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There are Port(s) of Entry here
37°19.400'N, 026°32.900'E Chart icon.png
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Patmos (Πάτμος), in addition to being a delightful island with many coves, is one of the most important places of the Christian religion. In the period between 81 and 96 AD St. John wrote the Apocalypse (Revelation) in a grotto not far from Skala, the harbor, now inside the Monastery of the Apocalypse half way up the hill from the harbor. Legend has it that a rock in the harbor used to be a sorcerer named Kynops who came afoul of St. John. In 1088 the Byzantine emperor Alexios Comnenos presented the island to St. Ioannis Theologos monastery which still dominates the island.

The fortified Monastery of St John has one of the most important libraries with many manuscripts including the illuminated Gospel According to St. Mark and the chrysobull signed by Alexios Comnenos granting the island to St. Ioannis Theologos. The people of Patmos are very religious and it seems that at least half of the male population go under the first name of Theologos which means "the theologian."

The harbor, Skala, is an attractive and bustling with activity town. Many cruise ships visit it every day and disgorge hundred of tourists, who are herded into buses for the Monastery. Most of these cruise ships do not stay very long and at night the town is more manageable. The bathing area adjacent to the old commercial harbor is surprisingly clean.

The old town of Patmos is built around the Monastery on top of the hill and has many old houses. All together it is a very nice place to visit although in the summer months it is liable to be very hot.

Monastery of St John, Patmos
Monastery of St John
Monastery of the Apocalypse, Patmos


Satellite view of Patmos
2682 Kolpos Patalion to Nisos Nisiros
3927 Patmos, Arki and Lipso
G34 Southern Cyclades
54400 Samos to Rodhos
423 Paros to Astypalia


See Aegean Sea.




  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 & Tel. +30 22470 31 231
  • Olympia Radio - channel 24

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Approaches to Patmos are without problems, although strong gusts will be experienced in the bay leading to the main harbor of Skala during a meltemi. One needs also to watch for the various rocks (above water) that dot the bay, but these mostly are easy to see, especially during the day. A dangerous shoal patch, Ifalos Khelia, with only 0.5 metres of water over it, lies about half a mile due south of Nisos Khelia and needs to be given a wide berth, especially if approaching from the south.


There is a customs office on the main quay of Skala, near to the Port Police. I am not sure if Patmos is formally a Port of Entry, but I was able to clear in here successfully in 2011. --Nereus

A transit log will quickly and effortlessly be stamped by the Coast Guard at the cruise ship embarkation/debarkation building.



Chart of Scala


Harbour icon Skala [[Patmos#Skala|Skala]] (Σκάλα) 37°19.558'N, 026°32.743'E
Port of Entry

Skala is a fairly safe harbor during the meltemi season despite the strong gusts and cross-winds. However, it is open to the SE and during the winter months it can become untenable. The yacht berths are towards the head of the inlet, on a half-mile long quay along the west side, north of the town beach which does not appear on recent charts (see satellite view). Update June 2017: the quay shows on the Navionics iPhone app. Depths at quayside are 2.75 metres in the southern end before the bend and 3.8 to 4.25 metres along the remainder to the north end. Update July 2017: Depths at the far end of town quay are 7.7m. There is a Hellenic Electricity building that seems to be using a Diesel Generator and the fumes hang in the air like a bus waiting for passengers. Nazos Supermarket (next door) will give you 12/24 hour Wifi Passes when you buy products. Internet quality is good. The quay closer to the town is reserved for ferries and tripper boats. During strong northerly winds the fetch on the quay can become uncomfortable and you are usually anchor mooring with a cross wind. The holding is mostly good in mud, but in a strong meltemi plough-type anchors can drag, so it is important to check your anchor is secure if leaving the boat in these conditions. There are also several charter fleets operating from Skala, so anchors can and do get tangled. And, in July/August arrive early in Skala to get a place on the town quay, by midday it's full (especially if a Meltemi is on the way). 2017 Prices for 13m yacht €7 p/day (without electric or water). Water approx. €1 per 100 Litres. Electricity is now available and water can be purchased from a truck that comes by frequently. It used to be possible to anchor at the head of the inlet, but since the construction of the new ‘marina’ (see below) this is not really encouraged as the space to swing is now so limited.

