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WorldMediterraneanAdriatic SeaItalyAdriatic Coast of ItalyAnconaMarina Dorica
Port of Entry
43°36.619'N, 013°29.057'E Chart icon.png
Marina Dorica, Ancona
Radio VHF channel 08
Phone +39 (071) 54 800
Fax +39 (071) 54 801
E-mail [email protected]
Berths 1280
Max. length 21 metres
Max. draft 4.0 metres
Fuel Fuel dock (0800 - 1230 and 1500 - 1900)
Water Yes, on some berths
Electricity Yes, 240v, on most berths
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Laundry No
Internet WiFi
Cable TV No
Hours 8:30 - 19:30
Address Via Mascino, 5/L - 60125 Ancona, Italy
More notes about the marina

Marina Dorica is situated a mile SW of the commercial harbour of Ancona on the Adriatic coast of Italy. The marina provides 1200 berths for yachts of up to 21 metres with most of the usual facilities. Larger yachts and those over 4.0 metres draft need to go to the Porto Commerciale of Ancona. Shelter is reasonably good in most conditions, although strong westerlies cause a swell and may make entry difficult if not impossible.


Contact Marina Dorica on VHF channel 08 prior to entry.


Ancona lies on the NW of a large promontory. In the approach from S the first sign on rounding the headland is the huge white buildings of the shipyard at the N extremity of the harbour. The headland and the mole with the shipyard on its should be given a berth of at least 200 metres to avoid shallow patches. From N the buildings of the city (and especially the cathedral) are visible from several miles off. A long jetty extends over half a mile from its associated oil terminal about three miles WNW of the harbour. The entrance to Ancona is affected by strong currents at certain states of tide which set across the marina entrance from SW and then continue around the headland, turning SE as they go. Shelter is good in the marina in most conditions, although strong westerlies make a stay here uncomfortable. If approaching the basin from SE, a yacht should continue a further mile past the entrance to the Porto Commerciale to the W end of the long curved breakwater that protects the marina. Entrance is from WSW, giving the end of the breakwater a clearance of at least 200 metres to avoid the shoal patch around it. If approaching from NW, the marina is clearly identifiable from the forest of masts at the SW end of the port. Depths in the entrance are only 2.5 - 3.5 metres, so entry should not be attempted with any swell running.


Marina Dorica is a port of entry for Italy. For details see Entrance: Italy.


Berthing assistance available on request (24 hrs). Call on VHF channel 08. Transit yachts are generally berthed on the outside of the eastern mole and may therefore be directed to pass around the eastern end of the curved breakwater and enter the adjoining basin, the Darsena Cantieristica, to moor.


  • Yacht club (Ancona Yacht Club)
  • Bar
  • Café
  • Restaurant
  • Pizzeria
  • Minimarket
  • Bank
  • Chandlery
  • Bank


Boatyard in the marina. Facilities include: slipway; travel lift (40 T); fixed crane (6 T); mobile crane (30 T); hard standing; engine, electrical and electronic repairs; wood, steel and fiberglass hull repairs; sail repairs; divers.




The marina is almost a mile from the old town and from the main shopping centre of Ancona.


See Ancona.


For the latest prices see Price Listing.


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