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Yachts moored on the restaurant quays

The harbour of Pomena lies on the NW coast of the island of Mljet in Croatia, protected from N by the small island of Pomestak/wiki/Pomena#PomestakIsland icon Pomestak [[Pomena#Pomestak|Pomestak]] 42°47.612'N, 017°20.569'E . Together with Polače just over a mile due E, Pomena is one of two convenient harbours where one can safely leave a boat for a visit to the attractions of the Mljet National Park. Although an attractive inlet and in a beautiful wooded setting, Pomena is rather less undeveloped than Polače, with a large tourist hotel, Hotel Odisej, a campsite and a regular flow of tripper boats from Korčula and the mainland. Mooring options are confined to the quays of the restaurants on the E side of the inlet, the quay next to the Hotel Odisej on the W side of the inlet, or anchoring off at the island of O. Pomestak 200 metres N of the entrance to the inlet with a line ashore to the island. Shelter in Pomena is good in most conditions, although some swell creeps in with fresh W/NW winds and the harbour would probably become untenable with very strong winds from that direction.


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There are numerous hazards in the approach to Pomena and careful attention to the chart is needed. Closer in, the main hazards in the approach from the W and the N are the two islets between the island of O. Pomestak/wiki/Pomena#O._PomestakIsland icon O. Pomestak [[Pomena#O. Pomestak|O. Pomestak]] 42°47.612'N, 017°20.569'E opposite Pomena and the peninsula to the W. The more northerly of the two can be left on either side, but a yacht should not attempt to pass between the second islet, Galicija/wiki/Pomena#GalicijaIsland icon Galicija [[Pomena#Galicija|Galicija]] 42°47.501'N, 017°20.102'E , and O. Pomestak.

In the approach from E, to the S of O. Pomestak, note that there are shoals extending both from the coast of Mljet and from O. Pomestak at the entrance to Pomena bay. A course halfway between the two has safe depths of 6.0 metres. Shelter once in the bay of Pomena is good in most conditions, although an uncomfortable swell creeps in with fresh to strong W/NW winds. In this situation, the anchorage on the S side of O. Pomestak or in Uvala Lokva is better.


Korčula (town) or Dubrovnik are the nearest year-round ports of entry.


Yachts visiting Pomena have two berthing options and two anchorages, depending on whether the crews wish to eat ashore or not:

Restaurant quay

Restaurant quay/wiki/Pomena#Restaurant_quay
Harbour icon Restaurant quay [[Pomena#Restaurant quay|Restaurant quay]] 42°47.351'N, 017°20.658'E
The quay on the E side of the inlet is taken up with restaurant moorings, where yachts can enjoy a laid mooring, water and electricity and usually WiFi in return for patronizing the appropriate restaurant. There are currently six restaurants operating here. Depths on the quays are mostly 3.0 - 4.0 metres, shoaling rapidly at the quay. Shelter here is good in most conditions, although there is an uncomfortable slop in fresh to strong winds from WNW round to N.
The W quay and Hotel Odisej, Pomena

Hotel Odisej quay

Hotel Odisej quay/wiki/Pomena#Hotel_Odisej_quay
Harbour icon Hotel Odisej quay [[Pomena#Hotel Odisej quay|Hotel Odisej quay]] 42°47.283'N, 017°20.593'E
The quay next to the Hotel Odisej on the W side of the bay is used by tripper boats and ferries, but there is space here for around six yachts to moor, clear of the tripper boat jetty at the N end. Depths here are 3.0 metres, shallowing to 2.0 metres or less towards the SE end. There are laid moorings here and water and electricity can be connected for an additional fee. Although expensive, these berths are quickly taken in July and August and you will need to arrive early to obtain one. Update July 2019: it appears, this option is no longer available: moorings have been removed, only tripper boats moor there now.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



N of the harbour

N of the harbour/wiki/Pomena#N_of_the_harbour
Anchorage icon N of the harbour [[Pomena#N of the harbour|N of the harbour]] 42°47.426'N, 017°20.711'E
There is a good anchorage on the S side of O. Pomestak/wiki/Pomena#O._PomestakIsland icon O. Pomestak [[Pomena#O. Pomestak|O. Pomestak]] 42°47.612'N, 017°20.569'E , 200 metres N of the harbour. Anchor in 8.0 - 10.0 metres and take a line ashore to the island. Holding is good in mud and weed. Shelter here is excellent in virtually all conditions, although there is occasional wash from tripper boats and ferries.
Anchorage in the inlet of Uvala Lokva W of Pomena

