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There are Port(s) of Entry here
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Satellite View of Chios & Oinouses

Chios (Χίος) or Hios or Khios is a craggy island of 858 km2 with the highest peak Profitis Ilias of 1297 m (4297 ft.) in the arid North and the lush Cape Masticho on the South where the unique gum mastich (μαστίχα) grows. It is one of the alleged birthplaces of Homer.


1645 Nísos Khíos and Izmir Körfezi
G28 Nísos Khíos & the Coast of Turkey
54380 Tuzla Burnu to Samos
54386 Khios Strait Greece and Turkey
334 Chios Island & Opposite Coast of Asia Minor


See Aegean Sea.



  • Oinousses – a tiny archipelago 1 NM off the NE coast of Chios


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 & telephone +30 22710 44 432 (Chios), +30 22720 76 239 (Limenas)
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 85, 25, or 28

Also see World Cruiser's Nets


The approaches to Chios are straightforward, however,

Danger: With a strong meltemi (northerly winds) the seas on the channel, with its north going current, between Chios and the Turkish mainland can built up to dangerous levels.


The only port of entrance on the island is Chios Harbour. If entering Greece it is advisable to contact the Coast Guard (Limenarchio) on VHF channel 12.



There are five harbours in Chios, one (unfinished) marina and several coves. Also just over a mile to the NE is the very attractive small island of Oinoussa.

Chart of Chios Harbour

Chios Harbour

Chios Harbour/wiki/Chios#Chios_Harbour
Harbour icon Chios Harbour [[Chios#Chios Harbour|Chios Harbour]] 38°22.2′N, 26°08.7′E
Port of Entry

This is a large and bustling harbour of a very vibrant town. it offers only moderate shelter for yachts in the prevailing northerly winds and  is prone to considerable ferry wash. The port generally have plenty of space for yachts to tie up. Anchoring is easy and holding is good.

Be aware of large car tires on quay, they leave hard to remove black marks on hull and fenders. If available prefer to anchor on the south or south west of the harbour.

Electricity is available only on the south side of the harbour. Coast Guard and Customs are located on North side of the the port. Usually it takes maximum one hour to complete all the paper work. All the officiers are very friendly and helpful.
Chart of Limniá Harbour


Harbour icon Limniá [[Chios#Limniá|Limniá]] (Λιμνιά) 38°28.1′N, 25°55.1′E

Limniá, located on the NW side of the island, is the harbour of Volissós (Βολισσός) a picturesque town about 2.5 km up the hill from the harbour. It is a safe harbour providing good shelter with the meltemi, although a slight swell does penetrate in these conditions. It has been reported (S/Y Spindrift) that the harbour can be untenable with SW winds.

Go bows or stern to on the new quay NE of the old dock used by local fishermen. Depths at the quay are around 3.0 metres. The holding is good in sand. The 'arches' in the quay are there to help absorb the swell, as you will discover if you are here in a strong NW wind. In a visit in June 2017, this area is silted and depths are only 1.5-2m. In the concrete corner directly to N of the place where yachts are shown on the chartlet, the depths are 2.5-3.5m.

There are water outlets on the quay also there are two inoperative water/electricity posts (2006). The nearest fuel station is outside of Volissós but they will deliver except on Sundays. Call VHF channel 21. Just SW of the fishing dock there is the friendly restaurant Ta Limnia (tel. +30 22710 21 014) which not only provides good food but the owner, Mr. Tsikalas, can assist you with getting fuel or renting a car. The convent of Ayia Markella is but a few km to the E of Limniá. In the village of Volissós there is a wonderful wood-fired bakery.

June 2017 - The S/E quay is being finished as a small marina. Mooring lines and water & electricity pedestals. At this point of time electricity is free and to open the water you may call Yannis or Vivi as detailed below.

