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Puerto Galera
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Puerto Galera is the northernmost municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. It is a popular resort area frequented by holiday tourists, both from Manila and overseas. The port is well protected from all weather and is a popular typhoon refuge for yachts and ships. Many ex-pats live here on land and on yachts. The yacht club is popular and busy with activities.

The area's main attraction is diving and there are many dive shops and schools in the area where PADI certificates can be achieved.


See Philippines

  • Puerto Galera & Varadero Bay, Admiralty Chart, A3559


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See Philippines.


The North Channel into Puerto Galera has uncharted overhead power lines across it. The clearance is unknown but reported to be less than 12 meters (40 feet). The yacht club provides this chart for verification https://www.pgyc.org/Images/Cruising/A3559_200-hazard.jpg. Use the Northwest Channel (Manila Channel). The range marker for the Northwest Channel is a small white tower in a small clearing on the bluff. Note that the range line is not entirely in deep water. Note the shoal reef extending west across the entrance to the PGYC mooring and Muelle area. Electronic and paper charts of the area are reported to be accurate in depiction however the coordinates may be displaced by up to 0.15nm.


There is a Immigration office in Puerto Galera. The office is on the second floor of the Public Market building, in the rear, behind some used clothing vendors. Office hours are Monday and Tuesday 0830 to 1600, Wednesday 0830 to 1230, Thursday and Friday the staff is at the Calapan office. Philippine arrival visa and processing has been easily obtained here. The seemingly unofficial fee was 2000PHP. Availability of extentions here is unknown.

The Puerto Galera Yacht Club may help with port clearance, which is apparently simple.

For entrance details see Entrance: Philippines.



Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Puerto Galera Yacht Club

Puerto Galera Yacht Club/wiki/Puerto_Galera#Puerto_Galera_Yacht_Club
Berth icon Puerto Galera Yacht Club [[Puerto Galera#Puerto Galera Yacht Club|Puerto Galera Yacht Club]] (PGYC) 13°30.750'N, 120°57.250'E

PGYC is a proper and very active club. Regular regattas, full bar, restaurant, moorings, shore boat service, youth sailing, lessons, etc. The club is accessed by either taking the free shore boat from the W end of the Muelle, or your own dinghy. Access by land is discouraged. The yacht club is located in the most SW arm of the harbor directly W of the Muelle. Dinghies should use the channel marked with white stakes when approaching the PGYC dinghy dock as the area is shoal with rocks.

clubhouse@pgyc.org; Tel: +63 43 287-3401; VHF channel 68
Address: P. O. Box 30450 , Sto,Nino Puerto Galera Oriental Mindora , Philippines
Hours: Closed Mondays


RESTRICTIONS are in place around most of Puerto Galera's beaches & bays where most areas have recently been designated as Marine Sanctuaries.

  • the yacht club rents moorings, see above, near the Muelle and in Dalaruan Bay. Free shore-boat service is included. The Muelle mooring area is safe and clean however it is very noisy, during daylight and early evenings, with frequently unmuffled, "bangka" (= local ferry/fishing boat) traffic.
  • anchoring in Boquete Bay, 0.5NM northwest of the PGYC moorings, offers a refuge from the bangka noise. The North end of the beach is more popular. Note the shoal area in the middle section of the beach. Access to town via the beach is difficult after heavy rain due to the very poor road. Dinghies may be left in many places along the Muelle if one can politely cooperate with the ferry operators.
  • Dalaruan Bay 0.95NM northeast of the PGYC moorings is a recognized anchorage
  • anchoring in the inner harbor, near the PGYC moorings and Muelle, is forbidden
  • there is a NO DISCHARGE NO POLLUTION rule actively enforced by the municipality in all Puerto Galera waters - if you must pump your bilges then voyage into the middle of the Verde Island Passage to do this


  • PGYC has a water tap at the dinghy dock. Non-members should ask before using
  • Bulk purified water available in the town
Electricity 220V 60Hz, Intermittent
  • Toilets at PGYC for yacht crews using the club moorings; toilets soon at Muelle
  • Showers at PGYC for yacht crews using the club moorings
  • An employee at PGYC offers an unaffiliated laundry service. Ask at PGYC
  • A commercial laundry service is across the highway that runs behind the Muelle. In the middle of the block. Good service but slow
  • DO NOT throw garbage/trash into the sea, it is against the law and if you are seen you may be arrested
  • For PGYC members and guests the Service Boat will take garbage
  • There are trash and recycling receptacles near the Muelle
Fuel Diesel and Gasoline are easily obtained by jug/jerry can and tricycle from a service station nearby (West from Muelle)
Bottled gas available in the town - some regulator fittings may not be compatible
Chandlers None; PGYC can assist - common items can be ordered, 72 hours by courier from Manila or Subic Bay, credit card payment
  • Refrigeration service: Arman Reyes, ENR Enterprises, Calapan, 0928 466 7564 has given excellent service. Speaks English. Comes to the boat. Low rates.
  • Day labor of good quality is reportedly available for many tasks.
  • There are no engine cranes, mast cranes or chandleries on Mindoro Island, but PGYC can direct cruisers to the nearest services. Most services are available at Batangas on Luzon Island, 15NM North of Puerto Galera, also at Papaya Cove (50NM North-northwest) and Subic Bay (96NM North-northwest).
  • PGYC has a small workshop where members can effect minor repairs to yacht related hardware.
Internet Free wireless available at many bars, restaurants and PGYC.
Mobile connectivity Cellular 2G/3G service is available in some locations but it is of low bandwidth.
Vehicle rentals
  • Motorbikes can be rented.
  • Vans are available for hire.


  • Excellent public market for meats, produce, eggs
  • Many bakeries. Some ex-pat delicatessens
  • Groceries are of the smaller Philippine type. There is no modern supermarket in Puerto Galera
  • There is a large modern supermarket at the mall in Batangas (90 minutes by ferry and 20 minutes by tricycle)
  • PGYC will vacuum pack standard menu items for your voyage

Eating out

  • There are many restaurants from (West) Talipanan & White Beach to Sabang and beyond (East). Most are tourist oriented. Note: the popular bars and restaurants along Muelle are closed (April, 2018) as the municipality aims to redevelop the area with a major facelift
  • Several ex-pats operate restaurants downtown with menus from their old countries
  • the yacht club is a good place to drink & dine and to find out the latest news


  • Manila is easily reached by ferry to Batangas (1h15m, approx. 300PHP) and then intercity bus to Manila (2-3h, approx. 180PHP). Ferries run hourly or better during daylight. Buses leave from the Batangas ferry terminal to various Manila-area destinations
  • a daily seaplane service (from 2017) connects Puerto Galera to Manila (5500PHP), flight time 35 minutes, departure/arrival close to Boquete Bay anchorage, 0.5NM northwest of PGYC moorings
  • Inland travel by bus is typically via Calapan City, about an hour away by bus or jeepney


Good tourism informations at Wikitravel.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Philippines.


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