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Obonjan is a small island in central Dalmatia (Croatia) which is separated from the island of Zmajan by a 0.5 nM passage. The island of Krapanj is 3 nM E and the island of Zlarin is 2.5 nM W of Obonjan. The top of the island is 56 metres above sea level.

On the E side of the island, there is a small harbour with an even smaller jetty.

During the times of Socialist Yugoslavia, the island used to be nicknamed "Otok Mladosti" (Island of Youth) as it was a popular scouts' venue. Later, during the Independence War refugees inhabited it. Then in 2015 after some years of uncertainty the island was bought by a group of British entrepreneurs to be converted into a resort with a techno music venue.


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See Croatia.





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Obonjan E harbour pier

Obonjan E harbour pier/wiki/Obonjan#Obonjan_E_harbour_pier
Harbour icon Obonjan E harbour pier [[Obonjan#Obonjan E harbour pier|Obonjan E harbour pier]] 43°40.753'N, 015°47.303'E

A berth or two might be found on the short pier with a red beacon at the N side of the harbour. In season a regular ferry makes a stop there. Actually, it's unknown if the current owners of the island would allow yachts to moor there. Other piers in the harbour are not suitable for mooring.

The mooring has protection from W. The depth at the quay is about 2.5 m.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Obonjan E harbour

Obonjan E harbour/wiki/Obonjan#Obonjan_E_harbour
Anchorage icon Obonjan E harbour [[Obonjan#Obonjan E harbour|Obonjan E harbour]] 43°40.721'N, 015°47.317'E
Alternatively anchor in front of the beach in the harbor in depths of 3-5 m.




In the resor}/wiki/Obonjan#In_the_resor.7DProvisions icon In the resor} [[Obonjan#In the resor}|In the resor}]] convenience shop (payments only by card).

Eating out

 /wiki/Obonjan#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Obonjan# | ]] Bar and a restaurant.



Note: the island could only be visited by people 18+.

In to addition to the resort's bar and restaurant at the harbour visitors could also buy tickets to evening shows there.


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