If you do not want to moor inside the harbour, you can anchor off in the cove just E of the harbour.
Limniá Harbour
The anchorage just E of Limia
Chart of Marmaro Harbour


Harbour icon Marmaro [[Chios#Marmaro|Marmaro]] (Μάρμαρο) 38°32.7′N, 26°06.7′E

Marmaro (marble) or Kardamyla is located on the E of N coast of Chios. It is a small man-made harbour whichv while being reasonably protected from the meltemi, allows an uncomfortable swell to enter in strong northerlies and sends spray over the breakwater and jetty. Moor alongside or stern to on the S side of jetty.

Water and electricity on the jetty (keys at the port police office). Fuel can be obtained from a BP station (tel. +30 22710 23 565 or 22 955) located approximately 1 km uphill from harbour. They sometimes deliver. A second BP is another km further up the road from the first. Marmaro is not a particularly interesting place but there are some nice beaches nearby.

Alternatively, it is possible to anchor in the bay, SE of the jetty.
Chart of Limenas Harbour


Harbour icon Limenas [[Chios#Limenas|Limenas]] (Λιμένας) 38°17.68′N, 25°55.6′E

The harbour of Mestá (Μεστά) or Limenas is on the S side of the W coast of Chios. While there is protection from the meltemi behind the mole, the swell can be uncomfortable. Excellent protection from the southerlies.There is plenty of docking space. Come side-to, there is at least 3 m depth.

Be aware of the large car tires on the quay, they leave hard to remove black marks on the hull and fenders. There are some ugly buildings near the dock, two restaurants but no provisions. The bay looks attractive. Short (about 4 km) distance to the picturesque town of Mesta. There are regular buses to Chios. The Limenarchio (Coast Guard) here always comes to ask for the harbour dues.

There is a taxi in Mesta, tel +30 6972 543 543 and one in Olympoi, tel. +30 2710 76 357 or +30 6937 937 758. Also in Pyrgi Konstantinos Tomazos (+30 22710 722 190) rents scooters.
Chart of Líthi Harbour


Harbour icon Líthi [[Chios#Líthi|Líthi]] (Λίθι) 38°20.5′N, 25°59.5′E

Líthi has a small harbour which provides good shelter from the meltemi. Dock side-to on the mole. There is room for 2-3 yachts. Alternatively you can anchor off in 5-6 m, good holding in sand but you are more exposed to the N wind.

There are 3 tavernas ashore of which Kyra Despina and the 3 Adelphia have good fish.

The Harbour of Líthi


Harbour icon Vrondados [[Chios#Vrondados|Vrondados]] 38°24.08′N, 26°8.14′E
This is a very small harbour N of the town of Chios. It provides good shelter but room is very limited.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

There is no real marina on the island.

Chios Marina Chart

Chios "marina"

Chios "marina"/wiki/Chios#Chios_.22marina.22
Berth icon Chios "marina" [[Chios#Chios "marina"|Chios "marina"]] 38°23.1′N, 26°08.4′E

The construction of a marina started in early 1990s but, like with many marinas in Greece, it is a neverending construction project. There is no infastructire, no facilities, no security. But it's free, so someone could count this as an advantage.

Danger: There are dangerously shallows and rocks near the marina entrance. Pay very close attention to your charts.

Nevertheless, it can be used and it provides a good protection. It takes about 30 minutes to walk to the town. You also may be able to flag a taxi on the main road.
The unfinished Chios Marina


Chart of Emborio


Anchorage icon Emborio [[Chios#Emborio|Emborio]] (Εμπορειό) 38°11.23′N, 26°01.87′E

Emborio (commerce) is lovely little natural cove on the SE coast of Chios. It provides good shelter from the meltemi, but because it is so small it can be difficult to find a suitable spot to anchor, especially at weekends in July/August.

There is room for 3/4 yachts to free anchor in the centre of the cove in 4.0 - 5.0 metres, using no more than 20 metres of chain, but after that any yachts arriving will need to anchor and take lines ashore, either to the rocks on the northern shore or to the small jetty off the village at the head of the cove.

The holding is good in sand and the water is so clear that you can see every detail of the bottom (including a number of abandoned anchors that represent a hazard to the unwary!). The best place to free anchor is just north of the centre between the small church on the northern side and a telephone/power pole at the end of the quay on the southern side. Note, however, that an abandoned fisherman's anchor lies close to this line and needs to be given a good clearance.

