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There are Port(s) of Entry here
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Greece Kos S.jpg
Satellite view of Kos

Kos (Κώς) is a fairly large and elongated island of the Dodecanese group, with an area of 290 km2. Its highest peak is 845 m (2772 ft) located on its NE end.

Unfortunately, this nice island has been overrun by tourists, it is extremely noisy and very mercenary.


872 Kalimno to Rhodes, including the Gulfs of Kos, Doris, and Symi
1604 Gulf of Kos, Doris and Simi
G35 Dodecanese and the Coast of Turkey
54407 Nisos Kalymnos to Kadriga Burnu
54408 NIsos Kos To Nisos Tilos
NIMA 54413 Nisos Kalimnos & Nisos Kos (Western Part)
451 Leros to Rhodos


See Aegean Sea.



  • Pserimos Pserimos /wiki/Pserimos Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Yiali Yiali /wiki/Yiali Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Niseros Niseros /wiki/Niseros Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 & Tel. +30 2420 28 507
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 01 and 63 (on the N side of the island)

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Warning: There are dangerous shoals N of Cape Kum and the sea can be very confused around the cape. Also, with a B meltemi there are very violent gusts near the SE shore of the island. Maintain a good distance off-shore.

Approaching Cape Krikelo


Kos Harbor is a Greek port of entry/exit. You can clear formalities at either Kos Harbor or at Kos Marina.



Chart of Kos harbor

Kos Harbor

Kos Harbor/wiki/Kos#Kos_Harbor
Harbour icon Kos Harbor [[Kos#Kos Harbor|Kos Harbor]] (Κώς) 36°53.75′N, 27°17.29′E
Port of Entry

Kos is the main harbor on the island. It is a large and safe harbor although it is subject to N-NE winds which can cause considerable swell within the large harbor. As an alternative a yacht can go the near by Kos Marina.

In the last few years the harbor has been changed with new extensions. Now yachts can moor on either the E side of the harbor under the castle or on the NE side, outside the harbour, when the weather is settled. The S side where yachts used to anchor is now reserved for the many day-trip caïques. The berths are managed by Kos Marina. Speak with the dockmaster on CH74 and you will be directed to a berth. Expect the harbor to be crowded during the summer months. Anchor in about 5 m depths and go stern-to to the quay. Depths at your stern will be 2 m except at the extreme northern end. Excellent holding on mud.

The quay under the castle now has water and electricity outlets, although these are only available during peak season (May - September) when the quay is manned and a charge is made. Outside those months mooring is free but there are no facilities. Many supplies can be obtained in the town, but due to the extremely large number of tourists the town has lost its soul.
Kos harbor
Caique in Kos harbour
Greece Kos Mastichari h.jpgChart of Mastichari


Harbour icon Mastichari [[Kos#Mastichari|Mastichari]] (Μαστιχάρι) 36°51.1′N, 27°04.7′E

Mastichari is small fishing village on the NW coast.

It is possible to stay overnight longside at the outer end of the north-east mole, with depth 3 meters. You have to leave before 7 a.m. when the ferry from Kalymnos arrives.
Chart of Kardamena


Harbour icon Kardamena [[Kos#Kardamena|Kardamena]] (Καρδάμαινα) 36°47′N, 27°08.8′E

Kardamaina, is a small town 7 km from Kos Island International Airport at Antimacheia, situated mid-way along the south coast of the island of Kos. It has the reputation as the most picturesque village in the island.

The harbour is modernised and good for 10 to 12 guest yachts, along the north quay. 2 or 3 yachts can go longside at the south mole, for short over night stay. Depth is 3 to 2 meters. Electricity and water ist available.

Between June and September the town population may triple due to tourist influx. Beautifull promenade along the harbour. Lots of tourists-shops, discos, bistros and restaurants.

Captain's Restaurant on harbour front, west of harbour police, best fish restaurant, but also menu from lamb chops up to Chateaubriand at reasonable prices, excellent quality and service.
Kardamena West
Kardamena East
Chart of Kamares

Kamares Bay

Kamares Bay/wiki/Kos#Kamares_Bay
Harbour icon Kamares Bay [[Kos#Kamares Bay|Kamares Bay]] (Καμάρες) 36°44.2′N, 26°58.37′E

Kamares or Kamari is a small and fairly attractive harbor on the S end of the island. It offers good shelter from the meltemi.

You can go to the quay side-to, if there is room, or stern to. Alternatively you can anchor N of the quay in 5 m. It does get deep very fast. There are a few tavernas and several large hotels within sight. It can get rather noisy at night.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


List details of all safe anchorages in the area.


Electricity Kos Marina: tel. +30 (2242) 057500
Toilets In Kos Marina
Showers In Kos Marina
Laundry In Kos Marina and in town, +30 2242 022438 Zervanou street (will collect & deliver)
Garbage There are bins in many places (harbors & marina)
Fuel Kos Marina: fuel station outside the marina, tel. +30 (2242) 057500
Bottled gas In grocery stores
Chandlers Kos Marina: good store in the marina, tel. +30 (2242) 057500
Repairs Kos Marina: some repairs in the marina, tel. +30 (2242) 057500
Internet In Internet cafés in the towns and the marina (marina charges €3.0 per day, code for 2 users)
Mobile connectivity good 3G and in places 4G signal
Vehicle rentals In the town


Supermarkets in the town and in the marina.

Eating out

  • In general, food in Kos is very bad and overpriced
  • The restaurant in the marina is surprisingly reasonable
  • Taverna Alexandros in Old Town is quite good and reasonable.


There are daily flights to Athens, ferries, and hydrofoils to other islands.



The Aesclepion

In antiquity Kos was famous as the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Near the town (about 5 km) there are the substantial ruins of the Aesclepion where the ancient god of medicine Aeslepios, the son of Apollo, was worshipped.

The modern town is dominated by the castle built by the Knights of Rhodes after the crusades. Later, in 1523 it was taken from the Knights of Rhodes by the Ottomans who held the island until 1912 when Kos with the rest of the Dodechanese were taken over by the Italians who held it until 1948, after WW II, when it became part of Greece.

Places to Visit

The most important site on the island is the Aesclepion, one of the most important temples of the ancient world. It is situated about 5 km from the town of Kos. One can easily spent a whole morning exploring the ruins of the various buildings.

In town is worth visiting the Archaeological Museum, Kasa Romana, a Roman villa, and the Neratzia Castle of the Knights of Rhodes.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Greece.


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