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Puerto Princesa
Port of Entry
09°44.848'N, 118°43.357'E Chart icon.png
lat=9.74746 | lon=118.72262 | zoom=12 | y

Puerto Princesa is one of the best places for stocking up on food, diesel and water we have found, and anchoring off the Abanico Yacht Club you can pick up wifi. Crew can fly in to Puerto easily and the airport is close by. However, as a tourist spot this place is a non starter; don't imagine diving among coral and fish, or sunning yourself on a sandy beach. The water is muddy and quite dirty, there is no beach anywhere remotely close and the town itself is dirty and smog ridden. Many yachts do stay for an extended period here, mostly because of the difficulty of going north or east across the Sulu sea in the rough northeasterly monsoon. --Chasamba 06:09, 29 February 2012 (GMT)


Cmap is not accurate in this area. Paper charts are better, or the Abanico Yacht Club will guide you in, they usually listen on vhf channel 72.

  • Cmap Ed2 charts have not been corrected to WGS84 and do not have very much detail
  • Cmap Ed3 charts are accurate with reasonable detail
  • Navionics charts are accurate with reasonable detail
  • A number of cruisers have produced their own raster charts based on paper charts from various sources. Some are on Luzon datum, some are on WGS84 and some have been calibrated using Google Earth.

See also Philippines.


See Philippines.


See also Philippines.


See Philippines.


See Philippines.


  • The Philippines use IALA Buoyage system B
  • a line from the western end of the main warf at Puerto Princesa to the radio mast on Long Point will get you safely to the anchorage at Abanico Yacht Club. Do not stray to the east of this line as there are abrupt and shallow reefs.
  • Google Earth shows the reefs very clearly


Puerto Princesa is a port of entry for Philippines. For details see Entrance: Philippines.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Abanico Yacht Club

Abanico Yacht Club

Abanico Yacht Club/wiki/Puerto_Princesa#Abanico_Yacht_Club
Berth icon Abanico Yacht Club [[Puerto Princesa#Abanico Yacht Club|Abanico Yacht Club]] 09°45.846'N, 118°44.026'E
Port of Entry

"At AYC, there are no berths only moorings which mean there is no shore power. However, there are services available to help fill your water and/or fuel tanks. We can help arrange other things as well if needed.

Water access is available on the pier, an additional access fee will apply; you have the option of running the water out to your boat yourself or using our people and service boat for a small fee. Using our service boat will run about 300 pesos for 30 containers, plus the access fee for the water. This is a perfect example of how a service needs to be priced and quoted."

Note: Do not enter the club but hail them, theywill send out a dinghy to guide you in as there are unmarked reefs in the area.

[email protected]; Tel: +63 998 304 9566; VHF channel 72
Address: Abanico Yacht Club, 22 Zone 5 Purok Abanico, San Pedro, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines
Hours: 09:00 to 21:00


  • The best anchorage is off the Abanico Yacht Club but holding is not very good anywhere in the bay since it is a mixture of coral and very soft mud. The yacht club usually has some moorings available, care is needed when approaching because there is a big reef all round the club.
  • Near Abanico Yacht Club, the best holding is in the thick mud in the main channel parallel to Long point.
  • In the southwest monsoon when a typhoon is passing to the north, a good alternative is Abucayan Inlet to the south of Puerto Princesa


Water Clean water from hose pipe on Abanico Yacht Club jetty
Electricity ?
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry In Abanico Yacht Club
Garbage ?
Fuel from local fuel stations. Usually clean. Abanico Yacht Club can arrange delivery to jetty or to your boat
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs While no specific marine focused facilities exist, pretty much everything mechanical can be repaired in Princesa. The skill levels are usually high, but the tools, facilities and materials are of the lowest quality
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Norm is to use tricycles (bike taxis), but bike, car and people carrier hire is widely available


  • Very good provisioning choices. 2 modern supermarkets and numerous indoor and out door markets for fish, meats, vegetables, fruits etc. Good choice.

Eating out

  • Much to choose from. Full range from street food to European restaurants


Numerous daily flights to Manila and Cebu.



Give a short history of the island.

Places to Visit

Not much. Day trip to the underground river on the west coast of Palawan. Visit to the local prison for prisoner handicrafts. A few tourist generated attractions, e.g. a flying fox (zip line)


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


List links to discussion threads on partnering forums. (see link for requirements)



See Philippines.


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  • All good. John and Cissy will help with just about everything you need. [New Entry: The Club now has new owners/managers, Tim and Becky, who will help you with your needs. The staff did not change, so expect to see the same smiling faces. John and Cissy are still close by and are available for a visit, if you so desire.]

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