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Mooring in the port with any wind (NW-N-NE) over 12 knots is like being in a top loading washing machine. And when the .com boats begin to try to moor, make sure you have all your fenders out. I found the night life had moved up to the chora and to the beach bars. Quiet except for the half dozen gigantic ferries wailing at docking throughout the night. There are other islands. Schrodinger Scat 12:45, 5 July 2019 (BST)

Port fees

At the arrival (September 24th, 2022) two guys with … an official t-shirt of the port directed me to a free mooring and helped me with the ropes. Immediately they asked me 40 Euro for the port and 10 for the help, giving me a receipt which could look something official (but then I realiside it was a form regarding an other island…). One hour later an official employee of the Municipality came asking for additional 50 Eur. No water, no electricity at my position.

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