A rocky ledge extends some 50 metres from the southern shore and a similar ledge for around 20 metres from the northern shore, which need to be allowed for when choosing an anchoring position.

In the village at the head of the cove are several good tavernas and a small store with limited supplies. To the NE of the cove and up the hill there is a Bronze Age (3rd millennium BC) excavation but there is not too much to see. If you continue along this road you come to Mavra Volia, a beautiful black pebble beach, which is often totally deserted.
Emborio from seaward
Yachts anchored with lines to the jetty
Mooring hazard in Emborio

Salagonas Area

Chart of Salagonas Bay Anchorages

West of Cape Masticho and just before reaching Cape Mesta on the S coast of Chios there are 5 wonderful coves. All of them are well protected from the meltemi but exposed to the SW. Going counerclockwise:

Kato Faná Bay/wiki/Chios#Kato_Fan.C3.A1_BayAnchorage icon Kato Faná Bay [[Chios#Kato Faná Bay|Kato Faná Bay]] (Κάτω Φανά) 38°12.3′N, 25°55.5′E is the easternmost cove. There only here some abandoned campers. Nearby there are the ruins of a temple of Apollon and a small church. The road from here leads you to the medieval village of Olýmpoi (Ολύμποι), about 8 km away, a good walk.
Ayia Dynamis/wiki/Chios#Ayia_DynamisAnchorage icon Ayia Dynamis [[Chios#Ayia Dynamis|Ayia Dynamis]] (Αγία Δύναμις) 38°12.9′N, 25°54.7′E is a small cove NW of the Kato Faná Bay. There are a few buildings associated with a church. The road from here leads you to the medieval village of Olýmpoi, about 8 km away, a good walk. About 1.5 km from Ayia Dynamis there is the cave of Olýmpi, open every day except Mondays, 9:00-19:30 with guided tours, well worth the visit.
Salagonas/wiki/Chios#SalagonasAnchorage icon Salagonas [[Chios#Salagonas|Salagonas]] (Σαλάγωνας) 38°13.2′N, 25°54.8′E – goping to the N – just around a promontory. It is a larger, totally deserted, save for few people during the day harvesting the mastich.
Angelia/wiki/Chios#AngeliaAnchorage icon Angelia [[Chios#Angelia|Angelia]] (Αγγέλια) 38°13.2′N, 25°54′E – further of the promontory on the W. There is a small hamlet there.
Trachilia/wiki/Chios#TrachiliaAnchorage icon Trachilia [[Chios#Trachilia|Trachilia]] (Τραχείλια) 38°13.2′N, 25°53.6′E – finally a westernmost narrow totally deserted inlet.

Anchoring is easy in all of these coves. In Trachilia though it is best to take a shore line to the W shore.

About one hour walk from here, up the dirt road, there is the medieval village of Olýmpoi, well worth a visit. Turn left when you reach the paved road. The other medieval village, Mestá is about a two hour walk, turn right when you reach the paved road.

You can call for a taxi either from Mestá, tel +30 6972 543 543 or from Olýmpoi, tel. +30 2710 76 357 or +30 6937 937 758.

Angelia Cove
The anchorage in Kato Fana
The Cove of Kato Fana
Salagonas Cove
Elyndas (see below)


Anchorage icon Elyndas [[Chios#Elyndas|Elyndas]] 38°23.4′N, 25°59.4′E

Elyndas (Ελύντας) or Alindas (Αλύντας) is lovely cove on the W coast of Chios. It has a wonderful beach which may be occupied by a few campers, all local, out for the Sunday.

Anchor at 10 m depth, very close to the beach. The cove looks well protected from the NW wind and it could be a good anchorage, although it is not mentioned by the pilot books. The only fault with this cove is that water there could be not crystal clear but somewhat murky and greenish.


