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Poros town from N
Satellite View of Poros

Poros (Πόρος) is a small island with an area of 33 km2 situated 26 miles S of Athens and less than a mile from the NE coast of the Peloponnese. It is pre-eminently a vacation spot for middle class Athenians and every weekend it is bustling with activity. It is also a magnet for visiting yachtsmen in view of its sheltered situation at the E end of a large, almost landlocked bay. Its main harbour is effectively the quayed S and NW sides of the small peninsula on which the town sits and, together with the numerous anchorages around the bay, can easily accommodate several hundred yachts in secure and attractive surroundings. Many of these anchorages are attractive and despite their proximity to Athens can be quite secluded. Winds are seldom very strong in the bay and, depending on conditions, yachts berth stern/bows-to or alongside on the long S quay or stern/bows-to the NW quay. There are water and electricity points along both quays. In addition, there are some excellent and well protected anchorages in the bay to the W of the town.

Poros has also been the place where the reconstructed Athenian Trireme was tested. This was joint project between British Classicists and naval architects and was funded by the Greek Navy. The objectives were to find out the speed and fighting abilities of these remarkable ancient ships.


1657 Saronikós Kólpos
G14 Saronic and Argolic Gulf
54344 Saronicos Kolpos & K. Petalion
413 Saronikos Kolpos


See Aegean Sea.





  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Weather - VHF channel 86
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 27, 28, and 88

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The approach to Poros from N passes through a fairly narrow channel with good depths, although a swell can be pushed into it in strong NE winds. In the approach from S, the small islet of Nisos Bourtzi and an even smaller islet inshore should be left to port as there are shallows inshore. The channel into Poros from this direction passes close to the N shore and depths are as little as 3.5- 4.0 metres at its shallowest part (where the charter yachts moor). There are extensive shallows extending for 250 metres off the settlement of Galatas on the S side and you will go aground if you stray too close.

Warning: Beware especially the hydrofoil, which uses a quay just round the corner at the SW end of the peninsula and leaves at speed, hugging the N shore as it goes. The driver has only one rule of the road which is: get out of my way!

Warning: Be very careful transiting the Poros channel S of the harbor. It is shallow in many places and there is heavy traffic.


None. The Athens marinas are the nearest ports of entry to the N; Nafplio in the Peloponnese to the SW and Ermoupolis on Syros to the E.



Chart of Poros Harbor

Poros Harbour

Poros Harbour/wiki/Poros#Poros_Harbour
Harbour icon Poros Harbour [[Poros#Poros Harbour|Poros Harbour]] 37°30.200'N, 023°27.210'E

Poros town harbour provides excellent year round shelter but, because of the constant traffic of large and small ferries, there is an almost continual wash caused by their wakes. Also, during S winds, there can be gusts. However, many yachts winter here in perfect safety. The town is built on a small peninsula surrounded by quays along the S and NW sides. On the more popular and quieter NW side, visiting yachts can berth using their anchors stern/bows-to either the quay or the long pontoon that extends out at right angles from the N end of the quay. Pontoon berths: Signs on the pontoon forbid alongside berthing, however, any boat that attempts a stern to near the root of the pontoon will cross anchors with boats moored stern to in the immediate vicinity of the pontoon on the town quay (which is in 90 degrees to the pontoon). In practice, boats on the root of the pontoon are tied alongside, while some of the boats at the outer end are moored stern to. Depths along the quay here range from 2.5 – 3.5 metres (although ballasting in a couple of spots reduces this) and on the pontoon from 3.5 metres at the inshore end to over 10.0 metres at the outer end (as of June 2018, pontoon mooring is mostly alongside and there is no water/electricity on the pontoon). You will be dropping your anchor in around 10.0 metres wherever you decide to berth, so allow for lots of chain. Holding is excellent in mud. Water and electricity can be obtained on the quay (the person in charge can be found or contacted through the harbourmaster office on W quay) but not at present on the pontoon. In either position, good fendering and a good clearance off the quay are essential in view of the heavy wash from ferries. As of 06.2018, part of W quay is under repair, and during weekends, the southern part of the west quay will be reserved for influx of local/Arhenian cruiser boats. Yachts moored in this are will be asked to move further north towards the pontoon area.

On the S quay, yachts can moor using their anchors stern/bows-to the quay just W of the laid moorings of the charter fleet and local boats. Depths here are 3.0 – 4.0 metres and you will be dropping your anchor in 5.0 – 6.0 metres. Holding is excellent in mud. Alternatively, at less busy periods a limited number of yachts can lie alongside the quay immediately E of the ferry quay (being sure not to obstruct the ferries), where there are depths of 3.5 – 4.0 metres. However, the quay is very low here and there is a risk of damage if your fenders lift in a large swell. There are water and electricity points all along the quays here. 2015 dockage with electricity and water E20 for 17 metres, May 2016 €15 for 15 metres.

