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Pakoštane bay from NW

The town of Pakoštane lies on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, around four miles SE of Biograd and opposite the SE end of the island of Pašman. Barely a mile behind the town is the huge Vransko jezero (Lake Vrana), a nature reserve.

The town has a small harbour, which is unsuitable for yachts, but a couple of lovely anchorages between the three islets lying off the town. The anchorages are only suitable for use in settled weather and untenable in strong winds with anything west or south in them.


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Pakoštane is approached either from the NW along the channel separating the mainland from the islands of Ugljan and Pašman or from the S around the southern end of the island of Pašman. There are no dangers in the approach from the NW other than the numerous islands in the Pasmanski Kanal.

In the approach from the S there are numerous rocky islets, some with shoals off them, and careful pilotage is needed. On closer approach, the three islets just off the town are conspicuous. The largest, central one has a cross on the top.


The small port is too shallow for most sailboats.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



The best anchorages are either side of Veli Skolj, the central island.

Veli Skolj NNW

Veli Skolj NNW/wiki/Pako%C5%A1tane#Veli_Skolj_NNW
Anchorage icon Veli Skolj NNW [[Pakoštane#Veli Skolj NNW|Veli Skolj NNW]] 43°54.226'N, 015°30.121'E
Anchor NNW of the island in 5.0 - 6.0 metres. Good holding in sand. Shelter here is only moderate in northerly winds and poor in winds from the NW round to the SE. With strong winds from the latter direction, the anchorage is untenable.

Veli Skolj E

Veli Skolj E/wiki/Pako%C5%A1tane#Veli_Skolj_E
Anchorage icon Veli Skolj E [[Pakoštane#Veli Skolj E|Veli Skolj E]] 43°54.143'N, 015°30.286'E
Alternatively, a shallow draft yacht can anchor east of the central island in 2.5 - 3.0 metres, also in sand.




Pakoštane Town/wiki/Pako%C5%A1tane#Pako.C5.A1tane_TownProvisions icon Pakoštane Town [[Pakoštane#Pakoštane Town|Pakoštane Town]] 43°54.421'N, 015°30.384'E some provisions shops in the town.

Eating out

Pakoštane Town/wiki/Pako%C5%A1tane#Pako.C5.A1tane_TownEatingout icon Pakoštane Town [[Pakoštane#Pakoštane Town|Pakoštane Town]] 43°54.421'N, 015°30.384'E several bars and restaurants in the old town.




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Places to Visit

Lake Vransko is rich in birdlife

The town has a beautiful situation between the seas and the lovely lake Vransko, the largest lake in Croatia. The lake is a popular nature reserve and a paradise for birdwatchers and anglers.


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