In the North end of the inlet a new small "marina" has been constructed, consisting of a substantial concrete jetty and quay with space (theoretically) for around 50 boats if only laid moorings were installed. Depths alongside the north wall >3m and alongside the float >3m at the root and 7m at the end. There are also numerous water and electricity points along both the jetty and quay (but not in service at the time of visit in May 2012). However, the jetty is already almost filled with local boats lying alongside, as there is evidently no management of the "marina" at present. Currently therefore there is only room for around 2/3 yachts at the very end of the jetty and maybe a further 5/6 anchor moored back to the quay. It is not known when or if the marina will be brought into proper service. Moreover, it is a very long way from the town. Update July 2017 - The marina jetty 'black bumpers' will make a mess of your boat and fenders.

There are many restaurants, coffee shops, and stores in Skala and more up in the Chora above.
Aerial view of Skala
The Skala inlet: yacht quay (top left) & new "marina" (top right)
The jetty of the new "marina", looking south

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

None. There is a half finished marina in Skala but it is not attended.


The Aspri Cove


Anchorage icon Aspri [[Patmos#Aspri|Aspri]] (Lampsi) 37°19.595'N, 026°33.384'E
Aspri is a small cove just N of Skala. It is reasonably well protected from the meltemi and it is a convenient anchorage away from the noise of the harbor yet Skala is easy to reach either with the dinghy or on foot, about 20 minutes. There is room only for two yachts. The bottom is mostly weed but there are several good patches of sand where you can drop your anchor in about 5 m depth. However, this is a regular day-time stop for the large tourist Gulets. They tend to anchor right in the middle, or med moor up against the rocks on the West.

Meloyi Bay

Meloyi Bay/wiki/Patmos#Meloyi_Bay
Anchorage icon Meloyi Bay [[Patmos#Meloyi Bay|Meloyi Bay]] (Μελόϊ) 37°19.868'N, 026°33.376'E
Meloyi Bay is less than 1 nmi N of Aspri. It is very attractive but the bottom is mostly weed and it is hard and unreliable to anchor here
Chart of Agriolivadho


Anchorage icon Agriolivadho [[Patmos#Agriolivadho|Agriolivadho]] (Αγριολείβαδο) 37°20.4′N, 26°33.6′E

Agriolivadho or Agrio Livadhi Bay just N of Meloyi Bay it is protected form the meltemi but there are strong gusts. It is partially protected from the SE by the small Ayia Thekla Island (also shown in some maps as Panayia). The bottom is weed and sand. Anchor over a patch of sand in 4 m depth. The cove is attractive and Skala is just a 35 minute walk from here.

Warning: Sometimes anchors drag on the weed so choose a spot of sand.
Kambos Bay

Kambos Bay

Kambos Bay/wiki/Patmos#Kambos_Bay
Anchorage icon Kambos Bay [[Patmos#Kambos Bay|Kambos Bay]] (Κάμπος) 37°20.9′N, 26°34.24′E
Kambos Bay is further NE of Agriolivadho it is protected form the meltemi but there are strong gusts. Exposed to the S and SE. The bottom is weed and sometimes anchors drag. One can find a patch of sand to drop the anchor. There are a few tavernas on the beach.
The cove of Vagiá


Anchorage icon Vagia [[Patmos#Vagia|Vagia]] (Βαγιά) 37°20.76′N, 26°34.77′E
Vagiá is a small but attractive cove N of Kambos Bay. The bottom here is sand with very little weed. Anchor in about 5 m depth and make sure that you snorkel check your anchor.
Livadhi Geranou or Pothito

Livadhi Geranou

Livadhi Geranou/wiki/Patmos#Livadhi_Geranou
Anchorage icon Livadhi Geranou [[Patmos#Livadhi Geranou|Livadhi Geranou]] 37°20.7′N, 26°35.3′E

Livadhi Geranou (Λιβάδι Γερανού) or Livadhi Pothitou (Λιβάδι Ποθητού)is a pleasant and some what isolated anchorage. There is only one restaurant but it closes for the evening. The bay is well protected from the meltemi and the little island of Ayios Yiorgis protects it from light southerly winds. Anchor in 5 m over sand, good holding.

Danger: There are several reefs and shallows. Enter the cove from the E of of Ayios Yiorgis island staying closer to the island and away from the submerged reefs on the E of the channel.
Panayia tou Geranou

Panayia tou Geranou

Panayia tou Geranou/wiki/Patmos#Panayia_tou_Geranou
Anchorage icon Panayia tou Geranou [[Patmos#Panayia tou Geranou|Panayia tou Geranou]] (Παναγία του Γερανού) 37°20.4′N, 26°35.9′E

Panayia tou Geranou is just E of Livadhi Geranou. It is also a pleasant and isolated anchorage protected from the meltemi. The bottom has a steep slope, anchor in 6-7 m over sand.

