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Port of Entry
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Bay of Naples

Situated in the bay of the same name on the SW coast of Italy, Naples is a city rich in history and culture, rivalled in the Italian pensinsula only by Rome itself. For the cruising yachtsman today, the city is a perfect base for a visit to its world-famous Naples National Archaeological Museum, one of the finest in Europe, the city’s World Heritage listed old centre and the twin sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, both preserved for future generations to explore by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD.

Mooring facilities in the central area of Naples are scare and very expensive, with the result that many yachts prefer to berth elsewhere in the Bay of Naples and travel into the city to enjoy its historic attractions. Working from W round to E, the main harbours and marinas in the Bay are as follows: Baia; Marina di Maglietta (Pozzuoli); Nisida; Sannazzaro (Mergellina); Santa Lucia; Marina Vigliena and Torre del Greco. A little further away, but still within day visiting distance are Marina di Stabia, Castellammare di Stabia and even the island of Procida.


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Winds along the Tyrrhenian Coast of Italy are generally light in the summer months. The most notable feature is a SW sea breeze that kicks in in late morning and blows at little more than Force 2 - 4 until the evening. Often in the Bay of Naples a flat calm can prevail for several days. Thundery conditions are not infrequent during early Spring and Autumn, and associated winds can sometimes reach gale force and kick up a substantial sea in the Bay. In winter, gales can blow from both NW and S and entry to and exit from some of the harbours along the coast can become hazardous.

Sources for weather information:

  • There is a continuous (computerized voice) weather forecast on VHF 68 - first in Italian and then followed with an English translation
  • The same forecast is given in Italian and English on VHF coastal stations following a notification on channel 16
  • Navtex weather forecasts are broadcast from stations at La Garde (Toulon), Roma and Cagliari (Sardinia)


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Harbour icon Baia [[Naples#Baia|Baia]] 40°49.139'N, 014°04.616'E
Baia is an open bay at the western end of the Bay of Naples, just over three miles N of Capo Miseno. Shelter here is good in the prevailing NW and SW winds, but the bay is completely open to winds from NE and E. In strong winds from this direction it would become untenable. In the approach, a large castle is conspicuous on the headland at the southern entrance to the bay. Further into the bay is a large boatyard, to the N of which a series of pontoons are installed during the season to provide moorings for up to 200 yachts. Maximum length around 15.0 metres. Depths at the pontoons range from little over 1.0 metre at the inshore end to 4.5 metres at the outer end. Water and electricity are available on the pontoons. Moorings may also be available at the yards operating in the harbour. Fuel berth in the harbour or at the yard of Cantieri FIART. Hardstanding. Slipway (250 T). Fixed crane (15 T). Mobile crane (60 T). All kinds of mechanical and hull repairs at the various yards. Buses into Naples along the coast road. Anchorage is also possible in the bay in 4.0 - 5.0 metres.The holding is good in mud.
Nisida islet and marina


Harbour icon Nisida [[Naples#Nisida|Nisida]] 40°47.966'N, 014°10.122'E

Nisida the small harbour and ‘marina’ of Nisida lie at the E end of the Gulf of Pozzuoli, just N of the narrow spit that connects the prominent islet of Nisida to the land. Shelter here is good from all directions except NW/N. Yachts berth on a series of eight pontoons, run by two separate organisations and laid out from the spit in a NNW direction. The pontoons have space for around 400 yachts of up to 26 metres. Depths at the pontoons range from 4.5 to 6.0 metres. Facilities include water and electricity on the pontoons, fuel station, slipway; fixed crane (12 T); hard standing. Fuel station, water, electricity, WiFi.

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (081) 570 8000; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel XX
Sannazzaro harbour (after an apparent diesel spillage!)


Harbour icon Sannazzaro [[Naples#Sannazzaro|Sannazzaro]] (Porto di Mergellina) 40°49.631'N, 014°13.469'E

Sannazzaro the harbour of Sannazzaro (also known as Mergellina) lies just over a mile W of the huge commercial docks of Naples and is one of the closest ‘marinas’ to the centre. It is protected from S and W by a long breakwater and only open to NE (however, the fetch from this direction is very short). Inside the breakwater is a series of piers with moorings for around operated by four different concerns. Maximum length around 30 metres. Depths at the pontoons are from under a metre inshore to 4.5 metres at the end. Facilities include: fuel station (0600 - 2000); water and electricity on the pontoons; hard standing; indoor storage; fixed crane (20 T); mobile crane (15 T); toilets; all mechanical and electrical repairs; sail repairs; divers.