Anchorage icon Avloniá [[Chios#Avloniá|Avloniá]] 38°09.8′N, 25°59.6′E
Avloniá is a small cove about 1 M west of Cape Masticho. It is surrounded by steep cliffs and offers good protection from the meltemi. Anchor in 4 m on sand, good holding.


Anchorage icon Langadas [[Chios#Langadas|Langadas]] 38°28.7′N, 26°07.7′E

Langadas or "Lagada" is a small picturesque harbour. It is not very good with the meltemi.

In the village, there are several good tavernas and food choises. There is a small store located in the center of the harbour with plenty of supplies and even opens on Sundays around 9:30am. Bakery is on the next street behind the store. Vegetables and fish can be bought from mobile vans during weekdays. Time is not set but listen for the announcements. They usually stop near bakery.

It is a popular location for sailboat and motorboats coming from Cesme. Therefore, especially on Saturday nights expect the harbour full of yachts. In July and August, live Greek music available in village center on saturday nights starting from 11:00 pm. South side of the harbour is the side where locals prefer swimmimg. On the way to that beach there is an inlet for small fishing boats and a bridge to cross over. The shower on the beach has natural warm water.

Ayios Ioannis Tholis

Ayios Ioannis Tholis/wiki/Chios#Ayios_Ioannis_Tholis
Anchorage icon Ayios Ioannis Tholis [[Chios#Ayios Ioannis Tholis|Ayios Ioannis Tholis]] 38°28′N, 26°08.8′E
Well protected from the meltemi but it is occupied by a fish farm which pollutes the water and makes this cove unattractive.


Also see each port above.

  • Chios Harbour: outlet at the shore. Contact Stelios (+30 6946 861 747).
  • Limniá: S/E quay, Yannis Zorbas (+30 6936 775 999)
  • Marmaro - prepaid keys provided by port police.
Electricity In Chios Harbour Contact Stelios (+30 6946 861 747) and Marmaro - prepaid keys provided by port police.
  • Limniá: S/E quay, Yannis Zorbas (+30 6936 775 999) or Vivi (Barouzo restaurant) (+30 6946 980 591). 64 & 16A outlets.
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry ?
Garbage Bins in all harbours
  • Chios Harbour: Glyptes (+30 6942 513 111), would not come for small quantities. Gas station on the way to the airport.
  • Limniá: the nearest fuel station is outside of Volissós but they will deliver except on Sundays. Call +30 22740 21200 or +30 6937 122 901
  • Limenas: there is a gas station outside Olýmpoi
  • Chios "marina": there is a gas station across the road
Bottled gas Cooking gas store/wiki/Chios#Cooking_gas_storeCooking icon Cooking gas store [[Chios#Cooking gas store|Cooking gas store]] 38°22.464'N, 026°07.809'E will sell, refill, and exchange propane bottles in varoius sizes including American ones at very reasonable rates. It is a bit farther north past Tsatsaroni Marika Pharmacy along Nou Monomachou.
Chandlers Chios: there is at least one
Repairs Very limited
Internet In internet cafés in town
Mobile connectivity GSM/GPRS - Very marginal coverage in the Salagonas Area, good elsewhere
Vehicle rentals
  • Chios: Yiorgos Psoras (+30 22710 41 361 or 6978 775 595) will also deliver a car to the Chios Marina
  • Limniá: the owner of the Ta Limnia restaurant, Mr. Tsikalas (tel. +30 22710 21 014), can assist you with renting a car
  • Limenas: Konstantinos Tomazos (+30 22710 722 190) rents scooters from Pyrgí and will pick you up


Chios/wiki/Chios#.5B.5B.23Town_of_Chios.7CChios.5D.5DProvisions icon Chios [[Chios#Chios|Chios]] Excellent grocery shopping.

Volissós/wiki/Chios#.5B.5B.23Voliss.C3.B3s.7C_Voliss.C3.B3s.5D.5DProvisions icon Volissós [[Chios# Volissós| Volissós]] Some shopping, (excellent bread).

