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Satellite Image of Pantelleria

Pantelleria, or Pantalaria (meaning "daughter of the wind") is a volcanic island in the Strait of Sicily of 117 km2 and 7,680 inhabitants. The highest point of the island, Montagna Grande, is 836 m. There is a penal colony on the island. The main industries are fishing and tourism.

Pantelleria was called in antiquity Cossyra. It was a Carthaginian colony until 255 BC when the Romans occupied it. They used it as a place for exile. In 700 AD the Christian inhabitants were annihilated by the Arabs who possessed the island until 1123 when it was captured by Roger of Sicily. Then in 1311 it was taken by the Spanish and in 1553 by the Ottomans.

There are a number of prehistoric tombs, known as sesi, similar to the Nuraghe in Sardinia. There are also several Punic (Phoenician) tombs and walls.

Being volcanic, it is mostly black rock. there are three natural hot springs plus a natural sauna in a cave.


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The approaches to Pantelleria are straightforward, there no dangers.



Chart of Porto Vecchio Harbor

Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio/wiki/Pantelleria#Porto_Vecchio
Harbour icon Porto Vecchio [[Pantelleria#Porto Vecchio|Porto Vecchio]] 36°50.132'N, 011°56.461'E

Pantelleria's harbor, Porto Vecchio, can be crowded. Go to the SE side (Porto Nuovo).

You usually have to anchor and moor stern-to. Avoid the military area to the east.

May 2013: We were directed into the Porto Vecchio by the harbourmaster. There we tied up alongside the wall. Space for about 4 yachts to do so. No charge. --LifePart2
Porto Vecchio
Scauri Harbour


Harbour icon Scauri [[Pantelleria#Scauri|Scauri]] 36°46.093'N, 011°57.813'E
At the other end of the island is a tiny harbour. If Pantelleria is untenable because of North Westerly gales, then refuge could be found there. However, it is very small so have your lines and fenders ready before you enter. Tie up alongside the wall. There is room for two yachts. This port is used by the ferry if conditions are too rough to use Pantelleria harbour. --LifePart2.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Punta Karuscia

Punta Karuscia/wiki/Pantelleria#Punta_Karuscia
Anchorage icon Punta Karuscia [[Pantelleria#Punta Karuscia|Punta Karuscia]] 36°49.559'N, 011°59.014'E

Cala Tramontana

Cala Tramontana/wiki/Pantelleria#Cala_Tramontana
Anchorage icon Cala Tramontana [[Pantelleria#Cala Tramontana|Cala Tramontana]] 36°48.011'N, 012°02.843'E

Cala Levante

Cala Levante/wiki/Pantelleria#Cala_Levante
Anchorage icon Cala Levante [[Pantelleria#Cala Levante|Cala Levante]] 36°47.776'N, 012°03.091'E

Punta Limarsi

Punta Limarsi/wiki/Pantelleria#Punta_Limarsi
Anchorage icon Punta Limarsi [[Pantelleria#Punta Limarsi|Punta Limarsi]] 36°44.445'N, 012°02.169'E


Water There is a water pipe on the dock (Porto Vecchio), but it is not drinking water. Low pressure, but could be used for washing down your boat or doing laundry
Electricity N/A (Not Available).
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage There are bins around the harbors and in several anchorages
Fuel From fuel stations, you will have to carry jerry cans. Note there are only 2 fuel stations on the whole island, both around the harbour
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers There is a well-equipped marine store Cantiere Navale Esposito within 5 mins walk from the shipyard. It is operated by the shipyard and it is here that you can arrange for a lift or engine repairs etc.
Repairs There is a shipyard in the new part of the port at the Western end. It has a travel lift but is quite expensive.

Mooring is available outside the yard at a price but there is normally space in the North corner where there are occasionally fishing boats. LifePart2 21:57, 5 May 2013 (BST)

Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals In town. 25 euro per day


A few minutes walk from Porto Nuovo, at the waterfront, there is an excellent food store.

Eating out

Good sea food in several restaurants.


There are daily ferries to Sicily.


There are several interesting places on the island to visit by car. Get off your boat and turn right along the harbour front. Keep going towards the Porto Nuevo, crossing the stop sign. Shortly after you will find a car rental agency on your left who will rent you a beaten-up old Fiat Panda for just 25 euro per day. Don't visit the island without taking the time to do a tour of the island - it is much more beautiful than the town of Pantelleria would lead you to believe! Make sure you take 10 euro of fuel, plus lunch and drinks as you won't find them elsewhere on the island. --LifePart2


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See Italy.


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