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Poole Harbour is a beautiful natural harbour on the south coast of England. It's an easy days sail from the Solent or Portland.

The harbour is not particularly welcoming to cruisers unless you arrive in a superyacht. In general, if you would like to stay in a marina you should book. Most marinas are 100% full with berth holders and have been known to offer little assistance to cruisers even when in distress.

Despite this, it is a beautiful harbour and there a few good anchorages where you can drop anchor. It also offers excellent protection from all directions from the sea so is a good safe haven in the event of adverse weather.

Poole Harbour
Port of Entry
50°42.11′N, 01°59.39′W Chart icon.png
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Poole Harbour to the S

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1698 - Dover


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  • Brownsea Island


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The entrance to the harbour is via a very narrow passage which has a high flow of tide in either direction. There is also a chain ferry to be aware of which runs regularly and will generally not give way to any other craft.


Poole Harbour is a port of entry/exit to the United Kingdom.

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There are a number of marinas however they are generally oversubscribed by berth holders making it often hard to get a space anywhere.

While there are several yacht clubs that claim they welcome visiting yachtsmen based on some testing the reality is that unlike many other areas of the country they will be unlikely to.

There is a town quay and if you have paid your harbour dues you are entitled to two hours free alongside. This is also controlled by the Poole Quay marina and if you want to say longer/overnight will be paying ±£2.40/m with no services and will need boat boards as it is against piles.

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You can anchor anywhere except in the shipping channels. There is generally good hold. Popular spots are in the channel just N/NW of Brownsea island as well as just NE of Goalthorn point.

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