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There are Port(s) of Entry here
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See Honduras.


See Honduras.


See Honduras.


See Honduras.


  • The local net is on 74 9 a.m. daily December through May more or les
  • Local hailing channel is 72

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


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Roatan has a port of entry for Honduras. For details see Entrance: Honduras.



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Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Brooksy Point Yacht Club

Brooksy Point Yacht Club/wiki/Roatan#Brooksy_Point_Yacht_Club
Berth icon Brooksy Point Yacht Club [[Roatan#Brooksy Point Yacht Club|Brooksy Point Yacht Club]] 16°21.151'N, 086°27.281'W
Port of Entry

It is located on the south central part of Roatán. The entrance is French Cay Harbour. The owner, Mike, will gladly come out and guide you into the harbor, whether you stay at their marina or not. This is a small full-service marina and yacht club that caters exclusively to cruisers. It is run by a couple, Mike and Lilo who are cruisers themselves. They do a great job of providing activities and services that cruisers need in a great friendly family atmosphere. The club provides transportation to local supermarket weekly, fuel and propane fills, self-service laundry, water and electric for boats at the marina and many other services. They also have many fun activities like movie night, potlucks, cruisers cook offs, birthday and holiday celebrations, special packages for divers, tank fills, transportation to different dive sites, and much more. There is also a beautiful anchorage very near by. All cruisers are welcome whether at the marina or in the anchorage. The club has a small and delicious menu, breakfast lunch and dinner.



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  • [[large Anchorage1]]
  • [[large Anchorage1]]


Water ?
Electricity ?
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage ?
BIP (Bay Island Petroleum) - located on the green dock at Barefoot Cay
VHF Channel 11
Phone +504 445 9485 1872
Fantasy Island Marina - by appointment only.
Contact the Dock Master on VHF Channel 72 or
Phone +504 445 9855 6382
Hybur: French Harbour
Contact Nadeen Thompson on +504 445 2455 7512
Brooks Point Yacht Club provides weekly runs for fuel with your jerry cans
PetroSun: French Harbour, take your jerry cans for gas and diesel. Also, fast food, mini-mart and cigarettes
Bottled gas ?
  • Air-con. & refrigeration
    • Distributors - Friopartes - distributors of complete air-con. and refrigeration units plus parts, gas and a selection of electrical ware. Open Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am to 12pm
      Phone: +504 445 2480 5263
  • Hardware
    • Cool Wind Supply
      Phone Susie on +504 445 2445 7771
      Technician - Anastacio Marin, phone +504 445 9656 5230
      Technician - Gerald Bodden, phone +504 445 3315 5132
  • Awning & Canvas
    • Roatan Awning & Canvas - Canvas and sail repair shop at Brick Bay
      Phone: Dave Marshall on +504 445 3385 7457
    • Valdina's - French Harbour, available for all your sewing needs, including cushions, sail and canvas work. Open Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am to 12pm
      Phone: +504 445 2455 5605 or +504 445 9781 0880
  • Boat Building, Painting & Repair
    • Martinez Power Boats - Located on the left past Ace Hardware. Services include building, repair, aluminium welding plus more. Open Mon – Fri 7am to 5pm
      Phone: +504 445 9992 3902
    • Sherman's Boat Building & Repair
      Phone: Mr Sherman on +504 445 9778 2219.
  • Electrical supplies
    • Mundo Electrico - Coxen Hole, open Mon – Fri 7am to 5pm, Sat 7am to 12pm
      Phone +504 445 2445 2491
  • Paint:
    • Protecto Decor - located opposite Ace Hardware. Suppliers of paint, varnish, sealants and Korotek bottom paint. Open Mon – Fri 7am to 5pm, Sat 8am to 12pm
      Phone: +504 445 2455 7692
  • Propane
    • SolGas - located opposite Ace Hardware. Take your tank to them for a re-fill or they'll come to you (ashore!), for re-fills of four or more tanks. They'll either pick up tanks to return later, or re-fill on the spot, depending upon which truck they send – either way, it's a very good service
      Phone: +504 445 2455 7507 or +504 445 2455 7669
  • Boat Care & Maintenance
    • Santos Cruz - Service includes varnishing, cleaning, servicing of generators, motors and engines, while you're on your boat, or, if going away, you can leave your boat in the care of Santos
      Phone +504 445 9524 6867
  • Electronics Repair and Service
    • Pedro Ortega - an electrical engineer/wizard, comes highly recommended by all
      Phone +504 445 9535 3228.
    • Roberto Turcios - an electrician for motor rewinding and much more
      Phone +504 445 9577 1190
  • Mechanics - Diesel
    • Kelsa – senior and junior, diesel and outboard, phone +504 445 9604 8441
    • Luven - phone +504 445 3310 3817 or +504 445 9613 8139
    • Smiley - phone +504 445 9725 7299
  • Mechanics – Outboard
    • Derek - phone +504 445 9795 7246
    • Kelsa - senior and junior, diesel and outboard, phone +504 445 9604 8441
    • Luven - phone +504 445 3310 3817 or +504 445 9613 8139.
  • Welding
    • Martinez Power Boats - Turn left down the dirt track just past Ace Hardware. Services include building, repair, aluminium welding plus more. Open Mon – Fri 7am to 5pm. Phone +504 445 9992 3902
  • Sail makers & Repair
    • Roatan Awning & Canvas - Canvas and sail repair shop at Brick Bay. Email [email protected] Phone Dave Marshall on +504 445 3385 7457
    • Valdina's: French Harbour, available for all your sewing needs, including sail and canvas work. Open Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am to 12pm. Phone +504 445 2455 5605 or +504 445 9781 0880
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


  • Eldon's Supermarket is as close to a US market as I have seen in this part of the world. It is not cheap but they seem to have just about everything. There is one in French Harbour and one in Coxen Hole. If you are docked at Brooksy Point or in the nearby anchorage, Brooksy has a weekly trip to Eldon's which includes delivery to the dock. Very convenient.

Eating out

  • Big House Burger and Steak House - Varied menu, with platos tipicos
  • Bojangles - Famous for chicken 'n biscuits. Home delivery service, phone +504 445 2455 5868
  • Frenchy's 44 - Along with Little French Cay day resort, offers bar service and a varied menu with regular specials and specialties. Closed Mondays, dinghy dock available
    Phone: +504 445 9679 2782 or +504 445 9591 8009
  • Gio's Restaurant - Fine dinning for seafood (a specialty), and steaks with a full bar service. Open Tues to Sat l0am- 3pm then 5pm to 10pm
    Phone : +504 445 2455 5214
  • Herby's Sports Bar & Grill - Located in the Pineapple Villas Resort. 32 big screen TV's. Open 11:30am daily
    Phone: +504 445 2455 7688
  • Pineapple Grill - Located at the Pineapple Villas Resort. Fine dinning with full bar service, steaks, ribs, fish, lobster and more. Open Tues – Sunday, 7am to 10.30am for breakfast, dinner 6pm to 10pm
    Phone: +504 445 2455 7653
  • Pizza Inn - Pizza, of course! Home delivery service, phone +504 445 2455 5868.
  • Wendys - Burgers


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Places to Visit

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Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.

  • Brooksy Point Yacht Club +504-3377-2246 Website


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See Honduras.


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