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (081) 761 1633; Fax: +39 (081) 552 3450; VHF channel 09
Address: J Luise & Sons , Via C. Colombo, 45Pal. Lauro Naples, Italy
Santa Lucia harbour

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia/wiki/Naples#Santa_Lucia
Harbour icon Santa Lucia [[Naples#Santa Lucia|Santa Lucia]] °'N, °'E
Port of Entry

Santa Lucia is a small harbour situated just under the mediaeval Castello dell’Ovo, a few hundred metres SW of Naples’ commercial port. The harbour contains a small ‘marina’ with berths for up to 200 yachts, maximum length around 25 metres. Depths in the harbour are 2.0 - 6.0 metres. The berths here are operated by concessions whose mission appears to be to extract the maximum revenue possible from unwary yachtsmen, so it is advisable to arrive early and have a plan B if you attempt to berth here. We paid Euros 100 a night in 2003 (and that was after bargaining!) --Athene of Lymington 17:49, 14 December 2010 (UTC). Having said that, St Lucia is unquestionably the most atmospheric place to berth in Naples (although facilities are pretty non-existent).

AMUSANT stayed 11 nights in September 2015 (paid for 10 asking for the last night free) at €200 a night. There was potable water and 32 amp electricity on the floating pontoon to your port side as you enter the marina (primarily for larger vessels, we are 15.8 MY). The staff (manager Luciano) is very friendly. One oddity, they had to taxi you ashore as there was no walkway available. On the upside the marina is a 10 minute walk from Palazzo Reale and the base of via Toledo. On the down side, the ubiquitous music thumps until late. Excellent grocery stores toward the north end of via Santa Lucia. --Dapaz1

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Marina di Maglietta (Pozzuoli)

Marina di Maglietta

Marina di Maglietta/wiki/Naples#Marina_di_Maglietta
Marina icon Marina di Maglietta [[Naples#Marina di Maglietta|Marina di Maglietta]] (Sudcantieri Marina) 40°49.571'N, 014°06.877'E

Marina di Maglietta is situated at the northern end of the harbour of Pozzuoli, two miles E of Baia in the Bay of Pozzuoli. The southern part of the harbour is for fishing vessels only; yachts berth in the small ‘Marina di Maglietta’ operated by the yard of Sudcantieri. Shelter here is good from all directions. The marina has a total of around 250 berths on pontoons. Depths at the pontoons range from 1.5 metres at the inner end to 4.0 metres at the outer. Maximum length 50 metres. Access is between the detached breakwater and the mole protecting the W end of the harbour. Facilities include: fuel berth (0830 - 1730, summer only); water and electricity on the pontoons; toilets and showers; WiFfi; 24 hour surveillance; laundry service; car and scooter rental. Yard facilities include: travel lift (80 T); hard standing; indoor storage; all kinds of mechanical and hull repairs.

[email protected]; Tel/Fax: +39 (081) 526 1140; VHF channel 72
Address: 23-31 via Fasano, 80078 Pozzuoli, Napoli, Italy
Hours: Monda - Saturday 08:30 to 17:30
Plan of the proposed Marina Vigliena

Marina Vigliena

Marina Vigliena/wiki/Naples#Marina_Vigliena
Marina icon Marina Vigliena [[Naples#Marina Vigliena|Marina Vigliena]] 40°49.897'N, 014°18.121'E

Marina Vigliena is a new, large, pupose-built marina which was planned for completion in 2011. The marina lies just N of the easternmost end of the inner detached breakwater of Naples commercial harbour. When complete, it is proposed to offer over 850 berths for yachts of up to 80 metres.

