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Pakleni archipelago
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The Pakleni Islands offer some idyllic anchorages in settled weather

The Pakleni archipelago or Paklinski islands (Croatian: Paklinski otoci or Pakleni otoci) is a small chain of islands lying just off the SW coast of Hvar Island in Croatia and sheltering the approaches to Hvar (town) from southerly winds. The name has two possible derivations: from the Croatian word for ‘hellish’, which perhaps reflects the barren and inhospitable nature of the islands, or the archaic word for ‘pine resin’, with which wooden ships were coated to preserve their timbers. Today the islands are far from hellish, constituting a mini cruising paradise with a number of beautiful anchorages in clear blue water.

Several of the anchorages have restaurants ashore during the season, and the N coast of the largest island, O. Sveti Klement, even hosts the small ACI marina Palmižana. Unfortunately, the islands are also hugely popular with tripper boats and especially naturists. Several areas on the islands are reserved for those who wish to expose their dangly bits to the ravages of the summer sun. Many of the anchorages are only suitable for use in settled weather and there are none where a yacht would be completely comfortable in a strong blow as the islands are mainly low-lying and afford only moderate protection.


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Hvar (town) is a summer port of entry only. Split or Korčula are the nearest all-year round ports of entry.




Marinas & Yacht Clubs

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Anchorage in the Pakleni Islands

The largest of the islands, Otok Sveti Klement, offers the greatest number of anchorages for visiting yachts, with six of them having suitable depths for anchoring. The island also has the marina of ACI marina Palmižana in a bay at its NE tip. Otok Sveti Klement is fringed with smaller islets on its W side (O. Veli Vodnjak), S side (Dobri Otok) and particularly its E side (Otok Borovac, O. Planikovac, Otok Marinkovac and Otok Jerolim). Other than around the coast of Otok Sveti Klement, the main anchorages in the Pakleni Islands are all among this latter group of islets.

The main anchorages among the Pakleni Islands (listed from W to E) are as follows:

Otok Sveti Klement

Otok Sv. Klement/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#Otok_Sv._KlementIsland icon Otok Sv. Klement [[Pakleni archipelago#Otok Sv. Klement|Otok Sv. Klement]] 43°09.763'N, 016°22.498'E is by far the largest of the Pakleni Islands and consequently offers the greatest choice of mooring options.

U. Vlaka

U. Vlaka/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#U._Vlaka
Anchorage icon U. Vlaka [[Pakleni archipelago#U. Vlaka|U. Vlaka]] 43°09.976'N, 016°22.048'E

The anchorage of U. Vlaka is situated on the N coast of the island, just inside the small islet of O. Vlaka/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#O._VlakaIsland icon O. Vlaka [[Pakleni archipelago#O. Vlaka|O. Vlaka]] 43°10.142'N, 016°21.901'E . The anchorage is suitable for settled weather only and with light to moderate southerly winds. It should not be used with any northerly winds forecast. Anchor in 7.0 - 9.0 metres. The holding is good in sand.

Note: The eastern side of the bay is a forbidden anchorage as cables come ashore here.

Luka Soline

Luka Soline/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#Luka_Soline
Anchorage icon Luka Soline [[Pakleni archipelago#Luka Soline|Luka Soline]] 43°09.652'N, 016°21.746'E
Luka Soline is a wide bay on the S side of the island, protected to some extent from S by the small islet of Dobri Otok/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#Dobri_OtokIsland icon Dobri Otok [[Pakleni archipelago#Dobri Otok|Dobri Otok]] 43°09.177'N, 016°21.633'E . Good all-round shelter can be found in the various parts of the bay in moderate wind conditions. Note, however, that cables come ashore on the NW side of the bay (where there is a restaurant ashore) and anchoring is forbidden in this area – which is mostly too deep anyway. Anchor in 8.0 - 10.0 metres on the E side of the bay or with S winds on the N coast of Dobri Otok and take a line ashore. The holding is good in sand. The anchorage is very popular in the summer.

