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Sveti Stefan
42°15.35′N, 18°53.49′E Chart icon.png
Sveti Stefan is one of Montenegro's jewels

Sveti Stefan (Montenegrin: Свети Стефан; Greek: Άγιος Στέφανος - Ayios Stefanos) in Montenegro used to be a tidal island, but is now permanently connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. In the 15th century the island was a fishermen's village. 1950s the last residents of the village were evicted, and Sveti Stefan was transformed into a high-class (and expensive) resort hotel. The streets, walls, roofs and façades of the buildings were, for the most part, preserved, while the interiors of the building were transformed to offer the utmost in luxury. In the 1970s it was popular among celebrities, and among its guests were Princess Margaret, Marilyn Monroe, Willy Brandt, Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky, Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, Monica Vitti, Ingemar Stenmark, Kirk Douglas, Jon "Becks" Miller and Claudia Schiffer. Today the hotel guests are mainly wealthy Russians and Serbs.

It is much used as a day anchorage by yachts en route to or from Budva, just four miles WNW, and by day charter yachts from the same port (sometimes with noisy cockpit speakers blaring!). It can also be used as an overnight anchorage in settled weather, but strong winds from any direction except E cause a heavy swell and the anchorage becomes completely untenable in strong W winds. There is a public beach on the S side of the causeway and public walks along the coast either side of Sveti Stefan. However, the island itself is reserved for hotel guests and visitors are not pernitted.


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See Montenegro.


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Approach to Sveti Stefan S anchorage

There are no hazards in the approach from all directions except S, when the rocky islet of Hrid Golubinj half a mile S of the anchorage needs to be given a wide berth. There are a number of mooring buoys in both anchorages and care is needed, especially if arriving at dusk.


There is no harbor in Sveti Stefan.


N Anchorage

Sveti Stefan N anchorage

The N anchorage is invariably cordoned off, as the beach here is the private property of the hotel and for the use of guests only. The depths beyond the cordon are generally too deep for most yachts and, if you do decide to anchor off here, be prepared to drop in 12.0 – 14.0 metres. Usually, unless the winds are fresh from a S direction, you are better off in the S anchorage.

S Anchorage

Sveti Stefan S anchorage
In season, both anchorages are buoyed off for swimmers

Outside the high tourist season, it is possible to anchor quite close in to the island in 5.0 – 6.0 metres of water, where the shelter is excellent from the prevailing winds. However, the beach is cordoned off in the summer and it is then necessary to anchor further out in 8.0 – 10.0 metres, where the shelter is less good. The holding is good in sand and weed. Overall shelter is adequate in the prevailing NW winds as long as they are not too strong, although usually some swell finds its way in. In any fresh winds from W round to S it is time to move on.

Things to do Ashore


Sveti Stefan is often used for high class photoshoots

There are some delightful walks along the coast from the anchorage, especially going N, with superb views over towards Budva. Also, the beach of the S anchorage is a public beach, with toilets, showers and lifeguards in attendance during the summer.

Grocery & Supply Stores

Small minimarket in the village.


Several restaurants and cafes along the beach.



Garbage Disposal

Bins near the beach for small items.



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See Montenegro.


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