Danger: There are several reefs and shallows. Enter the cove from the W of of Ayios Yiorgis island staying closer to the island and away from the shallows E of the channel and the reef on the W.
Livadhi Kaloyiro

Livadhi Kaloyiron

Livadhi Kaloyiron/wiki/Patmos#Livadhi_Kaloyiron
Anchorage icon Livadhi Kaloyiron [[Patmos#Livadhi Kaloyiron|Livadhi Kaloyiron]] 37°22.25′N, 26°33.6′E
Livadhi Kaloyiron (Λιβάδι Καλογήρων - Meadow of the Monks) is a very attractive cove open to the NW. It is a good anchorage, frequented by fishermen, with S, SE, and NE winds. Anchor over sand in 5 m depth. The surrounding country side is very pleasant.
Grikos Bay

Grikos Bay

Grikos Bay/wiki/Patmos#Grikos_Bay
Anchorage icon Grikos Bay [[Patmos#Grikos Bay|Grikos Bay]] (Γροίκος) 37°18′N, 26°33.8′E

Grikos Bay is just 3 M S of Skala. There are a number of pleasant spots that one can anchor. At the head of the bay there are a few houses and a small mole that can accommodate one or two boats. It is open to the SE.

It is better to anchor behind Tragos Island at Ormos Petras which provides some shelter from the SE. Reasonable holding once your anchor is through the weed.

One can also anchor off at about 8-10 m. There are several permanent moorings and one may be free for a short stay.

UPDATE July/2022: It is not really possible to anchor on 10m since all the space has been taken up by "private moorings". A most uncharming man on a speedboat will hassle you right from the moment you enter the bay and won't stop shouting until you take one of his buoys for 10€/night or leave. Not sure how doable it would be to anchor on deeper water given the dubious holding.
Grikos Bay
Chart of Ormos Petras

Ormos Petras (Diakofti)

Ormos Petras (Diakofti)/wiki/Patmos#Ormos_Petras_.28Diakofti.29
Anchorage icon Ormos Petras (Diakofti) [[Patmos#Ormos Petras (Diakofti)|Ormos Petras (Diakofti)]] (Όρμος Πέτρας [Διακόφτι]) 37°17.7′N, 26°33.7′E

Ormos Petras is a pleasant enough anchorage behind Tragos Island. It affords good shelter from SE wind but not so good a shelter when the meltemi is blowing, in that case, go to either Skala or Grikos. Anchor at about 9 m. The bottom is soft sand which provides indifferent holding.

Near the shore in Patmos and slightly N of Tragos Island there are several boats on permanent moorings, you may be able to temporarily use a vacant mooring.
Ormos Petras
The moorings
Chart of Stavros Bay

Stavros Bay & Psili Ammos

Stavros Bay & Psili Ammos/wiki/Patmos#Stavros_Bay_.26_Psili_Ammos
Anchorage icon Stavros Bay & Psili Ammos [[Patmos#Stavros Bay & Psili Ammos|Stavros Bay & Psili Ammos]] 37°17.5′N, 26°32.6′E

Stavros Bay/wiki/Patmos#Stavros_BayAnchorage icon Stavros Bay [[Patmos#Stavros Bay|Stavros Bay]] (Σταυρός) 37°17.5′N, 26°32.6′E and Psili Ammos/wiki/Patmos#Psili_AmmosAnchorage icon Psili Ammos [[Patmos#Psili Ammos|Psili Ammos]] (Ψηλή Άμμος) 37°17.3′N, 26°33.2′E are two big bays at the SW of the island. Usually there is some swell which make them uncomfortable. Not recommended for an overnight during the meltemi season, but good places for a swim and lunch.

Anchor on the SW of Psili Ammos. Good holding.

With SE to S winds these are very good and safe anchorages, particularly Alikí/wiki/Patmos#Alik.C3.ADAnchorage icon Alikí [[Patmos#Alikí|Alikí]] (Αλυκή) 37°17.132'N, 026°33.023'E the easternmost cove of Stavros Bay.

The northern anchorage is deep until very close in. A shore line is probably needed. The southeast anchorage is heavily weeded. We managed to get the anchor to hold in about 3.5 metres, adequate only for lunch in the prevailing light conditions. --Straitshooter
Stavros, Patmos from the E
Stavros from the N


Water Skala: Prepaid keys available from yacht quay management kiosk on the waterfront.
Toilets N/A
Electricity Skala: Prepaid keys available from yacht quay management kiosk on the waterfront.
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry Skala: one is just across from the yacht quay. They wash and iron the clothes within a few hours. Another one is off the main street.

