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Vathy, Samos
Port of Entry
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Samos Vathy

Vathy (Βαθύ) (aka Vathi, Port Vathy, Port of Samos, Samos Port, or simply Samos) is the harbor of the provincial capital of the island of Samos. It is within a large and beautiful bay but unfortunately the actual harbor is polluted and open to N and NW meltemi.

See also Samos.


Chart of Vathy (Samos) Harbor

See Samos.


See Samos.



  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 or tel. +30 2730 23 318

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See Samos.


Vathy is a port of entry into Greece. The Limenarchio (Coast Guard) expects to be informed if you are entering Greece incoming from Turkey. They usually object to a boat staying here more than a few days.


There is a very secure small marina but it cannot accommodate a yacht longer than 9 m. The bottom is soft mud which does not provide very good holding.

The most protected area is at the NE but if the wind changes from the S, as sometimes it does in the summer, there is a strong and potentially dangerous fetch. One can moor alongside or stern-to on the quay near the mole. The trouble is that it is too close to the ferries and to avoid fouling the anchor rode with the ferries the scope has to be uncomfortably short. It is best, to use 2 anchor, the second one holding the boat against the S wind.

It is also possible to anchor off-shore, but still under the protection of the mole, which was expanded in 1998. Again use 2 anchors.

With strong S winds it is best to anchor off at the SE side of the bay.

An officer from the Coast Guard will appear and ask you to go to their office and pay the harbor dues.

The Post Office is a few blocks SW of the "marina."

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

The nearest true marina is the Samos Marina in Pythagorio.



Water Water outlets have being installed but are still not always operational. For service call Mr. Sideris at +30 6977 002 860
Electricity Electricity outlets have being installed but most are still not always operational. For service call Mr. Sideris at +30 6977 002 860
Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
  • There is a coin-operated laundry in the inner street parallel to the harbor
  • Also there is attended laundry in the same street
Garbage There are bins along the harbor and in the town
Fuel Fuel is delivered, theoretically, by a small tanker but it is very hard to arrange. The closest gas station is a few blocks N of the small marina
Bottled gas 28 Gimnas. Katevaini street, (Margaroni +30 22730 80747) next to Olimpia cinema.
Chandlers There are 2 chandlery stores in Vathy:
  • The first one is W of the small marina along the main waterfront road. Tsoumakis, 91 Temistokles Sofouli street, (+30 22730 28758)
  • The second is in the small Rousakis yard to the right of the Commercial Port
Repairs Rousakis Marine yard near the Commercial Port
Andreas Rousakis; Tel: +30 22730 22978; Fax: +30 22730 24922; Mob +30 6985 039650; Email: [email protected]
Internet There are several Internet Cafés
Mobile connectivity There is strong 4G signal
Vehicle rentals There are many agencies, Aramis is very friendly to cruisers


  • There many food stores in nner street parallel to the harbor
  • There is a supermarket near the Town Hall
  • There is a supermarket inside the Wine Cooperative (Enosis) at the Malagari district
  • One can buy Samian wine and ouzo at much better prices than in town at the Wine Cooperative (Enosis) in the Malagari district

Eating out

  • There are many restaurants, most of them mediocre and overpriced
  • The best Samian food is in the small taverna Tasos in Ano Vathy.
  • The best values is a modest restaurant the Kotopoula specializing in grilled chicken in the Prosphigika district of Vathy.


There buses and taxis to other towns and villages in the island.

See Samos for transportation to elsewhere.


Places to Visit

The Kouros of Samos

The most important point of interest here is the Archaeological Museum which exhibits the famous Samian Kouros a very beautiful archaic statue.

A walk in the old town Ano Vathy (Άνω Βαθύ - Upper Vathy) with its old island houses is worth your while.

A visit to the small wine museum at the Wine Cooperative (Enosis) in the Malagari district is worth your while. You can sample and buy there a large variety of Samian wines.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Greece.


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  • I have a summer house in Kalami near Vathy. If I can be of any assistance please contact me --Istioploos

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