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This template is to be used for regular Countries, States, Territories & Provinces. For example France, Australia, California, Queensland, Russia, etc. It is NOT for countries that are a single small island or a small Island Group like many in the Caribbean or countries like Malta, Cape Verde, etc. For these use the either Island Country Template or Island Group Template.

This is a "new" template. It is an easier and less error prone then the older template because it uses whenever possible Embeddable templates.

The items in this template are for your guidance and assure a certain homogeneity and consistency across the CruisersWiki but are not cast in concrete. Use your judgment.

Items in magenta are to be substituted including the {{MagentaText|xx}} template or the <span style="color:Magenta">xx</span>.

Please remove instructions in green, including these lines, after reading them. Also, keep in mind that this template is Protected which means that you cannot alter it, however, if you think that any changes to the template are desirable, contact the wiki administrators by making an entry describing the proposed changes and your reason in the discussion (second right button at the top of this page).

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Your assistance is required to develop these pages into a useful resource. Bring out the hidden "cruising guide writer" in you and share your information here (in the true cruising spirit) for all who follow in your wake.

XXXX Chart icon.png
lat=.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EXX.3C.2Fspan.3E | lon=.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EXX.3C.2Fspan.3E | zoom=16 | y
Country map.png
Country flag.png
Capital ?
Language ?
Currency ?
Time zone UTC ?
Calling code telephone code +xxx

Add here any background, cruising, and historical comments.


Chart Number - Chart Name
Chart Number - Chart Name
Chart Number - Chart Name


Give weather conditions.

Sources for Weather forecasts:


List popular passages/routes, timing, etc.


This section does not apply for many countries, remove it if this is the case for this particular country.

List major islands that have their own page as shown below.

  • Island1 Island1 /wiki/Island1 Island icon – island |
  • Island2 Island2 /wiki/Island2 Island icon – island |Needs data icon – needs data |


Add here VHF channel for coastguard, harbor masters. etc.

Also see World Cruiser's Nets


Add any navigation notes such approaches, dangers etc here. If this section does not apply remove it.


Give details for entering and exiting the country.





Customs and Immigration





Fees and Charges


Health and Security


Submit any health warnings/information. Remove any of these sections do not apply to this particular country.



External Territories

Remove this section if there are no External Territories.


Use this section to name major regions. This way this page is kept in manageable size, under 30kBytes. For an example see Australia. Remove this section if there are no Regions.

List here region pages. Use Region Template in each of these.


Use this section to name ports and anchorages. Remove this section if this information is covered in "Islands" and/or Regions pages (above). List ports and harbors. If there is more then 2 paragraphs for a given port, create a dedicated page for it (Port Template).

Key to symbols: |Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Needs data icon – needs data ||
  • Port1 Port1 /wiki/Port1 Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |
  • Port2 Port2 /wiki/Port2 Harbour icon – harbour |Needs data icon – needs data |

List small ports and provide 1-2 paragraph description. We use headings for these so that other pages can link to them. Remove if not applicable.


Harbour icon Port3 [[Template:Country#Port3|Port3]] (Alernate name if any) DD.dddDD.ddd


Harbour icon Port4 [[Template:Country#Port4|Port4]] (Alernate name if any) DD.dddDD.ddd

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Use this section only if there are few marinas not covered in pages under Ports and Islands above. Remove if not applicable.


List anchorages except the ones covered under Offshore Islands below. If there is more then 2 paragraphs for a given anchorage, create a dedicated page for it (Port Template).

  • Anchorage1 Anchorage1/wiki/Anchorage1 Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Anchorage2 Anchorage2/wiki/Anchorage2 Anchorage icon – anchorage |Needs data icon – needs data |

List small anchorages and provide 1-2 paragraph description. We use headings for these so that other pages can link to them. Remove if not applicable.


Anchorage icon Anchorage3 [[Template:Country#Anchorage3|Anchorage3]] (Alernate name if any) DD.dddDD.ddd


Anchorage icon Anchorage4 [[Template:Country#Anchorage4|Anchorage4]] (Alernate name if any) DD.dddDD.ddd
Key to symbols: |Anchorage icon – anchorage |Needs data icon – needs data ||


List transportation to other countries, etc.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


List links to discussion threads on partnering forums. (see link for requirements)


List links external to the wiki such as in Wikipedia & Wikivoyage.

For Wikipedia you can use the Wikipedia template & for the Wikivoyage the Wikivoyage template.

References & Publications

Books, Guides, etc. Use the Reference template or not at your discretion. For example:

{{Reference|Rod Heikel|Greek Waters Pilot|Imray Laurie and Wilson, Cambridgeshire|9780852889718}}, expands to
Rod Heikell, Greek Waters Pilot Imray, Laurie and Wilson, Cambridgeshire, ISBN 9780852889718
  • Author, Title, Publisher, ISBN ISBN number
  • Author, Title, Publisher, ISBN ISBN number

You may want to remove the above entries and use instead a link to the Country or Region that lists the relevant references. If so enter, after removing {{MagentaText|xx}}, the following:

See [[Country or Region#References_&_Publications|Coutry or Region]].

If you do not use the above link, please remove it.


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