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South East Asia to Red Sea
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You should provide a map of the of the passage with the route clearly shown. The map should be preferably well annotated and with a scale in nM (nautical miles). Place the map to the right .


Note: The exact opposite passage is covered in Red Sea to South East Asia.

Feb. 2011. Warning: - it is highly advised NOT to undertake the passage via the Gulf of Aden due to extreme pirate activity at this time.

Circumnavigators should rather consider the route via the Cape of Good Hope (Cape Town) until the piracy problem in the Gulf of Aden is properly solved.

This passage from South East Asia to the Red Sea and beyond is usually undertaken from mid December to end February to use the North East monsoon winds across the Northern Indian Ocean. The Passage plan hereunder is provided so that Cruisers can consider options to avoid problems in the Gulf of Aden in particular.

Yachts leaving Thailand often congregate in Nai Hahn Bay on the Southern Tip of Phuket Island 7° 46'29.37" North x 98°18'10.17" East, then take off from there to the Maldives or Cochin, India, to break the passage.


Imray's Admiralty Charts
4071 - Indian Ocean North
51262 - Routing Chart for December - Indian Ocean
51261 - Routing Chart for January - Indian Ocean


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Documentation Required

  • Full Ship's Papers - current and complete!
  • Passports with a minimum of 6 months validity
  • Contact addresses of Next of Kin and other family and friends - to include Tel #s, Email Addresses etc.
  • Bank and Credit card details
  • Medicine prescriptions including repeat prescriptions & eyeglass prescriptions.
  • Document showing known medical conditions and allergies
  • Computing passwords
  • Current CV.

Route/Suggested Stopovers

  • The 1st waypoint is Uligamu in the Northern Maldives where Diesel can be purchased and siphoned into your tanks or jerry cans : 7° 4' 26" North x 72° 55' 8" East
  • The alternative waypoint to Uligamu is Male the capital in the Central Maldives where repairs can be effected and diesel can be purchased : 4° 11' 24.3" North x 73° 30' 41.8" East
  • Another alternative waypoint to Uligamu is Cochin on the south west coast of India where some repairs can be effected and diesel can be purchased : 9° 58' 18" North x 76°12'43" East
  • The 2nd waypoint is Salalah on the coast of Oman ; 16° 57' North x 54° 00' East, where diesel can be purchased and where yachts congregate waiting to make up flotillas before proceeding into the Gulf of Aden.

Warning: (Nov '09): The coordinates given below CANNOT be used as they now will encroach on the designated Shipping Lane. See: Gulf of Aden

  • Leave Salalah - 16° 57' North x 54° 00' East
  • 130 nms to>
    • 1st waypoint - 15° 00' North x 53° 00' East
  • 278 nms to>
    • 2nd waypoint - 12° 30' North x 49° 00' East
  • 178 nms to>
    • 3rd waypoint - 12° 00' North x 46° 00' East
  • 60nms to
    • 4th waypoint - 11° 45' North x 45° 00' East
  • 118 nms to
    • 5th waypoint - 11° 40' North x 43° 09' East
  • 7.5 nms to
    • 6th waypoint - 11° 37' North x 43° 07' East Djibouti Anchorage.

Total 771.5 Nautical Miles.


(If you don't want to go to Djibouti turn right for Aden: 12°44'45.6" North x 44° 58'13" East before you get to the 4th waypoint.)


Distance & Duration

Minimum Lights during passage through a 3000 sq. nautical mile area bounded by the coordinates 13° 05' North <> 13° 55' North x 47° 45' East <> 48°45' East. The centre of this "Box" is at 13° 30' North x 48° 15' East, about 80nms South West of Al Mukalla - bearing from Al Mukalla 220° true. Best is an all round white at cockpit level. ie:- fishing boat lighting. (watch out for big ships, then deck-level Nav. Lights to emulate fishing boat)

NOTE:- Galle - Sri Lanka:- 6° 01'7.3" North x 80°13'29.9" East is not recommended for a short stopover due to excessive charges and other "payments" - besides very limited facilities in the harbour.


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  • Indian Ocean Cruising Guide (2007) by Rod Heikell, ISBN 9780852889725 Publisher - Imray, Stock Code 826A


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