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Ria de Viveiro
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Viveiro estuary from the SSE

The Ria de Viveiro is situated on the coast of NW Spain around 25 miles WNW of the Ria de Ribadeo and about 35 miles E of the Ria de Cedeira. The ria is little more than a mile-wide bay with a canalised river, the Rio de Viveiro, flowing into it. The picturesque fishing harbour of Celeiro lies at the SE corner of the ria and just under a mile up the canalized river from Celeiro is the town of Viveiro and its small marina. A visiting yacht can either anchor in the harbour of Celeiro or, with care, navigate up the river to the marina at Viveiro. Shelter in Celeiro is good, although strong N winds can cause some swell; shelter in Viveiro is excellent.

Mussel rafts are a constant hazard along this coast


British Admiralty
1290 – Cabo de San Lorenzo to Cabo Ortegal
1122 – Ports on the N coast of Spain
C43 – Santander to A Coruna


The ria is largely sheltered from the prevailing NW winds, but strong northerlies can raise an unpleasant swell.

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The entrance is free from dangers but can be difficult to spot in poor visibility. As is usual along this coast, there are several offshore rocky islets and reefs along the coast to both E and W of the ria.


The picturesque harbour of Celeiro

Puerto de Celeiro

Puerto de Celeiro/wiki/Ria_de_Viveiro#Puerto_de_Celeiro
Harbour icon Puerto de Celeiro [[Ria de Viveiro#Puerto de Celeiro|Puerto de Celeiro]] 43°40.779'N, 007°36.016'W
A visiting yacht mayr anchor in the fishing harbour of Celeiro at the head of the ria. Or enter the canalized river to proceed to the marina at Viveiro. The harbour is often busy with fishing boats, but yachts are tolerated as long as they anchor sensibly. Anchor in the S part of the harbour, to the W of the small craft pontoons, in 5.0 – 6.0 metres. The holding is excellent in mud and shelter is good in virtually all conditions (although there is some swell in very strong northerlies)

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Viveiro Marina from WNW

Viveiro Marina

Viveiro Marina/wiki/Ria_de_Viveiro#Viveiro_Marina
Marina icon Viveiro Marina [[Ria de Viveiro#Viveiro Marina|Viveiro Marina]] 43°40.171'N, 007°35.704'W

It offers 225 berths for yachts up to 30 metres in depths of up to 3.0 metres. Berthing is on finger pontoons. Water and electricity on the pontoons. Fuel berth. Toilets and showers. WiFi. Laundry. Travel lift (35T). Crane (8T). Small area of hard standing.

[email protected]; Tel: +34 (690) 604 452; VHF channel 09
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing


The only suitable spot to anchor is in the harbour of Celeiro.


Water At the Marina Viveiro
Electricity At the Marina Viveiro
Toilets At the Marina Viveiro
Showers At the Marina Viveiro
Laundry At the Marina Viveiro
Garbage Bins in both Celeiro and the Marina Viveiro
Fuel Fuel berth at the Marina Viveiro
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Basic chandlery only
Repairs Small hard standing area at the Marina Viveiro with travel lift (35T) and crane (8T). Most simple repairs possible
Internet WiFi in the Marina Viveiro
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals N/A (Not Available)


Excellent supermarket, Mega Claudio, in Viveiro town.

Eating out

Several restaurants in Viveiro. Simpler ones in Celeiro.


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Celeiro is a rather basic fishing village, but no less interesting for that since it is largely untouched by tourism. Viveiro has few tourist attractions, but there is a good bracing walk up to the top of the nearby San Roque mountain, with superb views from the top. There are several stone picnic tables for those who want a picnic with a view.


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