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WorldSafety and SurvivalMedical Kit

Yacht's Medical Kit

Cruisers are often a long way from qualified assistance (in distance and time) so the yacht's medical kit needs to be fairly substantial. Along with the medical bag, be sure that you have reference materials (books, etc.) at hand to assist in diagnosis and in the administration of first aid. Also, never underestimate the usefulness of your onboard radios (VHF and HF) in calling for help with more serious medical problems or injuries.

Suggested Contents

Note: The list below, though very comprehensive, is somewhat "overkill" for a cruising yacht. Please submit another list that is suitable and adequate for a cruising yacht - here?? ...


  • First-aid Supplies

British medical scales for ocean going ships, from the Marine safety agency, Merchant Shipping Notice No.M.1607. It is compatible with the medical treatments described in the "Ship's Captain Medical Guide", the new edition (22nd) of which will be published shortly. The amounts suggested are per 10 people.

Dressing and suturing equipment

Suture and needle pack
sterile non-absorbable
3 x 26mm half needle
3 x sterile non-absorbable 40mm half needle
26 x sterile absorbable 40mm half needle
6 x 75mm steri-stripsCrape bandage 7.5cm x 4.5 m 4
4 x Elastic adhesive 7.5cm x 4m
4 x Trianglular bandage
1 x Tubular gauze finger size/ 20m
20 x Conforming bandage 5cm x 5m
20 x Conforming bandage 7.5cm x 5m
40 x Paraffin gauze dressing 10cm x 10cm
5 x No 13 BPC Dressings )
5 x No 14 BPC Dressings ) varying size gauze pad with
4 x No 15 BPC Dressings ) attached rollar bandage
3 x No 16 BPC Dressing ( eye pads )
6 x Gauze sterile cotton 30 x 90cm
6 x Cotton wool 15gm sterile
3 x 100gm unsterile
1 x Adhesive tape 2.5cm x 5m
Adhesive suture strips pkt of 52
40 x Bandaids assorted
1 x Zinc oxide plaster tape 2.5cm x 5 m
100 x Gauze swabs 10cm x 10cm
5 x Plastic Burns bags 46cm x 31 cm


2 x disposible scaples No 23
1 x scissors 18cm
1 x scissors 12.5cm
1 x dissecting forceps
1 x haemostatic clamps
1 x needle holder
2 x disposible razors

Examination and monitoring equipment

4 x Disposible tounge depressors
50 x Reactive urine analysis test strips
1 x Stethoscope
1 x Sphygmomanomter
3 x Std clinical thermometer
1 x Hypothermia thermometer
2 x Sputum cups
2 x Specimen jars

Equipment for injection, perfusion and catheterisation

1 x Bladder drainage set ( bag/spigots/tube )
1 x Rectal drip set
6 x Syringes and needles ( 2ml / 5ml / 10ml of each )
1 x Foley ballon catheter 16fr
1 x Nelaton catheter 16fr ( no ballon )
1 x Penile sheath set

General Medical Equipment

1 x Bedpan
1 x Hot water bottle
1 x Magnifying glass
1 x Urine container
1 x Ice bag
6 x Safety pins
1 x Kidney dish ( stainless steel )
1 x Lotion bowl ( stainless steel )
2 x Waterproof sheeting, 1m x 2m
1 x Sterile plastic sheet , 90cm x 120cm
1 x Nail brush
1oo x Disposible paper towels
Plastic measuring jug, 1/2 L 1
6 x Disposible face masks
25 x Disposible latex gloves
5 x Disposible latex gloves, sterile
1 x Malleable finger splint
1 x Malleable forearm splint
1 x set Inflatable splints ( half-leg/full leg/half-arm/full arm )
1 x Thigh collar
1 x set Neck collar ( sm/med/large )
1 x Thomas splint
1 x Seton traction kit


chlorine compound
general disinfectant

Dental instruments

1 x Excavator double ended, Guy's pattern
1 x Filling paste inserter
1 x Dental mirror size 4
1 x Cavit tube ( temp filling inserter )

Stretcher Equipment

1 x Neil Robertson/ Paraguard type

FIRST AID KIT (per 10 people)

4 x Triangular Bandages
4 x Small dressings ( 13 BPC )
2 x Med dressings ( 14 BPC )
2 x Large dressings
6 x Medium safety pins
20 x Bandaids assorted
2 x Sterile eye pads
Cotton wool 15gms
5 x Disposable gloves
  • Prescription Drugs
    (ALWAYS carry certified copies of the prescriptions)


