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Greece Serifos m.jpg
Map of Serifos

Serifos (Σέριφος) is a barren rocky island in the Cyclades with an area of 75 km2, about 1,400 inhabitants, and with a number of abandoned mines.

Tourism has given the island a new prosperity.

Dovecote in Serifos

Radio Net

  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 & Tel. +30 2810 51 470
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channel 03 in Livadhi

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


2682 Kólpos Patalion to Nísos Nísiros
1038 Stenó Sífnou to Stenó Kafiréa
G33 Southern Cyclades (West)
54320 Kiklades Nisoi to Kriti
54330 Plans in the Kikladhes
41 Cavos Maleas to Cavos Kimis
415 Ydra to Sikinos


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Approaches to Serifos are straightforward but:

Warning: With a meltemi there are strong gusts on the south side of the island.



Chart of Livadhi


Harbour icon Livadhi [[Serifos#Livadhi|Livadhi]] 37°8.36′N, 24°31.24′E

Livadhi (Λιβάδι - meadow) is the only harbor in the island. There are two alternatives here. You can either dock stern-to on the south side of the quay or anchor off. Either way there is good shelter from the meltemi despite the strong gusts. With a strong south-east wind there is appreciable swell into the bay. The docking area is usually very crowded and noisy. Yachts also anchor moor stern-to on the north side of the quay, but it is not to be recommended in strong northerlies as the holding is not good. In the Winter 2015 new concrete piers have been built enclosing a small harbour with mooring lines. Bigger boat can anchor stern-to on this new pier as well.

Many cruisers prefer the alternative of anchoring off. Anchor at 6 m towards the north-west of the bay but stay clear from the area where the ferries maneuver.

Warning: One drawback in this otherwise good anchorage are mosquitoes, in great numbers.
View of Livadhi
The S side of the mole in Livadhi
The south side of the mole during a meltemi

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Chart of Koutala Bay

Koutala Bay

Koutala Bay/wiki/Serifos#Koutala_Bay
Anchorage icon Koutala Bay [[Serifos#Koutala Bay|Koutala Bay]] 37°07.9′N, 24°27.4′E

Koutala (Κουτάλα - spoon) Bay is a large bay on the south side of the island. It provides good shelter from the meltemi but it is subject to very violent katabatic gusts; they can go from 0 to 25 knots in almost no time.

There are several possible places to anchor: In the north-west cove at 6-15 m, north-east cove 5-10 m, and on the Eeastcove at about 5 m.

If there is any suspicion of a south wind, the Eeastcove is your best bet.

Warning: With strong gusts, two anchors may be advisable.

The bottom is mostly sand, good holding. The beaches here are nice and clean.

Megalo Livadhi

Megalo Livadhi/wiki/Serifos#Megalo_Livadhi
Anchorage icon Megalo Livadhi [[Serifos#Megalo Livadhi|Megalo Livadhi]] 37°08.398'N, 024°25.385'E
Megalo Livadhi (big meadow) is an inlet just north-west of Cape Kyklops. The shelter here is good but the surroundings are somewhat bleak and isolated.


Water Livadhi: limited water at the quay
Electricity N/A (Not Available)
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry ?
Garbage There are bins around the harbor and in several anchorages
Fuel Livadhi: atruck delivers fuel at the quay. Call them on VHF channel 08
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet In Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Good 3G signal
Vehicle rentals In Livadhi


Stores in Livadhi

Eating out

  • At the main square in Chora they serve nice mezedes (snacks)
  • Many restaurants in Livadhi
  • There is at least one restaurant in Koutala


  • Ferries to Milos and Piraeus
  • For Taxi call +30 6977 370 471



Greece Serifos6.jpg
The Town
Greece Serifos7.jpg
A House
Greece Serifos8.jpg
A Fountain
Greece Serifos9.jpg
A Street
Greece Serifos10.jpg
A Door
Greece Serifos11.jpg
The Square

According to the mythology, Danae and her son Perseus were washed ashore on Serifos after drifting in a box that her father had placed them and cast them ashore fearing a prophesy that he would be killed by his grandson. The king of Serifos, Polydectes took a fancy to Danae and wanted to marry her but she refused. When Perseus grew up Polydectes sent him on an impossible quest: to slay the Medusa. With the help of Athena he did so and after returning to Serifos he showed Polydectes Medusa's head. The sight of the head turned Polydectes, his court, and most of the island into stone.

The first inhabitants of Serifos were Ionian Greeks. The island was fairly wealthy in antiquity because of its rich iron and copper mines and minted its own coins. In Hellenistic times it was conquered by the Macedonians and the Ptolemies from Egypt. During the 3rd century AD it was taken over by the Romans who used it as a place of exile. After the Byzantines, Serifos was taken by the Venetians who held it like the rest of the Cyclades. They built the castle of Chora. Following the Venetians it was taken by the Ottomans.

In modern times Serifos took an active role during the Greek War of Independence in 1821 following which it became part of Greece. In 1916 there was a violent miner's strike after which the mines declined and were eventually abandoned by 1960. The island's population declined to about 1400 inhabitants.

Today tourism has given the island a new prosperity.

Places to Visit


The must see place here is the main town of Chora. It is one of the more picturesque Cycladic towns with a Venetian Castle, many white washed houses in narrow streets and stairs, decorated with geraniums. Many of these houses have been restored by rich Athenians, British, and Germans.

There is a bus from Livadhi to Chora.

Kastro tis Grias

Near Koutala there is the 6th century AD white marble Kastro tis Grias (Κάστρο της Γριάς - Castle of the Hag) and the castle is the Cave of the Cyclops, with two stalactite chambers and a small lake. Bring a flash light.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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  • For an interactive map and sea chart of Serifos and surroundings click here


See Greece.


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