Warning: Be aware of the considerable swell from the constant coming and going, at high speed, of the ferries. Leave as much distance as possible between your stern and the concrete quay.
The NW quay looking WSW
The pontoon looking NW
The S quay looking NW
In the channel closer to S

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Chart of Russian Bay

Russian Bay

Russian Bay/wiki/Poros#Russian_Bay
Anchorage icon Russian Bay [[Poros#Russian Bay|Russian Bay]] 37°31.098'N, 023°25.962'E

Russian Bay or Daskalia bay is a well protected bay just 1.4 miles W of Poros. In the entrance of the bay is the tiny Daskalia island with a chapel. Anchor in about 6.0 metres wherever there is space. The bottom is sand and weed, good holding once through the weed. If the wind is variable or the anchorage is busy, it best to take a shore line to one of the rocks.

The bay was named Russian because in the last century there was a Russian naval base here. The ruins of their storage facilities, ashore, can still be seen. In the entrance of the bay is the tiny Daskalia bay island with a chapel.

Although a very pleasant anchorage, the water is murky and one’s peace is disturbed by the frequent wash from the ferries. Poros town is an hour and a quarter on foot, but quicker by dinghy.

Neorion Bay

Neorion Bay/wiki/Poros#Neorion_Bay
Anchorage icon Neorion Bay [[Poros#Neorion Bay|Neorion Bay]] 37°30.9′N, 23°25.98′E
Neorion Bay is situated a mile NW of Poros town. It is an attractive, tree-lined bay with a few small villa complexes, a couple of tavernas and a water sports centre. Although noisier than some of the other anchorages, its leafiness makes it one of the prettiest. Anchor in 6.0 – 8.0 metres around 50 metres off the shore. The holding is good in mud and weed once through the weed (you may need more than one attempt). Like all the Poros bay anchorages, one’s peace is occasionally disturbed by the frequent wash from the ferries.

Vidhi Bay

Vidhi Bay/wiki/Poros#Vidhi_Bay
Anchorage icon Vidhi Bay [[Poros#Vidhi Bay|Vidhi Bay]] 37°30.92′N, 23°23.76′E
This protected and shallow bay is on the Peloponnese at the W end of the bay of Poros. It offers good shelter except with strong E winds. Anchor in 5.0 – 6.0 metres in the bay or one of the coves on its N side. Holding is good in mud and weed.


Anchorage icon Galatas [[Poros#Galatas|Galatas]] 37°29.94′N, 23°26.8′E
The village of Galatas is opposite the S quay of Poros town on the Peloponnese. The waters along the shore here are very shallow and yachts seldom anchor here. Where there are suitable depths, private moorings have been laid and no anchoring is possible. Nonetheless, in 2017 it was possible to anchor at N 37°30.147', E 23°26.603' and leave the boat alone all day. Having said this, there were burglaries reported at this location as follows: 7 October 2018, 2 boats; second half of September 2018, at least one boat.

Poros Bay

Poros Bay/wiki/Poros#Poros_Bay
Anchorage icon Poros Bay [[Poros#Poros Bay|Poros Bay]] 37°30.4′N, 23°28′E
The bay just E of the town. Depths here are over 10 metres until very close inshore and the holding is poor. It is usually used as a day anchorage only.

Aliki Beach

Aliki Beach/wiki/Poros#Aliki_Beach
Anchorage icon Aliki Beach [[Poros#Aliki Beach|Aliki Beach]] 37°29.4′N, 23°28.1′E
Aliki Beach lies due S of the small islet of Nisos Bourtzi in the S entrance to Poros bay on the Peloponnese side. It is relatively shallow but the bottom is sand and good holding. Shelter is only moderate and it is best considered as a day anchorage only.

Monastery Bay

Monastery Bay/wiki/Poros#Monastery_Bay
Anchorage icon Monastery Bay [[Poros#Monastery Bay|Monastery Bay]] 37°30.3′N, 23°28.8′E
Monastery Bay lies about one mile E from the town, under the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi. It is very deep and provides poor holding, suitable only for a brief stop. Stay with the boat as she may drag.

Barbaria Cove

Barbaria Cove/wiki/Poros#Barbaria_Cove
Anchorage icon Barbaria Cove [[Poros#Barbaria Cove|Barbaria Cove]] 37°31.9′N, 23°29.05′E
Barbaria cove is on the N side of the island. It is a land locked and well protected cove, with only a couple of houses ashore. Good holding.


