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New Hampshire
44°00.000'N, 071°30.000'W Chart icon.png
Country map.png
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Capital Concord
Language English
Currency USD ($)
Time zone EST (UTC -5) , DST: EDT (UTC -1)
Calling code +1

The New Hampshire seacoast is less than 20nm in length.

However, that length includes the mouth of the Piscataqua River, which leads to Portsmouth, NH - the only safe harbor without a sometimes-hazardous entrance bar between Cape Elizabeth (ME) and Cape Ann (MA).

It also includes the Southernmost islands of the scenic Isles of Shoals, and the secluded Little Harbor, location of the excellent Wentworth Marina - which is shuttlebus-close to Portsmouth, but avoids the stiff river currents.

(Wentworth Marina is associated with the gloriously restored Wentworth-by-the-Sea resort hotel, where President Theodore Roosevelt hosted the 1905 Russo-Japanese peace conference that won him a Nobel Peace Prize).


Chart No 13278 (Portsmouth to Cape Ann)
Chart No 13283 (Portsmouth Harbor - Cape Neddick Harbor to Isles-of-Shoals)


Coastal climate

The more extreme temperatures of the North American continent are (somewhat) ameliorated by the coastal ocean waters. Winter sea temperatures are under 40F, warming to more than 60F in Summer. Winter can exhibit long periods where the temperature stays below freezing, and most days from January through March exhibit freezing at night. Boston averages 40in (100cm) of snowfall per Winter. Summer can exhibit a couple of weeks of humid temperatures ranging from 68F (20C) at night to 95F (35C) in mid-day. Both Spring and Fall (Autumn) are more moderate and variable.

From late October through April, one extra-tropical cyclone after another is swept NE by the jet stream from Cape Haterras to Nova Scotia - the notorious "Nor-easters." July and August exhibit extended periods of light SW-lies and flat seas, punctuated by strong afternoon thunderstorms. Late May and June, and September and early October offer slightly higher average sea states, and good winds - often NW-lies providing Force 4-to-6 beam reaches up or down the SW-to-NE coast.

Having sufficient sail area to move your hull in 5kts of wind, yet having enough reefing points to reduce that area to handle 30kt winds, will cover most any conditions from May through October, except for short storm periods. (My 36ft fractional sloop has a 500sq-ft mainsail with 3 reef points; a 300sq-ft jib with roller furling; and an 850sq-ft asymmetric spinnaker.)

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