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Port of Entry
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Bay of Sardinero looking west

Santander, the capital of the province of Cantabria in NW Spain, is a major port city with a population of about 190,000. A port since Roman times, the city’s present name derives from Saint Emeterio, a Roman legionary martyred for his faith, whose head was brought to the city in the 3rd century AD. Santander became a fashionable seaside resort in the early 20th century, with the construction of a summer palace for the then King Alfonso XIII, and it still attracts hordes of tourists today to its 17 sandy beaches. Sadly, a major fire in 1941 destroyed most of the mediaeval town centre and left Santander with only a relatively modest architectural heritage. Cruising yachtsman visiting the harbour have a choice of mooring opposite the Real Club Maritimo de Santander or navigating the four miles upriver to the large Marina de Santander near the airport. Although there are two other marinas in the harbour, the Marina de Pedrena and the so-called Puerto Chico behind the Real Club Maritimo, they are both relatively shallow and do not accept visiting yachts.


British Admiralty
1291 – Santona to Gijon
1145 – Santander
C42 - La Rochelle to Santander
C43 - Santander to A Coruna


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  • Isla de Mouro - W side of entrance
  • Isla Santa Marina - E side of entrance


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The approach to Santander is free from dangers, apart from a rocky islet half a mile ENE of the peninsula of La Magdalena on the W side of the entrance and a reef extending 300 metres S from the S side of the peninsula. The channel is buoyed for most of its length.


Santander is a port of entry for Spain. For details see Entrance: Spain.


There are a number of options in Santander. One can pick up a mooring buoy if available (or anchor if not) just south of the The Real Club Maritimo de Santander, which lies about two miles in from the entrance to starboard (due north of starboard buoy no. 5). A charge is made for using the buoys, which also entitles visitors to use the club’s facilities. Alternatively, continue up the channel for a further three miles to the Marina de Santander, which lies on the starboard side of the channel immediately west of starboard buoy no. 15.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

The Real Club Maritimo de Santander

The Real Club Maritimo de Santander/wiki/Santander#The_Real_Club_Maritimo_de_Santander
Marina icon The Real Club Maritimo de Santander [[Santander#The Real Club Maritimo de Santander|The Real Club Maritimo de Santander]] 43°27.646'N, 003°47.521'W
Port of Entry

It operates the small and shallow harbour of Puerto Chico which is not open to visiting yachts. However, during the summer months (15 June to 15 September), visiting yachts (maximum length 16 metres) can make use of the buoys laid outside the clubhouse or anchor where convenient if they are all taken. There is a club launch which operates between the buoys and the clubhouse.; Tel: +34 (942) 214 050; Fax: +34 (942) 361 972; VHF channel XX
Address: Puerto Chico s/n, 39004 Santander, Cantabria, Spain

Marina de Santander

Marina de Santander/wiki/Santander#Marina_de_Santander
Marina icon Marina de Santander [[Santander#Marina de Santander|Marina de Santander]] (Marina del Cantabrico) 43°25.803'N, 003°48.694'W
Port of Entry

It is also known confusingly as the Marina del Cantabrico. It is situated some three kilometres from the city, close to the small airport. It will be easily seen to starboard after the commercial docks and the long oil jetty to port. The marina has 900 places on pontoons for yachts up to 23 metres, with a planned expansion to 1350 berths. Minimum depth in the entrance is 5.0 metres and in the marina 3.5 meters. Water and electricity at all berths. Toilets and showers. Laundry. WiFi (a charge is made). Slipway. Travel lift (70T & 27T). Fuel station. LPG. Service area for mechanical and electrical repairs. Sailmaker. Restaurant & café. Shopping centre (3 km).; Tel: +34 (942) 369 298; Fax: +34 (942) 369 286; VHF channel 09
Address: Avenida de Tornada s/n. 39600-Maliaño (Cantabria)
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing


Oposite Club Maritimo

Oposite Club Maritimo/wiki/Santander#Oposite_Club_Maritimo
Anchorage icon Oposite Club Maritimo [[Santander#Oposite Club Maritimo|Oposite Club Maritimo]] 43°27.605'N, 003°47.518'W
The best anchorage is opposite the Real Club Maritimo de Santander. Anchor in 5.0 - 6.0 metres in mud. The holding is good, but there is regular swell from the ferries between the pontoons west of the club and the small settlement of Somo the other side of the river (especially when one of the more macho skippers has his hands on the wheel!).

Ensenda del Sardinero

Ensenda del Sardinero/wiki/Santander#Ensenda_del_Sardinero
Anchorage icon Ensenda del Sardinero [[Santander#Ensenda del Sardinero|Ensenda del Sardinero]] 43°28.609'N, 003°46.493'W
An alternative anchorage is the long bay of Sardinero extending west of Isla de la Torre, the small rocky islet to starboard just inside the entrance. There are numerous small craft moorings here owned by the Club Nautico de Horadada but it is usually possible to find a clear space. The shelter here is good in the prevailing wind but poor if it goes E.


Water At the Marina de Santander
Electricity At the Marina de Santander
Toilets At the Marina de Santander
Showers At the Marina de Santander
Laundry At the Marina de Santander (charge of €5).
Garbage Bins at the Marina de Santander and Real Club Maritimo
Fuel Fuel station at the Marina de Santander
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs Small service area at the Marina de Santander for mechanical and electrical repairs. Travel lift (27T) and crane.
Internet WiFi at the Marina de Santander
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Several outlets in the town


Eating out

  • Bodega Mazon near the Real Club Maritimo (a colourful bar/restaurant with vast oak barrels and a ceiling hung with sausages) is fun -- Atheneoflymington.


  • Santander - Parayas, Aeropuerto Internacional de Santander (SDR IATA)
  • RENFE operates daily trains from Madrid and Alicante to 3 Santander station
  • Ferry from Plymouth, England to the 4 Santander ferry terminal


The area of the town near the Real Club Maritimo is pleasant to walk around, although not very interesting architecturally (having been largely rebuilt following the fire of 1941). The sweeping bay of Sardinero makes a good long walk from the club (about 4km) out to the peninsula of La Magdalena with its early 20th century former royal palace, now a cultural heritage site.


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