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Port of Entry
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Porec town quay (top) and marina (bottom)

The picturesque and popular town of Porec lies seven miles S of the harbour of Novigrad and 12 miles N of Rovinj in Croatia. The town lies on a small peninsula at the NW end of a small bay protected from S and W by the island of St Nikola. An important trading centre in Roman times, the street plan that survives today is basically that of the Roman town planners. The Byzantines controlled the town from the 6th to 8th centuries, during which they bequeathed it one of the most stunning legacies to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean, the magnificent, World Heritage listed Basilica of St Euphrasius. Even the later Venetians, who controlled Porec from 1267 until the arrival of Napoleon’s armies at the end of the 18th century, left a more modest architectural record. The town’s numerous attractions made it an important tourist destination even under the dominion of post-war Yugoslavia and since the establishment of the independent Republic of Croatia in 1995, Porec has deservedly become of the country’s most sought-after tourist destinations. Visiting yachtsmen throng the town quay and pack Porec’s small marina to bursting point during July and August, but it is usually possible to squeeze in somewhere if not arriving too late in the day.


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See Croatia.


See Croatia.


Sveti Nikola

Sveti Nikola/wiki/Pore%C4%8D#Sveti_Nikola
Island icon Sveti Nikola [[Poreč#Sveti Nikola|Sveti Nikola]] 45°13.436'N, 013°35.102'E


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There are numerous dangers to be avoided in the approach to Porec from both N and S. Fortunately, they are marked and easily avoided by staying at least half a miole offshore until sighting the entrance to the bay of Porec. Entry can either be made through the narrow channel E of St Nikola island (but only if in settled conditions and in a yacht of moderate draft, since depths are only 3.0 metres in the channel) or, preferably, from NW between the islet of Barbaran and the breakwater extending due N from the northern tip of St Nikola island. In the approach from this direction, do not pass too close to Barbaran islet as there are rocky shoals around it and, if arriving from S, pass well outside the other little islet of Karbula to the W of the breakwater on St Nikola island, as there are extensive shoals between it and St Nikola island. Depths in the main channel here are around 11.00 metres decreasing to 5.0 - 6.0 metres in the centre of the bay.


Poreč is a port of entry/exit for Croatia. For details see Entrance: Croatia.

Yachts arriving directly from Slovenia or Italy can check in at the customs quay, which is at the E end of the town quay.


For berthing, a yacht visiting Porec has two options:

Town quay

The town quay lies on the N side of the bay, immediately S of the town itself. Up to 15 visiting yachts of up to 20 metres can berth here in depths of 4.0 metres. Shelter here is not as good as in the marina, and a yacht will have an uncomfortable night if there is any swell running, and especially if the winds are from S, which send a slop across the bay. However, you are right in the heart of things here and there is water and electricity on the quay, so it is a good place to be in settled weather.

Marina Porec

The small basin of Marina Porec has 120 berths for yachts up to 16 metres and draft of up to 3.0 - 4.0 metres. It also manages 30 mooring buoys in the harbour. Click on the link for details.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


There is not much space to anchor in the bay in view of the numerous moorings. In any case, anchoring is generally discouraged in most Croatian harbours and a charge is generally made when it is permitted.


Water Water on the Town quay, on the berths of Marina Porec, Marina Parentium, and Marina Parentium
Electricity Electricity on the Town quay, on the berths of Marina Porec, Marina Parentium, and Marina Parentium
Toilets In Marina Porec, Marina Parentium, and Marina Parentium
Showers In Marina Porec, Marina Parentium, and Marina Parentium
Laundry N/A (Not Available)
Garbage Bins in the marinas and near the town quay
Fuel Fuel dock at NE corner of the Marina Porec
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers N/A
Repairs In all 3 marinas
Internet N/A
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Rental outlets in the town


Eating out


  • Buses to Rijeka, Ljubljana and Zagreb
  • International airports at Pula 65 kms, Trieste 85 kms and Ljubljana 120 kms.


The interior of the Basilica of St Euphrasius
Mosaics in the apse of the Basilica of St Euphrasius


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Places to Visit

The old town of Porec is delight to explore, with most of its cobbled streets pedestrianised. A stroll along the Roman Decumanus, the main street of the Roman town, takes one back nearly two thousand years, to when Porec was an important trading post and administrative centre. Lining the streets are some historic enetian Gothic palaces. The highlight of and visit to Porec, however, is the magnificent Basilica of St Euphrasius, a 6th century bishop of Porec, which features lovely Byzantine mosaics in its apse, restored and in superb condition. More splendid examples of Byzantine mosaics can be seen in the atrium of church.


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