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WorldMediterraneanAdriatic SeaCroatiaNorthern DalmatiaKrka riverSkradin
43°48.918'N, 015°55.385'E Chart icon.png
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Skradin, view from the South

Skradin lies on the N shore of the Krka river, eight miles upriver from the city of Šibenik.

The village is renowned for being an entrance to the Krka National Park and in particular for the Skradinski Buk, the most spectacular of three waterfall cascades on the Krka River.

Skradin is accessible by all but the deepest-draft yachts, with depths in the channel of around 7.0 metres, maximal air draft 30 meters.


See Northern Dalmatia.


In Skradin the bora is funnelled through the river valley and sometimes causes violent gusts in the marina and anchorage. During a winter bora in 2012 wind speeds up to 65 knots were measured in the marina.

For sources of weather forecasting, see Croatia.


See Croatia.


Luka Skradin

VHF: 17
Phone: +385 (98) 492 490


See Krka river.

Note: You are not allowed to use your own dinghy to go up to the falls as the tripper boats monopolise the jetty at the falls.


Skradin quay

Skradin quay/wiki/Skradin#Skradin_quay
Harbour icon Skradin quay [[Skradin#Skradin quay|Skradin quay]] 43°49.006'N, 015°55.347'E

20 berths with laid moorings, water and electricity posts are along the quay, Wifi, sanitary facilities.

Mooring at the village quay is somewhat cheaper compared to the marina. Reportedly the first 2 hours are free.

Tavern Vidrovača pier

Tavern Vidrovača pier/wiki/Skradin#Tavern_Vidrova.C4.8Da_pier
Harbour icon Tavern Vidrovača pier [[Skradin#Tavern Vidrovača pier|Tavern Vidrovača pier]] 43°48.373'N, 015°54.725'E
Approx 0.8 NM down the river. Approx. 20 berths with laid moorings at the pontoon. Reportedly free transfer to Skradin.
Restaurant pontoon

Restaurant pier

Restaurant pier/wiki/Skradin#Restaurant_pier
Harbour icon Restaurant pier [[Skradin#Restaurant pier|Restaurant pier]] 43°48.308'N, 015°54.492'E
Approx 1 NM down the river.

Marinas and yacht clubs


Inlets S of Skradin

Inlets S of Skradin/wiki/Skradin#Inlets_S_of_Skradin
Anchorage icon Inlets S of Skradin [[Skradin#Inlets S of Skradin|Inlets S of Skradin]] 43°48.860'N, 015°55.503'E

There are a few inlets on the opposite, S side of the river. Good holding but strong wind gusts are frequent. Depths are 3.0 - 3.5 metres and the holding is good in mud. However, you may not be able to use much chain the place is busy. Beginning in 2019 these inlets have moorings laid during the season.

It is alternatively possible to anchor on the N side of the river in 6-7 meters between the docks (to the N) and the area marked "anchoring prohibited" (to the S). It is advisable to take a line ashore to avoid swinging into the channel.


Water In Marina Skradin/wiki/Skradin#In_.5B.5BMarina_Skradin.5D.5DWater icon In Marina Skradin [[Skradin#In Marina Skradin|In Marina Skradin]] on every berth
Electricity In Marina Skradin/wiki/Skradin#In_.5B.5BMarina_Skradin.5D.5DElectricity icon In Marina Skradin [[Skradin#In Marina Skradin|In Marina Skradin]] on every berth
Toilets In Marina Skradin
Showers In Marina Skradin
Laundry In Marina Skradin can be arranged, 24h service
Garbage Bins in the Marina Skradin
Fuel In Šibenik/wiki/Skradin#In_.5B.5B.C5.A0ibenik.5D.5DFuel icon In Šibenik [[Skradin#In Šibenik|In Šibenik]] closest station
Bottled gas None
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A (Not Available)
Internet WiFi in Marina Skradin (free)
Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS on the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals In the Town/wiki/Skradin#In_the_TownCar icon In the Town [[Skradin#In the Town|In the Town]] Bicycle rentals


Studenac/wiki/Skradin#StudenacProvisions icon Studenac [[Skradin#Studenac|Studenac]] 43°49.045'N, 015°55.303'E A tiny supermarket at the quay (Obala bana Pavla Šubića; Mo-Sa 07:00-22:00; Su 07:00-20:00)

Konzum/wiki/Skradin#KonzumProvisions icon Konzum [[Skradin#Konzum|Konzum]] 44°07.013'N, 015°13.942'E A bit bigger one, between the main square and the one at the quay (Grgura Ninskog 4; Mo-Su 07:00-22:00)

In the Town/wiki/Skradin#In_the_TownProvisions icon In the Town [[Skradin#In the Town|In the Town]] three small supermarkets

Eating out

Skala/wiki/Skradin#.27.27Skala.27.27Eatingout icon Skala [[Skradin#Skala|Skala]] was good in 2004.--Athene of Lymington 17:08, 3 August 2011 It still has the best steaks in town --Salacia 2013.

Marina Skradin/wiki/Skradin#.5B.5BMarina_Skradin.5D.5DEatingout icon Marina Skradin [[Skradin#Marina Skradin|Marina Skradin]] restaurant & café/bar.

In the Town/wiki/Skradin#In_the_TownEatingout icon In the Town [[Skradin#In the Town|In the Town]] more restaurants.



Upriver from Skradin is the Krka National Park, the main jewel of which is Skradinski Buk, a beautiful set of waterfalls cascading some 70 metres down the Krka River. As always in Croatia, the whole set-up is beautifully managed, with a rustic crafts centre, replica water-driven felt hammers (the falls were once an important milling and textile centre) and water-powered corn mills.

The falls are best visited by one of the regular ferries from the marina, which take visitors the two miles up to the attraction. The first ferry leaves Skradin at 8 am and is recommended to avoid the crowds in summer. They run every hour thereafter.

You can take a separate trip further upstream to the less impressive falls of Roski Slap and the island monastery of Visovac, dating back to the 15th century. These ferries do not start until midday and there a choice of three different trips lasting 2.5 to 3 hours.

There is a good restaurant at the top of the falls (where the mills are) and one can then descend via a long series of wooden walkways winding over clear pools brimming with trout.

A must to cap off the visit is a quick swim at the bottom of the falls, where the cool, crystal-clear water cascades into a perfect pool.

For more details see Krka National Park at the Wikivoyage.

Waterfalls in Krka National Park - Croatia 02.jpg
Skradinski Buk -- the renowned Skradin waterfalls
Krka - Flickr - jns001 (9).jpg
Millhouse at Skradinski Buk
Skradin port sign 160923-200203-DSC02723.jpg
Skradin harbour plaque


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See entry for Croatia.


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