U. Taršče

U. Taršče/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#U._Tar.C5.A1.C4.8De
Anchorage icon U. Taršče [[Pakleni archipelago#U. Taršče|U. Taršče]] 43°09.590'N, 016°22.472'E
U. Taršče is a deep inlet on the S side of the island, immediately E of Luka Soline. The anchorage provides good shelter from all except S winds. Depths are considerable until arriving at the head of the bay, where it is possible to drop anchor in depths of 5.0 - 10.0 metres, taking a line ashore if possible. Holding is good in the sand with some patches of weed.

U. Duboka Vela

U. Duboka Vela/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#U._Duboka_Vela
Anchorage icon U. Duboka Vela [[Pakleni archipelago#U. Duboka Vela|U. Duboka Vela]] 43°09.851'N, 016°22.951'E
The anchorage of U. Duboka Vela is situated on the N coast of the island, a mile E of the anchorage of U. Vlaka. The inlet offers reasonable shelter except with anything N in the wind when it tends to funnel down the inlet. Anchor at the head of the inlet in 8.0 - 10.0 metres and take a line ashore (since the head is quite narrow). Holding is good in sand. The inlet is usually quieter than those on the S coast.

U. Stari Stani

U. Stari Stani/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#U._Stari_Stani
Anchorage icon U. Stari Stani [[Pakleni archipelago#U. Stari Stani|U. Stari Stani]] 43°09.389'N, 016°22.902'E
U. Stari Stani lies on the S side of the island, between the anchorages of U. Tarsce to the W and U. Vinogradisce to the E. It is usually a quieter spot to moor than its larger neighbours. Anchor in the W branch of the inlet in 6.0 - 10.0 metres or the E branch in 8.0 - 12.0 metres and take a line ashore. Holding is mostly good in sand and weed (if you avoid the weedy patches). The shelter is good in all but S winds.

U. Vinogradisce

U. Vinogradisce/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#U._Vinogradisce
Buoy icon U. Vinogradisce [[Pakleni archipelago#U. Vinogradisce|U. Vinogradisce]] 43°09.467'N, 016°23.403'E
45 paid buoys. U. Vinogradisce lies on the S side of the island, just E of U. Stari Stani. As the anchorage on the sheltered side of the island that is closest to the town of Hvar (and with the best depths for anchoring) it is very popular during the summer. Anchor wherever you can find space in 4.0 - 10.0 metres. There are bollards ashore in places to take mooring lines. The holding is good in sand. The shelter is good in all but S winds. There are restaurants at the head of the bay open in summer.

Otok Borovac

Otok Borovac/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#Otok_BorovacIsland icon Otok Borovac [[Pakleni archipelago#Otok Borovac|Otok Borovac]] 43°09.586'N, 016°24.470'E is the small island immediately E of Otok Sveti Klement, separated from it by a narrow and shallow channel with depths of just 2.0 metres.

U. Borovac

U. Borovac/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#U._Borovac
Anchorage icon U. Borovac [[Pakleni archipelago#U. Borovac|U. Borovac]] 43°09.581'N, 016°24.583'E
The anchorage of U. Borovac is less frequented than most of the others in the islands, largely owing to the popularity of the anchorages opposite it on Otok Marinkovac to the E. Anchor in 8.0 - 10.0 metres. Holding is good in sand and weed. The shelter is good as long as there is nothing S in the wind.

Otok Marinkovac

Otok Marinkovac/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#Otok_MarinkovacIsland icon Otok Marinkovac [[Pakleni archipelago#Otok Marinkovac|Otok Marinkovac]] 43°09.403'N, 016°25.132'E lies immediately E of Otok Borovac, with Otok Jerolim on its E side and the islet of O. Planikovac/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#O._PlanikovacIsland icon O. Planikovac [[Pakleni archipelago#O. Planikovac|O. Planikovac]] 43°09.673'N, 016°24.939'E to the N. There are anchorages on both its NW and S sides.

