04, 72.
  • Marina Bizerte has VHF channel 09.

Also see Cruiser's Nets

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Entry to the port area is possible north of the breakwater or south of it. Large and commercial ships are using the south side, but if ther is no traffic the author advises to use the south one, as the north entry is at points fairly shallow, though no problem was experienced with a drought of 1.7m (it's only the nerves).


The marina is still under construction. Hence locations are subject to change. Marina office, customs and border control are all located in the marina building. The author's experience was, that officials were within no time at the boat's location (which was assigned to by a marinero).

The boarder guard asked (very politely) for a "gift for the officials" but, as non-drinker, declined the bottle of booze. We did pay 20€ because we did not know better, but actually should not have payed anything at all. All other officials were mostly friendly and correct.


Moorings are laid out on the pontoons (stern-to or bow-to) for regular sized ships. Water and electricity are at the berth. Wifi (as of May 2018) was only available in marina building.

An alternative to the marina is the fishing port on the south side of the port.


The author's impression was, that prices are close to those in Sidi Bou Said Marina (for a 32' boat).

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Anchoring might be possible in the Lac, which can be reached following the river SW past the harbours.

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Water on berth
Electricity on berth
Toilets yes
Showers yes
Garbage yes (no waste separation)
Laundry ?
Fuel arranged via marina office, provided by tanker
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Internet in marina building
Repairs ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


A Carrefour supermarket, which also sells alcohol, is roughly 400m away from the marina. Other supermarkets can be found in the city. A local market in the city center (near Vieux Port) provides cheap and fresh produce.

Local market/wiki/Marina_Bizerte#Local_marketProvisions icon Local market [[Marina Bizerte#Local market|Local market]] 37°16.500'N, 009°52.380'E Local market with all groceries. Fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, ... Note: standards are that of a developing country, don't expect it to have the sterile appearance of a supermarket.

Carrefour Express/wiki/Marina_Bizerte#Carrefour_ExpressProvisions icon Carrefour Express [[Marina Bizerte#Carrefour Express|Carrefour Express]] 37°16.200'N, 009°52.500'E Supermarket that sells acohol. Besides that it has hardly any selection, seems as the groceries are only cemoflage for the alcohol.

Eating out

  • Le Sport Nautique
Le Sport Nautique/wiki/Marina_Bizerte#.27.27Le_Sport_Nautique.27.27Eatingout icon Le Sport Nautique [[Marina Bizerte#Le Sport Nautique|Le Sport Nautique]] 37°16.320'N, 009°52.740'E Great restaurant with fish and seafood. Located just next to the marina. Serves alcohol.
  • Le Phénicien
Le Phénicien/wiki/Marina_Bizerte#.27.27Le_Ph.C3.A9nicien.27.27Eatingout icon Le Phénicien [[Marina Bizerte#Le Phénicien|Le Phénicien]] DD.dddDD.ddd Very good restaurant in the city center. Focus on fish and seafood. Located in a replica of a phoenician ship. Serves alcohol.


List transportation (local and/or international.)


Also see Bizerte's Wikipedia site and it's cruiserswiki site.

Places to Visit

The city is not touristic (yet), but it has quite some appeal. With a walk of 30-60 minutes one can visit the old harbour, the authetic medina and the city's oldest part, the Kasbah. Information on these and other sites can be found at planetware.



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