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Finikas harbour

Finikas (Φοίνικας) or Phoenicas is a favorite anchorage while crossing the Aegean. It combines excellent shelter with a convivial place to re-provision. There are two options here: either to moor at the small marina or to anchor off-shore. The marina does offer water and electricity and adequate bathroom facilities. The attendant, Nikos, a retired merchant marine, is very helpful in arranging car rentals, laundry, fuel deliveries, mechanics, etc.

Space is limited inside the harbour and most yachts moor on the outside of the breakwater. These berths (and, indeed, the whole anchorage) are completely exposed in any southerly winds. In these conditions, shelter is better in Ermoupolis.

Many seasoned cruisers usually anchor off because it is quieter and the marina tends to be crowded (at least one charter company operates a fleet from here). During the summer months it is better to anchor E of the marina, while in the fall when there could be westerly winds it is better to anchor just S of the marina. Several boats winter here. Overall sandy bottom and good holding.

Avoid mooring at the marina on Wednesdays all summer long. The nearby cafe plays very loud music until 3am and its very annoying.

The gas station is about 700 m from the waterfront along the N road to Ermoupolis. While they do deliver to the marina, if you anchor off you may have to carry fuel with jerry cans. Sometimes they may drive you back to the water after you fill them. The little store is very well supplied and also carries camping gas. Next to the grocery store there is small marine supply store the Maistrali. They can arrange for a car or scooter rental and laundry and have a lot of stuff for their size. For a really good chandler, however, you must go to Ermoupolis at the Platia Iroon (Heroes Square). The bus runs regularly from opposite the grocery store. The schedule is posted.


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Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 Olympia Radio - VHF channels 03 and 04

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Chart of Finikas
Anchored off in Finikas

You can either go to the marina or anchor in the bay.

Anchor off anywhere in the large bay. E of the marina the depths are 4-6 m and there is sand with good holding. Well protected from the meltemi but not from the southerlies.

On the SW of marina the depths are 8-14 m and there are a number of boats on permanent moorings, so anchoring is more complicated but the area provides much better protection from the southerlies.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


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Water In the marina. You may be able to fill some cans there or ask at the Maistrali store
Electricity Only in marina
Toilets In marina – not very clean
Showers In marina
Laundry You can leave your laundry at the Maistrali store
Garbage There are bins around the shore, for trash and for recycling
Fuel The gas station is about 700 m from the waterfront along the N road to Ermoupolis. While they do deliver to the marina, if you anchor off you may have to carry fuel with jerry cans. Telephone +30 22810 42400
Bottled gas In the grocery store and at the Maistrali store
Chandlers There is small but well stocked marine supply store, the Maistrali, their main outlet is by the shipyard in Ermoupolis
Repairs Frangiskos, tel: + 6932 360 672 does fiberglass repairs

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Internet In the Maistrali store
Mobile connectivity Good 3G and in places 4G signal
Vehicle rentals The marine store, the Maistrali, can make the arrangements


  • Tthere is a "supermarket" about 50 m towards Ermoupolis. It is well supplied with basic provisions, bread, and fresh fruits.
  • There is a very good bakery near the waterfront.
  • There is a fruit stand and mini-market near the waterfront. They will deliver to the marina.

Eating out

  • Good traditional food in the Limanaki"
  • Other tavernas on the beach, also at the opposite side of the bay (south) near Agathopes.


The bus to Ermoupolis runs regularly and you can take from across the grocery store. The schedule is posted. You can always call for a taxi, tel. +30 22810 86 222.

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See Syros.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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We welcome users' contributions to the Wiki. Please click on Comments to view other users' comments, add your own personal experiences or recommend any changes to this page following your visit. I am very fond of Finikas and I always prefer to anchor off. It is one of the most convenient and convivial harbors in the Cyclades. (Istioploos)

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