U. Ždrilca

U. Ždrilca/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#U._.C5.BDdrilca
Anchorage icon U. Ždrilca [[Pakleni archipelago#U. Ždrilca|U. Ždrilca]] 43°09.526'N, 016°24.942'E
The anchorage of U. Ždrilca lies on the NW side of the island, protected from NW and W by O. Planikovac/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#O._PlanikovacIsland icon O. Planikovac [[Pakleni archipelago#O. Planikovac|O. Planikovac]] 43°09.673'N, 016°24.939'E and Otok Borovac. It consists of a channel nearly a mile long with depths of 10 metres or less along most of it. Anchor anywhere along the channel where there is suitable space in 6.0 - 10.0 metres. The holding is good in sand and weed. There is usually a current running through the channel which reaches 1.0 - 1.5 knots at times. There are two restaurants ashore on the coast opposite O. Planikovac. The shelter can be found in the various parts of the channel from all except N winds.

U. Stipanska

U. Stipanska/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#U._Stipanska
Anchorage icon U. Stipanska [[Pakleni archipelago#U. Stipanska|U. Stipanska]] 43°09.552'N, 016°25.337'E
U. Stipanska is a deep inlet on the S side of the island, part of which is buoyed off for swimming in summer. Depths here range from 18.0 metres at the entrance to just under 10.0 metres at the head. Anchor as close into the head as possible in 10.0 metres and take a line ashore. The holding is good in sand and weed. The shelter is good in all except S and SE winds. This bay is the location of Carpe Diem's after-hours beach club. Expect thumping house music between 0100 and 0500 in the high season.

Otok Jerolim

Otok Jerolim/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#Otok_JerolimIsland icon Otok Jerolim [[Pakleni archipelago#Otok Jerolim|Otok Jerolim]] 43°09.560'N, 016°25.987'E lies immediately E of Otok Marinkovac, separated from it by a narrow and shallow channel with depths of 4.0 metres. The island is dedicated to naturism, so don’t visit if you are likely to be offended by dangly bits.

U. Kardovan

U. Kardovan/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#U._Kardovan
Anchorage icon U. Kardovan [[Pakleni archipelago#U. Kardovan|U. Kardovan]] 43°09.490'N, 016°26.083'E
The bay of U. Kardovan is on the S side of the island and provides reasonable shelter in W and N winds. Anchor at the head in 6.0 - 7.0 metres, with a line ashore if the anchorage is busy. Holding is good in sand and weed. There is a café/bar ashore in the buoyed off bay on the N side of the island.


Water In the ACI marina Palmižana/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#In_the_.5B.5BACI_marina_Palmi.C5.BEana.5D.5DWater icon In the ACI marina Palmižana [[Pakleni archipelago#In the ACI marina Palmižana|In the ACI marina Palmižana]]
Electricity In the ACI marina Palmižana/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#In_the_.5B.5BACI_marina_Palmi.C5.BEana.5D.5DElectricity icon In the ACI marina Palmižana [[Pakleni archipelago#In the ACI marina Palmižana|In the ACI marina Palmižana]]
Toilets In the ACI marina Palmižana
Showers In the ACI marina Palmižana
Laundry N/A (Not Available)
Garbage Bins in the ACI marina Palmižana
Fuel INA in Hvar town/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#INA_in_.5B.5BHvar_.28town.29.7CHvar_town.5D.5DFuel icon INA in Hvar town [[Pakleni archipelago#INA in Hvar town|INA in Hvar town]] 43°09.975'N, 016°26.696'E Nearest fuel berth in a small inlet on E side of bay 500 metres S of harbour (0600 - 2200).
Depths of only 1.8 metres alongside
Bottled gas None
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet WiFi in ACI marina Palmižana
Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS on the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals N/A


ACI marina Palmižana/wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#.5B.5BACI_marina_Palmi.C5.BEana.5D.5DProvisions icon ACI marina Palmižana [[Pakleni archipelago#ACI marina Palmižana|ACI marina Palmižana]] Minimarket.

Eating out

 /wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Pakleni archipelago# | ]] Restaurant and café/bar.
 /wiki/Pakleni_archipelago#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Pakleni archipelago# | ]] Restaurant ashore.


  • Water taxi from marina to the Hvar town during summer
  • Otherwise, tripper boats only


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