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Medulin - Medulinski
44°48.929'N, 013°55.695'E Chart icon.png
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Bay of Medulin from SW

The large natural inlet of Medulin extends for nearly five miles inland just E of the extreme southern tip of the peninsula of Istria in Croatia. Entered between the headlands of Cape Kamenjak at the tip of the peninsula and Cape Marlera two miles E, the bay contains several small islands, the towns of Medulin and Pomer (the latter with the ACI marina of Marina Pomer) and numerous sheltered anchorages. It is in itself a mini cruising ground in which a yacht could happily spend up to a week in settled weather, with the reassurance of shelter at the marina if conditions suddenly change. Although the bay is very busy with holidaymakers during July and August, it is usually possible to find a quiet spot to anchor somewhere in the inner, virtually landlocked basin, clear of permanent moorings and noisy campsites. Moreover, there is no charge for anchoring in the inlet of Medulin.


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'See Croatia.


Several small islets in the inlet, but none of them offer good overnight anchorages.


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The bay of Medulin is entered between the Cape Kamenjak at the southern tip of Istria and Cape Marlera two miles E. The main channel up to the virtually landlocked inner part of the bay passes north of the islet of Fenera/wiki/Medulin#north_of_the_islet_of_FeneraBuoy icon north of the islet of Fenera [[Medulin#north of the islet of Fenera|north of the islet of Fenera]] 44°47.344'N, 013°56.561'E and then between the islands of Ceja and Bodulas, favouring the side closer to Ceja, where the water is deeper. A course of NNW for a further two miles takes you through the main channel and into the inner basin.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

In the inner basin there are a couple of options:

Marina Pomer

Marina Pomer/wiki/Medulin#.5B.5BMarina_Pomer.5D.5D
Marina icon Marina Pomer [[Medulin#Marina Pomer|Marina Pomer]] 44°49.338'N, 013°54.129'E
Continue NNW towards the small islet of Premanturski Skoljic, which must be left to port, and berth in the ACI marina, which offers 283 berths for yachts up to 18.0 metres in depths of up to 5.0 metres

De Mattei

De Mattei/wiki/Medulin#De_Mattei
Marina icon De Mattei [[Medulin#De Mattei|De Mattei]] (Marina Puntica) 44°48.908'N, 013°55.738'E

Has 84 berths in 3 pontoons, depth: 1 - 2 m (2-3.5 m at the end of the piers). Water, electricity, toilets, showers, WiFi, fuel (gasoline). It is a 3-minute walk from the centre of town of Medulin which is somewhat more alive than the settlement near the Marina Pomer.

[email protected]; Tel: +385 (52) 576 162; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel XX
Address: 52203 Medulin, Croatia


Medulin Anchorage

Medulin Anchorage/wiki/Medulin#Medulin_Anchorage
Anchorage icon Medulin Anchorage [[Medulin#Medulin Anchorage|Medulin Anchorage]] 44°49.020'N, 013°55.800'E
Turn to starboard up the long side inlet which leads to the settlement of Medulin itself, where a shallow draft yacht can anchor off the town in depths of around 3.0 metres, clear of the numerous moorings.

Uvala Bijeca

Uvala Bijeca/wiki/Medulin#Uvala_Bijeca
Anchorage icon Uvala Bijeca [[Medulin#Uvala Bijeca|Uvala Bijeca]] 44°48.650'N, 013°56.041'E
At the head of a larger Uvala Bijeca, which is quite well protected from N, NW.

Past Premanturski Skoljic

Past Premanturski Skoljic/wiki/Medulin#Past_Premanturski_Skoljic
Anchorage icon Past Premanturski Skoljic [[Medulin#Past Premanturski Skoljic|Past Premanturski Skoljic]] 44°49.080'N, 013°54.265'E
Past the islet of Premanturski Skoljic and anchor in the large bight between it and the wooded pensinula to the E, wherever the shelter is best. Depths across the whole bight are only 5.0 - 6.0 metres, so it is possible to anchor wherever there is space. Holding is excellent in mud.


Water In both marinas
Electricity In both marinas
Toilets In both marinas
Showers In both marinas
Laundry N/A (Not Available)
Garbage Bin in both marinas
Fuel In DeMattei marina gasoline only
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers N/A
Repairs Minor in Marina Pomer
Internet WiFi in both marinas
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Rental outlets in the Medulin


  • Minimarket in Marina Pomer
  • Good provisions shops in the towns of Pomer and Medulin

Eating out

Numerous bars and restaurants in the towns of Pomer and Medulin.


  • Buses to Rijeka and Zagreb from Medulin
  • International airports of Pula: 8 kms and Rijeka: 85 kms



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Places to Visit

Medulin itself and the campsite-infested shores on either side can be very busy with tourists during the summer months, but it is usually possible to find a quiet spot to anchor somewhere around the inner part of the inlet. Once inside the bay, depths are suitable for anchoring almost everywhere between Marina Pomer and Medulin town itself.


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