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There are Port(s) of Entry here
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Skiathos m.jpg
Map of Skiathos

Skiathos (Σκιάθος) is the most touristically developed of the Sporades. As a result in the past several years it has been cursed by many large and ugly new buildings, especially along its southern shores. By nature, Skiathos is a beautiful island, mountainous and very green, with large trees, and its reputed 62 beaches are of stunning beauty. Unfortunately very few have been left in their natural state. Most have been "developed" which translates into bars, blasting loudspeakers, umbrellas, cigarette buts, beach chairs, plastic wrappers and may other non-natural elements.


1062 Nisoi Voríoi Sporades
G25 Northern Sporades and North Nisos Evvoia
54350 Nisoi Vorioi Sporadhes
331 Sporades to Ay. Efstratios


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  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12


In general, during the summer months the meltemi is weaker in the Sporades region. Approaches to the island are straight forward, no dangers. An exception to this is the approach to the Harbor of Skiathos.

Warning: The approach the Harbor of Skiathos, especially at night, can be tricky because of the confusion caused by the flashing red lights at Dhaskalo islet and at the end of the ferryboat mole.


A Port of entry. Customs is adjacent to the pontoon on the main street. Port police are up the hill to the north west of the pontoon above the Euro Bank



There is only one harbor in Skiathos and several attractive coves.

Skiathos Harbor Detail

Skiathos Harbor

Skiathos Harbor/wiki/Skiathos#Skiathos_Harbor
Harbour icon Skiathos Harbor [[Skiathos#Skiathos Harbor|Skiathos Harbor]] 39°9.71′N, 23°29.65′E
Port of Entry

Skiathos Harbor provides excellent shelter. There are several anchoring possibilities:

  1. Anchor in the old harbor, which is the most sheltered. This is frequently impossible because of the large number of day-trip boats. Also it can be noisy here at night. If you do, come stern-to after dropping the anchor in 4-5 m. The bottom is sand with good holding.
  2. Dock stern-to the concrete quay of the new harbor (N of the old harbor). There is room for 20 boats here stern to between charter boats to the north and south. The bottom is sand with good holding. You will need to drop your anchor at least 35 meters off the quay to avoid a mooring chain.
  3. The newer pontoon or floating dock has essentially been taken over by charter companies. It is unlikely you will find a berth here during weekends (Thursday through Saturday nights) but there is a better chance on other nights. It is worth checking with the charter staff who are frequently on the pontoon.
  4. There is an area off the eastern end of the pontoon and south of the pontoon where a dozen boats can anchor without encroaching on the permanent moorings (to the north), the airport flight path (to the east) or the ferries' manouvering space in the new harbour (to the south). The ferry docks after mid day and may chase away boats too close to their space. Sand, 5 to 7m, good holding.
  5. Anchor off on the eastern side of the bay. Good holding.

Ms. Niki of the port organisation may help with berth reservation (tel. +30 694 430 5288)

Warning: Avoid the restricted area along the flight path to the airport. The Coast Guard are likely to ask boats to move if they anchor too far east of the floating pontoon, inside the flight path area and the ferries' manouvering area.
Anchorage under the flight path!
Skiathos old harbour
The Quay at the New Harbor
The Floating Dock at the New Harbor

Marinas & Yacht Clubs




Anchorage icon Vasilias [[Skiathos#Vasilias|Vasilias]] 39°09.6′N, 23°28.8′E
This is a cove about 1 nM W of the Old Harbor. Several local yachts anchor in the northern head of the cove. It is also possible to anchor off the beach along the western side of the bay, avoiding the buoyed-off swimming area. Sand patches 5 to 7m, good holding. During the day there is ocassional wash from ferries travelling in and out of Skiathos harbour and a waterski boat operates in the bay.


Anchorage icon Kanapitsa [[Skiathos#Kanapitsa|Kanapitsa]] 39°08.4′N, 23°27.7′E
Kanapitsa is a sheltered cove about 3 M SW of Skiathos Harbor. It used by several local yachts and looks attractive despite the near by hotels.

