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There are Port(s) of Entry here
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Greece Kastelorizo S.jpg
Satellite View of Kastelorizo

The island of Kastelorizo, (Καστελόριζο) the ancient Megisti (Μεγίστη), or Meis in Turkish, is the easternmost part of Greece and certainly the most isolated, being 70 nM East of Rhodes. Kastelorizo with an area of 11.987 km2 is the smallest of the Dodecanese.

Kastelorizo was the location of the delightful anti-war Oscar winning film Meditteraneo.


236 Hisurönü Körfezi to Taslik Burnu including Rhodos
G36 Marmaris to Kekova Adasi
54420 Iskandil Burnu to Dildarde Burnu
452 Rhodos to Castelorizo


There can be very strong gusts during a meltemi blow. These gusts combined with a west setting current create very steep and possibly dangerous seas in the Kaqstelorizo-Kaş channel.




  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12, Tel. +30 2410 29 070
  • Olympia Radio - VHF no signal

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The approaches to harbor of Kastelorizo from the north are straightforward but, Danger: approaching Kastelorizo from the south is dangerous because of the many reefs and islets.


Megisti is a port of entry/exit for Greece.


You can either go to the harbor Megisti or anchor off in nearby Mandraki.


Chart of Kastelorizo


Harbour icon Megisti [[Kastelorizo#Megisti|Megisti]] (Μεγίστη) 36°09.1′N, 29°35.5′E
Port of Entry

Megisti is the only harbor in Kastelorizo. Moor stern-to or bow-to the quay.

The quay can be somewhat noisy because of the restaurants. If you want to avoid the noise go to nearby Mandraki.
Aerial View
From the East
From the South

Marinas & Yacht Clubs




Anchorage icon Mandraki [[Kastelorizo#Mandraki|Mandraki]] (Μανδράκι) 36°8.9′N, 29°35.88′E

Mandraki is about 1 nM from the harbor of Megisti. It is preferable being quieter and since one can easily get to the town with the dinghy.

Anchor at 3-8 m depth, good holding.

Caution: There are numerous reefs near Mandraki.


Water Megisti: you may be able to get a hose from a restaurant
Electricity Megisti: you may be able to connect at a restaurant
Toilets Public toilet close to the SE corner of the harbor (small fee)
Showers Public shower close to the SE corner of the harbor (small fee)
Laundry There is a cafe at the SE corner of the harbor with coin operated washer and dryer
Garbage There are bins around the harbor
Fuel Megisti: can be bought at a gas station located outside the town or ordered by truck from gas station - you will need to come with the boat to the ferries dock
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet In Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Reasonably strong 3G signal
Vehicle rentals N/A


Megisti/wiki/Kastelorizo#.5B.5B.23Megisti.7CMegisti.5D.5DProvisions icon Megisti [[Kastelorizo#Megisti|Megisti]] Some stores but with limited supplies.

Eating out

Sydney/wiki/Kastelorizo#SydneyEatingout icon Sydney [[Kastelorizo#Sydney|Sydney]] by the water front is very good. A local specialty well worth asking for are katoumaria, honey dipped wheat strings.
There are a number of good restaurants.


There is regular air and ferry service to Rhodes with connections to Athens.


Kastelorizo 2.jpg
The Cyclopean Walls
Kastelorizo BluGr.jpg
The Blue Grotto


During the 19th and early 20th century Kastelorizo was fairly prosperous with a large trading fleet and had more than 20,000 inhabitants. For a period of time it was even a refueling stop for the Air France seaplanes flying to Lebanon. Following the 1921 Greco-Turkish war the inhabitants lost their land-holdings and trade with Asia-Minor and the island's economy went into steep decline. Many islanders migrated to Australia. During World War II the island was forcefully temporarily depopulated by the British. Today there are only 200 inhabitants (there are more Kastellorizoi in Sydney) but with many subsidies from Athens many of the old houses are being restored. It is a very quiet and pleasant place to spend a few peaceful days.

Local lore has it that during the World War II the British, after evacuating the inhabitants, set the houses on fire to prevent repatriation. "The Lady of Ro" who after being widowed tended her husband's flocks on the small island of Ro (Ρώ). She refused to be evacuated and stayed all by herself on the island during the war years and everyday, without fail, raised the Greek flag. She died just a few years ago.

Places to Visit

There are several points of interest here. In town there is the Red Castle (this is the Castelo Roso after which the island is named) and the museum. The museum which is housed in a restored building within the castle consists of 2-3 small rooms with antiquities (not too exiting since the best pieces are in the National Museum in Athens) and some rather interesting ethnographic material (old photographs, costumes, embroideries, etc.). Mr. Elias, the guard, will give a complete tour of the museum as well as an overview of the recent history of Kastellorizo. He is a fountain of local lore.

An hour hike up the steps of the steep hill leads to the monastery of St. George of the Mountain (Ayios Giorgis o Voumias). The monastery is interesting but it is in a state of great abandonment, only the church is maintained. It was founded by Osios Anthimos and it was never fully staffed. Under the church there is a crypt, that is rather hard to climb down to. Before starting for this hike ask for the key to the monastery at the Little Paris café.

Other hikes are to the Old Castle on the north side of the island, which affords excellent views of the Turkish coast, and to the Cyclopean Walls straight up from the town.

From the town there excursion boats daily to the famous Blue Grotto.


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See Greece.


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