As July 2015. No marina Vigliena. No website, no phones. --Hogesinwa

[email protected]; Tel: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel XX
Torre del Greco harbour (without the seasonal pontoons)

Torre del Greco

Torre del Greco/wiki/Naples#Torre_del_Greco
Marina icon Torre del Greco [[Naples#Torre del Greco|Torre del Greco]] 40°47.098'N, 014°21.707'E

Torre del Greco lies around five miles SE of Naples’ commercial harbour, in the eastern suburbs of the city. The harbour is protected from all directions except SE and provides berths for up to 500 smaller vssels of up to 15 metres. Depths in the harbour range from 3.5 - 8.0 metres. Yachts berth on a series of nine pontoons laid out from the breakwater in the summer (1 May to 31 October) only. Visiting yachts are normally berthed on the southernmost pontoon. Facilities include: fuel station (0600 - 1900); water and electricity; slipway; fixed crane (30 T); all mechanical and hull repairs; sail repairs; divers; toilets and showers (at the yacht club).

Note: Entry is dangerous in strong S/SE winds.

June 2015. Tried 5 (five) different telephone numbers for no answer. The last three were given to us by the Captainerie, and the chap there said he could see the marina staff in the office from where he was sitting. Tried over a 3 hour period as we cruised up the Bay of Naples. Also declined to answer VHF 16, that they monitor, and VHF 14, that they work off. Not at all impressed. --Hogesinwa

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (081) 881 2200; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channels 14 & 16


There is an anchorage area outside the marina. Close to the marina, anchoring is forbidden, due to ferry movements. A little to the east, inside the "No Fishing" box, very large yachts too big for the marina are at anchor (150'+). Closer to the shore we are one of about 6 smaller yachts anchored in 28' or so with good holding, though a little rolly swell. July 2015 S/V Common Sense


Water In Marina di Maglietta, Nisida, Sannazzaro, Santa Lucia, Torre del Greco
Electricity In Marina di Maglietta, Nisida, Sannazzaro, Santa Lucia, Torre del Greco
Toilets In Marina di Maglietta, Nisida, Sannazzaro, Santa Lucia
Showers In Marina di Maglietta, Nisida, Sannazzaro, Santa Lucia
Laundry In Marina di Maglietta
Garbage ?
Fuel Fuel station in:
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers In Marina di Maglietta
Repairs In:
Internet WiFi In Marina di Maglietta, Nisida, Sannazzaro
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals In Marina di Maglietta


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Naples was founded by Greeks in the 9th century BC, the colony later became one of the foremost cities of so-called Magna Graecia, the group of Greek city states that occupied much of southern Italy prior to the rise of Rome. It subsequently acted as the prime conduit for the introduction of Greek culture to the burgeoning Roman empire during its expansionist heydays. From the 13th to the early 19th centuries Naples was the capital of a substantial kingdom that at its peak encompassed the island of Sicily as well as the whole of the south of the peninsula. Much of the city’s former grandeur survives, with remains from the Mediaeval, Renaissance and Baroque periods, in spite of the city suffering from some of the fiercest bombardments experienced by any city in Italy during World War II.

Places to Visit

The area of Santa Lucia around the mediaeval Castell d’Ovo is attractive and full of good fish restaurants (however, the harbour is eye-wateringly expensive to berth in, even if you can get a space). The church of San Francisco di Paola opposite the old royal palace is an impressive copy of the Pantheon in Rome. Even if you are not into shopping, the Galleria Umberto I, a 19th century shopping mall with an amazing wrought iron and glass roof, is worth a visit. There are great views of Castell dell’Ovo and the island of Santa Lucia from there at sunset. An absolute must is the National Archaeological Museum, which houses some magnificent sculptures from excavations around Naples from 17th to 19th centuries, including the stupendous Farnese Bull, the Farnese Hercules and a lovely statue of Artemis of Ephesus made of alabaster and bronze. Other highlights are some stunning mosaics and frescoes from Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia, bronzes from the Villa dei Papiri in Pompeii and a display of artefacts recovered from the excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum. The atmospheric old town of Spaccanapoli is fascinating to explore (but don’t flash your valuables). Another interesting trip is via the funicular up to the old Carthusian monastery of San Martino, with terrific views over Naples, gorgeous frescoes in the monastery church and inlaid marquetry panelling in the sacristy. The monastery also has some beautiful cloisters and a small museum of Neapolitan presepi, or traditional Christmas cribs, dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Finally, the remarkable sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum can be visited from any of the Bay of Naples marinas (or even from Salerno).

The Castell d’Ovo at Santa Lucia
Pedestrian crossing, Pompeii
Fresco of the Battle of Issus, Naples Museum
Traditional presepi, San Martino monastery


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