Platanias Bay

Platanias Bay/wiki/Skiathos#Platanias_Bay
Anchorage icon Platanias Bay [[Skiathos#Platanias Bay|Platanias Bay]] 39°08.4′N, 23°26.5′E
This is a large bay E of Koukounaries. It is well sheltered from the meltemi but exposed the southerlies (avoid in the fall). Many large hotels.
The anchorage in Koukounaries


Anchorage icon Koukounaries [[Skiathos#Koukounaries|Koukounaries]] (Κουκουναριές) 39°8.68′N, 23°24.18′E

Despite the number of tourists at the beach during the day, this is the favorite anchorage in Skiathos for some cruisers. There is a small harbor where, if there is any room you can tie side-to or take a line to the quay. Both places are usually occupied by flotillas. It is best to anchor off the beach at about 6 m. Avoid the take-off lanes of the multiple waterski operators. You may be asked to move away from the western and central area off the beach and anchor only in the eastern end, outside the buouyed-off swimming area. The bottom is mostly sand and provides good holding, though there are some patches of rock to avoid. The bay is sheltered from the meltemi but exposed the southerlies (avoid in the fall).

While Koukounaries may not be the "most beautiful beach in Greece" as the locals will tell you, it is still a wonderful beach with a pine forest all the way to the waterfront. The whole area is a park and protected from development. The beach is crowded during the day (until about 8:30 PM in summer), with waterskiers and jet-skis operating but the park closes at night and you can then enjoy this great anchorage. But, there at least 5 beach concessions, each one plays different loud music, competing with each other and with the the waterski boats that sport powerful loudspeakers.

There is a lagoon behind the beach and, if you are lucky enough to be here on a quiet evening in the late spring, you may be treated to the wonderful spectacle of rare Eleanora's falcons taking dragonflies on the wing over the lagoon.

About a 15 minute walk from the footbridge (turn left at the asphalt road) there are several groceries and restaurants.
The anchorage
The beach
Beach under Kastro I iimagewidth=

North Coves

North Coves/wiki/Skiathos#North_Coves
Anchorage icon North Coves [[Skiathos#North Coves|North Coves]] 39°11.525'N, 023°26.009'E

There are many attractive sand beaches on the N shore of the island where you can anchor but they are all exposed to the meltemi. The nicest ones are:

Mandraki/wiki/Skiathos#MandrakiAnchorage icon Mandraki [[Skiathos#Mandraki|Mandraki]] 39°10′N, 23°23.8′E
Anemosouria/wiki/Skiathos#AnemosouriaAnchorage icon Anemosouria [[Skiathos#Anemosouria|Anemosouria]] 39°10.1′N, 23°24.4′E
Megalos Aselinos/wiki/Skiathos#Megalos_AselinosAnchorage icon Megalos Aselinos [[Skiathos#Megalos Aselinos|Megalos Aselinos]] 39°10.6′N, 23°25.4′E
Kastro/wiki/Skiathos#KastroAnchorage icon Kastro [[Skiathos#Kastro|Kastro]] 39°12.6′N, 23°27.8′E
Lalaria/wiki/Skiathos#LalariaAnchorage icon Lalaria [[Skiathos#Lalaria|Lalaria]] 39°12.5′N, 23°28.8′E
Megalos Yialos/wiki/Skiathos#Megalos_YialosAnchorage icon Megalos Yialos [[Skiathos#Megalos Yialos|Megalos Yialos]] 39°11.8′N, 23°30′E


Water Skiathos Harbor: there some water outlets near the quay run by a waterman
Electricity Skiathos Harbor: electrical connections line the quay. Purchase a key from the yellow kiosk in front of the Alpha Bank
Toilets N/A (Not Available).
Showers N/A
Laundry The Χιωνάτη (Chionati - Snow White) on 13 Filocleous Georgiadou street, the inner street paralleling the harbor, provides same day service
Garbage There are bins around the harbors and in several anchorages
  • Skiathos Harbor: there is a Mini tank that services boats in the harbor but it is very hard to get as they refuse to deliver small quantities of fuel. You may try Mitzelos (tel. +30 694 477 4586; +30 242 702 2921)
  • There is a gas station about 300 m west from the floating dock and another 400m north (World icon.png 39°10.10124′N, 23°29.47044′E) opposite a supermarket.
Bottled gas In supermarkets
Chandlers There is only one store on Papadiamantis street that sells supplies for fishermen.
Repairs N/A
Internet In Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Good 3G signal in most of the island
Vehicle rentals Skiathos Harbor: Several places along the esplanade


There are several supermarkets in the town. One reasonable sized one supermarket/wiki/Skiathos#supermarketProvisions icon supermarket [[Skiathos#supermarket|supermarket]] 39°09.809'N, 023°29.429'E is about 400m north of the floating pontoon. It is opposite a fuel station.