Anchorage icon Yerolimenas [[Poros#Yerolimenas|Yerolimenas]] 37°31.4′N, 23°25.6′E
Yerolimenas is a small cove is at the westernmost end of the island, 500 metres S of Cape Dana at the N end of the entrance channel into Poros bay. It offers excellent shelter from all directions in very peaceful and attractive surroundings. It also has probably the clearest water of any of the Poros bay anchorages. Anchor in 4.0 – 5.0 metres wherever there is space. The holding is good in sand and weed. At busy times, it may be advisable to take a line ashore to stop yourself swinging.

NW Cove

NW Cove/wiki/Poros#NW_Cove
Anchorage icon NW Cove [[Poros#NW Cove|NW Cove]] 37°31.5′N, 23°26.2′E
This cove is on the NW side of the island. It looks promising.


Water Poros Harbour: on the quay (prepaid card system) (+30 6981 706069, VHF # 09)
Electricity Poros Harbour: on the quay (prepaid card system) (+30 6981 706069, VHF # 09)
Toilets Poros Harbour: public toilets available in the square near the S quay
Showers Poros Harbour: hotel Manessi on the S quay offers showers for €4
  • Suzi's Laundrette is next to the telephone office (OTE). Call 6976 904650 They will pick up and deliver to boats. 6kg wash and dry E10. Ironing available
  • Zoi Vlachaki, waterfront, S. of pontoon, near Poseidon tavern, (+30 22980 24482 & +30 6976 595988)
  • Mary's, across the street to the entrance of Harbourmaster's office, (+30 22980 26127 & +30 6938 571491)
  • There are 3 laundries on the front. They will turn around you washing in 2 hours. €10 for 10kilos
Garbage There are bins around the harbour and in some of the anchorages. S quay has both recycling and non-recycling bins.
Fuel Poros Harbour: Diesel fuel is delivered by a mini-tanker. For a delivery hail Mr. Eliades on VHF Channel 77

Several tankers do rounds along the quay. Avin (+30 6932 722488 & +30 2298 43352); EKO (+30 6944 751825)

Bottled gas ?
Chandlers There is one chandler on the eastern of the two squares across from the ferry boat landing on S. quay. Spyros Pavlou (+30 22980 25173)
Repairs Only minor, ask at the chandlery store
Internet Via a free municipal wifi (Poros Wifi) or in Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Strong 4G signal
Vehicle rentals You can rent either motorbikes or bicycles from several outlets


There are numerous provisions shops in the town, especially along the NW quay, where there is a good butcher, small supermarket and a bakery.

Eating out

O Kipos (The Garden)/wiki/Poros#.27.27O_Kipos.27.27__.28The_Garden.29Eatingout icon O Kipos (The Garden) [[Poros#O Kipos (The Garden)|O Kipos (The Garden)]] near the cathedral up in the old town is a personal favourite --Athene of Lymington 15:30, 11 September 2011 (BST).
There are numerous restaurants along the S quay and better ones up in the town.


Very frequent transportation to Athens from the Flying Dolphins (hydrofoils).



In antiquity Poros was sacred to Apollo and Poseidon and it belonged to the region of Trizinos where the hero Theseus grew up. In classical times it was in the Athenian sphere. I modern times, Poros took an active part in the Greek War of Independence of 1821 contributing ships to the fleets of Hydra and Spetses. Following independence it was used as a naval base, first by the Russian and then by the Greek navy. Today there is still a large naval base.

Places to Visit

The whole bay of Poros is in a delightful setting, its shores lined with pine and cypress trees, and the entry to it by yacht is one of the most beautiful in Greece. The town is similarly very picturesque and pleasant with many tavernas, bars and small provisions stores. While it is very busy and tourist-thronged down at the quayside, a steep climb up to the main town square around the cathedral is rewarded with superb views and comparative peace and quiet. For the energetic (or with transport), a five km walk or drive E from the town and a further 40 minute climb brings you to the Poseidon Sanctuary. This is the place that Demosthenes committed suicide in 322 BC. The Sanctuary is dated from the 6th century BC. The Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi is about 35 km from the town in a heavily wooded location. It has a post Byzantine woodcarved iconostasis.

History buffs will recall that Poros was the place where the reconstructed Athenian Trireme was tested. This was a joint project between a team of British Classicists and naval architects and was funded by the Greek Navy. The objective was to find out the speed and fighting abilities of these remarkable ancient ships.


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