5 x amp Adrenaline 1:1000 1ml
1 x Glyceryl trinitrate 0.4mg inhaler
20 tab Frusemide 40mg
2 x amp Frusemide 10mg/ml 2ml
1 x amp Vitamin K 10mg/ml 1ml
2 x amp Ergometrine 1ml
10 x tab Atenolol 50mg
25 x tab Aspirin 75mg


30 x tab Cimetidine 400mg
10 x amp Promethazine 25mg/ml 1ml
30 x tab Prochlorperazine 3mg (buccal)
6 x supp Gylcerol suppository 4gms
60 x tab Codeine phos 30mg


100 x tab Paracetamol 500mg
3 x supp Diclofenac sodium 100mg
10 x amp Morphine sulphate 10mg/ml 1ml
Codeine phos as above
20 x tab Hyoscine 0.3mg


5 x amp Diazepam 5mg/ml 2ml
20 x tab Diazepam 10mg
40 x tab Chlorpromazine 25mg
5 x amp Chlorpromazine 25mg/ml 1ml
Hyoscine as above
4 x tube Diazepam rectal 10mg/2.5ml rectal


30 x tab Astemizole 10mg
10 x tab Prednisolone 5mg
3 x Hydrocortisone 100mg/2ml powder for inj


1 x inhaler Salbutamol 100 microgms
1 x inhaler Beclometasone 50 microgms


10 x Benzylpenicillin 600mg powder for inj
10 x tab Ciprofloxacillin 500mg
20 x Cefuroxime 750mg powder for inj
40 x tab Erythromycin 250mg
Trimethoprim 200mg
6 x tab Medendazole 100mg
12 x supp Metronidazole 1gm
14 x tab Metronidazole 400mg
10 x tab Doxycycline 100mg
5 x amp Tetanus vaccine 0.5ml
1 x amp Tetanus immumoglobulin


Sachets (10L) Oral Rehydration fluid

External preparations

Chlorhexidine and Cetrimide solution 100mls
1 x Neomycin cream 15gm
1 x Benzoic Acid 6% oint 50gm
2 x Silversalazine cream 1% 50gms
3 x Malathion 0.5% cream 200mls
2 x Zinc ointment 25gms
1 x Potassium permanganate crystals 10gm
2 x Hydrocortisone cream 1% 15gm

Eye medications

4 x Framycetin sultphate 0.5% ointment 5gm
1 x Betamethasone 0.1%/ Neomycin 0.5% eyedrops 5mls
5 x Amethocaine eyedrops 0.5% 0.5ml
1 x Pilocarpine eyedrops 0.5% 0.5ml
10 x Fluorescein eye test strips 1%


1 x Antibiotic ear drops 5mls
1 x Neomycin/polymixin B/hydrocortisone ear drops 5ml
1 x Ephedrine nose drops 0.5% 10ml
1 x Chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash 0.2% 300mls

Local anaesthetics

1 x Ethylchloride spray 50mg
2 x amp Lignocaine 1% 20mg/2mls 2ml
1 x Oil of cloves 10mls
Lignocaine gel 2% 20g

Doctors Bag (if doctor is carried on board)

5 x amp Adrenaline, 1:1000 1ml
4 x amp Aminophylline, 25mg/1ml 10ml
50 tabs Aspirin, 300mg
1 x Beclomethasone, 50microgm inhaler
1 x amp Chlorpromazine, 25mg/1ml 1 ml
5 x amp Cyclizine, 50mg/1ml 1ml
2 x amp Dextrose, 50% 20ml
5 x amp Diazepam, 5mg/ml 2ml
5 x amp Frusemide, 10mg/1mls ml
1 x amp Glucagon, 1mg/ml 1 ml
1 x bag Glucose infusion, 5% 500ml
10 x Blood glucose test strip
10 x Blood glucose lancets
Grudel Airways set of sizes 4,3,1 1
1 x vial Hydrocortisone, 100mg/2ml 100mg
1 x vial Insulin 100iu/ml rapid action 10ml
IV giving sets + cannulas + leur lock 16g/18g 6 (3/3)
1 x Laerdal Pocket Mask
4 x Plasma substitution infusion fluid
5 x amp Morphine 15mg/1ml 1ml
1 x Oxygen Resuscitator bag + tubing
1 x Manual suction pump + 2 yankauer & 2 14fr catheters
24 x tabs Paediatric paracetamol 120mg
25 x tabs Prednisolone, 5mg
1 x Salbutamol 100 micrograms inhalers
50 x Swabs Alcohol

Syringe and needle pack

2 x 2ml syringe + 21g needle
2 x 20ml syringe + 21g needle
2 x 1ml insulin syringe + 25g needle
1 x Stethoscope
1 x Sphygmomanometer


Books, etc.


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