You can find Ecolaundry in the street close to the small St John's Baptisrty. they provide detergent and softener but have coins in advance as they don't have a note changer.

Garbage There are bins around Skala, recycling ones too, and in several of the anchorages.
Fuel Skala: a mini-tankervisits the quay daily. To arrange for a delivery call +30 22470 7 032530, +30 6977 342 155, or +30 22470 031177
Bottled gas Skala: in supermarkets
Chandlers Skala: at least one store, right across from the yacht quay

Ormos Petras (Diakofti): at the Patmos Marine shipyard in Diakofti. Fairly weel stocked

Repairs Ormos Petras (Diakofti): at the Patmos Marine shipyard in Diakofti, tel. +30 2247-031903. It does major repairs.
Internet In Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Strong 4G signal in most of the island
Vehicle rentals There are several rental stores in Skala


  • In Skala there is a very good grocery shopping. The new AB supermarket is very well provisioned
  • Wine and ouzo are cheaper here than in other islands
  • There is a large dry fruit store on the main square
  • There are also excellent bakeries.

Eating out

  • Sapsila About 4 km form Skala along the the S coast
Mpenetos/wiki/Patmos#MpenetosEatingout icon Mpenetos [[Patmos#Mpenetos|Mpenetos]] This is the best restaurant of the island, and one of the best in Greece. You will need a reservation, tel.+30 22470 33 089.
Vegghera/wiki/Patmos#VeggheraEatingout icon Vegghera [[Patmos#Vegghera|Vegghera]] Sophisticated restaurant right across from the yacht quay, tel. +30 22470 32 988.
Tzivaeri (Τζιβαέρι)/wiki/Patmos#Tzivaeri_.28.CE.A4.CE.B6.CE.B9.CE.B2.CE.B1.CE.AD.CF.81.CE.B9.29Eatingout icon Tzivaeri (Τζιβαέρι) [[Patmos#Tzivaeri (Τζιβαέρι)|Tzivaeri (Τζιβαέρι)]] Between the yacht and the old quay (day-trip boats) on a balcony overlooking the harbor has exceptionally good Greek food.
Pyrofani/wiki/Patmos#PyrofaniEatingout icon Pyrofani [[Patmos#Pyrofani|Pyrofani]] It is just across from the old quay (day-trip boats) it serves good Greek dishes.
Mermaids/wiki/Patmos#MermaidsEatingout icon Mermaids [[Patmos#Mermaids|Mermaids]] It is near the commercial harbor it serves good Greek dishes.
Tarsanas/wiki/Patmos#TarsanasEatingout icon Tarsanas [[Patmos#Tarsanas|Tarsanas]] It is withing the Patmos Marine shipyard. Very upscale but reasonable prices.


There are daily, and in the summer several per day, ferries to Athens and Samos, hydrofoils to Leros and Kos.


Places to Visit

Greece Patmos Monastery1.jpg
The Monastery from the S
Greece Patmos Monastery2.jpg
The Monastery from the town
Greece Patmos Monastery3.jpg
Inside the Monastery
Greece Patmos Monastery4.jpg
Skala from the Monastery
A Street in Chora
Greece Patmos Evangelismos.jpg
The Monastery of Evangelismos

The late 10th century Byzantine Monastery of Saint John, a World Heritage site, is a must. Entry is free, but sensible clothing needs to be worn. The museum contains many treasures from the Monastery’s 900 year history as well as ancient Hellenic and Roman discoveries from the island.

Also visit the Grotto of the Apocalypse, is halfway down between the monastery and Skala. It here that St. John is said to have dictated the book of the Apocalypse to his disciple Prochorus.

It is definitely worth strolling around the old town surrounding the castle of the Monastery. One can visit the Monastery on foot from Skala (about 30-40 minutes) but because of the heat it is best to take a taxi (€6.50 one-way July 2017) or a bus and then walk down hill, visiting on the way the Apocalypse Grotto. Both the Monastery and Apocalypse Grotto open from 0830 – 1330 daily and from 1600 – 1800 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays only.

In addition to the Monastery of Saint John there many other lesser but very attractive monasteries scattered around the island.

There are many attractive and clean beaches in this fairly low key island.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Greece.


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