Emborio/wiki/Chios#.5B.5B.23Emborio.7CEmborio.5D.5DProvisions icon Emborio [[Chios#Emborio|Emborio]] Limited supplies.

Limniá/wiki/Chios#.5B.5B.23Limni.C3.A1.7CLimni.C3.A1.5D.5DProvisions icon Limniá [[Chios#Limniá|Limniá]] Limited supplies.

Eating out

  • There are many restaurants in the town of Chios
Hotzas/wiki/Chios#.27.27Hotzas.27.27Eatingout icon Hotzas [[Chios#Hotzas|Hotzas]] (in the back of the town of Chios) is the oldest and most famous taverna in the island. Great atmosphere, food and value. Closed Sunday and Monday, +30 22710 42 787.
Stou Yiorgou/wiki/Chios#.27.27Stou_Yiorgou.27.27Eatingout icon Stou Yiorgou [[Chios#Stou Yiorgou|Stou Yiorgou]] a few miles south of Chios town perched on a hillside is excellent. A bit more expensive than Hotzas but still great value, +30 22710 25 017.
in the town/wiki/Chios#in_the_townEatingout icon in the town [[Chios#in the town|in the town]] There are many restaurants
Mesaionnas/wiki/Chios#.27.27Mesaionnas.27.27Eatingout icon Mesaionnas [[Chios#Mesaionnas|Mesaionnas]] serves good food in a lovely setting.
Mesaionnas/wiki/Chios#.27.27Mesaionnas.27.27Eatingout icon Mesaionnas [[Chios#Mesaionnas|Mesaionnas]] serves good food in a lovely setting.
3 Adelphi/wiki/Chios#.27.273_Adelphi.27.27Eatingout icon 3 Adelphi [[Chios#3 Adelphi|3 Adelphi]] have good fish.
Ta Limnia/wiki/Chios#.27.27Ta_Limnia.27.27Eatingout icon Ta Limnia [[Chios#Ta Limnia|Ta Limnia]] good food in a friendly restaurant, +30 22710 21 014.
  • In Katarraktis
Ta Meltemaki/wiki/Chios#.27.27Ta_Meltemaki.27.27Eatingout icon Ta Meltemaki [[Chios#Ta Meltemaki|Ta Meltemaki]] on the waterfront of Katarraktis has the best meze and seafood in Chios. --Memo18111 19:42, 11 May 2014 (BST).


There are daily flights to Athens and many ferries. Ferry to Psara and Samos.



Massacre of Chios

In antiquity the island was very prosperous and after the Persian wars it was an ally of Athens and then Sparta. In the 11th century AD it was taken from the Byzantines, then by the Venetians, who were succeeded by the Genoese, who formed a special company in the 14th century just for the trade of the mastich. In 1566 the Ottomans took the island from the Genoese and held it until 1922 when it joined Greece. During the Ottoman period Chios was granted many special privileges and joined the Greek revolution very reluctantly under the coercion of the Samians in 1822. The Ottoman reaction was devastating. After beheading three Chians who were hostages in Istanbul they send the Turkish armada to invade the island. On March 30, 1822 they landed on the island. Within 24 hours they massacred over 8,000 unarmed inhabitants. The horror lasted for months. Over 25,000 were killed and 47,000, mostly women, were sold into slavery. Within 6 months from the original 120,000 inhabitants only 18,000 were left. The repercussions of this tragedy were felt all over Europe. Intellectuals like Lebrun, Müller, and especially Victor Hugo with The Child of Chios and the painter Delacroix with his Massacre of Chios painting publicized the event which proved crucial for mustering support in Europe for the Greek revolution.