Eating out

  • The up-scale Family restaurant near the Clock Tower has an extensive selection of wines from small Greek vineyards and their food is superb.
  • The Mesogia restaurant is the oldest in town and has a very good reputation.
  • There several pleasant ouzo places on the waterfront of the old town.


There are 2 flights per day to Athens and numerous direct flights from other cities including London. Skiathos Island National Airport Several hydrofoils to Ayios Konstantinos, Volos, and the other islands.



Skiath SK.JPG
The Town of Skiathos
Skiath Pap.JPG
The House of Papadiamantis, now a Museum
Skiat lal.jpg
Lalaria Beach
Skiath Kouk2.JPG
The Forest in Koukounaries
Skiath B.JPG
The Beach under the Kastro
Skiath Kastr3.JPG
The Bridge of Kastro
Skiath Kastr7.JPG
Ceramic Decorations

In the mind of many people raised and educated in Greece, Skiathos is synonymous with the archetypal Greek island. This is because of their early introduction to the vivid short stories of Alexandros Papadiamantis which all take place in Skiathos. Papadiamantis is maybe Modern Greece's pre-eminent short story writer. He lived and wrote in Skiathos. His stories are populated with local characters who move along the countryside and gaze on the sea and its waves braking on the rocks. He wrote in an archaic form of language, catharevousa, that no one uses any more and is hard to read, but the characters all spoke in the vernacular dialect of the island. Despite the language barrier these stories are totally absorbing. The modest house where Papadiamantis lived and worked is now a museum. Papadiamantis' Skiathos contrasts starkly with the modern polyglot reality.

The history of Skiathos is almost identical with the history of Skopelos. The small fort, Bourtzi, between the old and the new harbor was built by Venetian Gizzis. Many of the island inhabitants are descendants of refugees from Evia who settled on Skiathos in 1790.

Places to Visit

Skiathos Town

It is hard to walk the narrow streets of the town of Skiathos without thinking of Papadiamantis and his wonderful stories. The house where he lived, wrote, and died is now a museum. Anyone who has read any of his vivid stories will want to visit it.

The town today is not of course the same town as the one described by Papadiamantis. It is full of tourists and all the sordid establishments that cater to them. Yet, despite it all, modern Greeks still love wandering in these streets.

The Beaches

Skiathos is famous for its many beaches. The most famous of which is Koukounaries and Lalaria. All these beaches are full of tourists during the day, brought by day-trip boats, and are far from pristine with ugly food/drink stands and littered with empty bottles, food wrappers. Too many people, too much "civilization." Skiathos is a lovely island, but ...

A nice walk in the woods of Koukounaries, especially early in the morning or late in the evening when the hordes have gone, is very pleasant.

The Monastery of Evangelistria

The Monastery of Evangelistria was founded in 1797. It is open from 8 to 12 and from 16 to 20. It is located in a lovely spot and has a very attractive garden. Here was a place that during the Ottoman years many fugitives and revolutionaries found refuge. Within the monastery there is a small museum recalling this past.


Kastro was the old capital of the island. It was abandoned in 1829 and is now a ghost town reminiscent of Mystras. A scenic dirt road along the N side of the island leads you to the chapel of St. John the Beheaded from where you will have to proceed on foot. The chapel is shaded by large cypress and sycamore trees and it commands a wonderful view of the sea. A spring in the yard gushes clear ice water. A good walk takes you to Kastro, perched on top of rock surrounded by the sea on three sides and separated from the rest of the island by a narrow bridge, overhanging the cliff. It is lovely if haunting scene.

There are left only 8 of the original 30 Byzantine churches. Some have frescoes or are decorated with nice ceramic tiles. Among the various ruined houses are also the ruins of a Turkish hamam bath. Near by is the 15th century of Panayia Kechriá with some fine frescoes.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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Alexandros Papadiamantis, Tales from a Greek Island (English translation), The Johns Hopkins University Press, ISBN 0801848466 Alexandros Papadiamantis, The Murderess (English translation), Natl Book Network, ISBN 0906495725

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