Uvala Lokva

Uvala Lokva/wiki/Pomena#Uvala_Lokva
Anchorage icon Uvala Lokva [[Pomena#Uvala Lokva|Uvala Lokva]] 42°46.966'N, 017°19.909'E
In addition to the anchorage on the S side of O. Pomestak, there is a good alternative anchorage in idyllic surroundings in the inlet of Uvala Lokva half a mile W of Pomena. Anchor at the head of the inlet in 8.0 – 10.0 metres. The holding is good in mud and weed. Shelter here is good in all but strong N/NE winds, when the anchorage at O. Pomestak offers better shelter.


Water Restaurant quay/wiki/Pomena#.5B.5B.23Restaurant_quay.7CRestaurant_quay.5D.5DWater icon Restaurant quay [[Pomena#Restaurant quay|Restaurant quay]] for restaurant patrons

Hotel Odisej quay/wiki/Pomena#.5B.5B.23Hotel_Odisej_quay.7CHotel_Odisej_quay.5D.5DWater icon Hotel Odisej quay [[Pomena#Hotel Odisej quay|Hotel Odisej quay]] extra charge

Electricity Restaurant quay/wiki/Pomena#.5B.5B.23Restaurant_quay.7CRestaurant_quay.5D.5DElectricity icon Restaurant quay [[Pomena#Restaurant quay|Restaurant quay]] for restaurant patrons

Hotel Odisej quay/wiki/Pomena#.5B.5B.23Hotel_Odisej_quay.7CHotel_Odisej_quay.5D.5DElectricity icon Hotel Odisej quay [[Pomena#Hotel Odisej quay|Hotel Odisej quay]] extra charge

Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage Bins for use by yachts 200 metres NE along the track from the end of Restaurant quay
Fuel N/A
Bottled gas None
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet WiFi for for restaurant patrons in Restaurant quay, in the Hotel Odisej quay, and in most of the cafes and restaurants
Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS on the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals In the Town/wiki/Pomena#In_the_TownCar icon In the Town [[Pomena#In the Town|In the Town]] Cycle rental only


in the town/wiki/Pomena#in_the_townProvisions icon in the town [[Pomena#in the town|in the town]] 42°47.264'N, 017°20.545'E Two small minimarkets.

Eating out

 /wiki/Pomena#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Pomena# | ]] 42°47.333'N, 017°20.669'E Several restaurants on the E quay, all with their own moorings.

 /wiki/Pomena#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Pomena# | ]] 42°47.255'N, 017°20.604'E Restaurant and café/bar in the hotel.



Pomena is within 15-20 minutes walking distance of the ‘must see’ attractions of Mljet Island, the two interconnected lakes, Malo and Veliko Jezero, at the NW end of the island. The lakes are in the national park and an entry fee of 100 kuna (2014) per person is payable for visiting the lakes (though not if only dining at the restaurants). This price includes entry to the park (valid for a week), a bus to and from Veliko Jezero and access (via a short boat ride) to the former Benedictine monastery of Sv. Marija, which is being steadily restored following damage during Croatia's war of independence and has a cafe and restaurant. It is also possible to walk or cycle the route to and around the lakes (cycles can be hired in the village or at the lakes themselves), which is a much more rewarding if a rather more energetic option. Between the two lakes is a channel dug by the Benedictine monks to provide motive power for a mill from the tidal currents into Veliko Jezero. Depending on the state of the tide, a current can be seen rushing through the shallow sea inlet at the E end of Veliko Jezero, the pleasant walk or cycle to which goes along the S side of the lake. Except when the current is very strong, a ferry boat takes pedestrians and cyclists (with their bikes) across the narrows to enable them to complete the circuit of the lakes.

The lakes are a magnet for tourists on Mljet
Cycle hire is a popular way to see the Mljet National Park
The former Benedictine monastery on an island in Veliko Jezero
A ferry takes bikes and riders across at the E end of the lakes


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See Croatia.


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