Places to Visit

The Castle in Chios Town

The production of mastich (μαστίχα- masticha) gum (Pistacia lentiscus) is a tradition particular to Chios. It is the resin of a bush that is said to grow only in this SW corner of the island. The bush does not grow very big, and at the appropriate time the growers make tiny slits on its trunk. From these slits, the gum oozes out, and it is collected. Tiny droplets are also collected from the ground, hence the sieves. The gum then is taken home, and over long hours during the winter, it is sorted according to quality and size. Families own individual bushes scattered over a wide area. The mastich gum is used as a particularly flavorful chewing gum, as a flavoring for ouzo, in a toothpaste, for a very sweet and sticky favorite of Greek children served in a spoon submerged in a glass of water and called appropriately a submarine, for folk medicines, etc. This information was given to me by one of the women I met on my way near Salagonas. During the Ottoman years, the production of mastich reached its highest point, it being the favorite chewing gum of the ladies in the seraglio because it gave them a sweet smelling mouth.

Town of Chios

In the town of Chios there is a new Museum with archaeological exhibits, a Byzantine Museum and an ethnological museum. The Genoese Castle of Chios is an easy walk from the harbour.

Nea Moni

About 15 km from the town there is the famous Byzantine monastery of Nea Moni, established in 1042 by the emperor Constantine the Monomachos. It has many 11 century frescoes and mosaics.

The Monastery
The Yard
Another Mosaic


The medieval walled village of Olýmpoi (Ολύμποι), although less known than Pyrgí and Mestá, has some good examples of houses decorated in the xisti style. Several of the original Genoese buildings are still standing.

About 6.5 km along the road to Ayia Dynamis there is the cave of Olýmpoi, open every day except Mondays, 9:00-19:30 with guided tours, well worth the visit.

There is a taxi, tel. +30 2720 76 357 or 6937 937 758.

The village of Olýmpoi
A Mastich bush


This is a very picturesque medieval village with narrow streets and old houses whose outer walls are decorated with geometric shapes. This style of decoration is unique to Chios and is called xisti (scratched). Also in Pyrgí there the jewel of a Byzantine, 12 century AD, church dedicated to the Apostles. About 8 km from Pyrgi near the village of Ayii Pente, there are the ruins of a 6 century BC temple of Apollo.


The town of Mestá is another unspoiled medieval town with windy narrow streets built inside a Genoese castle.          

There is a good restaurant O Meseonas and a taxi in Mesta, tel +30 6972 543 543.


Volissós is beautiful village built on top of a steep hill has stone houses and a magnificent view. It is believed to be the birthplace of Homer. They will even show you the house tat he was born!

There is a wood burning bakery in Volissós that makes fantastic bread.

The village of Pyrgi
The village of Mesta
The Village of Volissós
Bakery in Volissós

Convent of Agia Markella

Agia Markella (Αγία Μαρκέλλα) is the patron saint of Chios. I was told her story when I visited the convent in 1992, by an ancient nun as she was explaining a particularly vividly illustrated icon depicting the Saint's life. It is a particularly gruesome story. It happened some time in the "distant past." She grew up in a wealthy family somewhere near here. When she was maiden, "very devout," her father attacked her sexually. She took flight and hid in some bushes, her father in pursuit. In order to flush her out, he set the bushes on fire and she ran away toward the safety of the sea. He ran after her. She came upon the rocks and kept on running along the rocky shore, until finally her father caught up with her. As he was getting ready to ravish her she prayed for deliverance. The miracle happened: the rock where she was standing was opened and she sank to her waist and the rock solidified around her, thus covering the part of her anatomy her father was after. Frustrated and furious he took off his sword and cut off her breasts, blood gashing out in great streams, and she died a virgin. In the place of her martyrdom, there is today a spring of fresh water, springing from the rocks. This water is considered holy, and every year at her festival there is a great pilgrimage of the devout from the monastery to the spring to collect the holy water in all sorts of bottles which they take home for protection until the next festival. The name "Markella" is one of the most popular names in Chios.

Avgonima and Anavatos

These are very attractive fortified villages built by the Genoese, perched high on rocks. Avgonima has many renovated houses and several tavernas. Anavatos was sieged after the Massacre by the Ottomans. The inhabitants rather then by slaughtered or sold as slaves jumped off the cliff. Ever since the village has been abandoned. Now it is being restored and can be visited every day except on Mondays.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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  • Chios is a relatively unspoiled by mass tourism island with lovely anchorages villages (--Istioploos)

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