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Tyne River
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The River Tyne at Bill Quay

The River Tyne flows through Newcastle-Upon-Tyne which is 9nm from the sea. The river has a maintained depth of 4.5 meters as far as Newcastle Quayside and the City Marina. The Millennium (foot) bridge lies towards the east end of Newcastle Quayside and allows an air draught of 4.5 meters in it's normal position but this increases to 25 meters when tilted. There are three marinas on the river as well as trot moorings at various points along the river banks and a couple of anchorages immediately inside the harbor walls. The river flows rapidly in strong tides, reaching 3 knots on the ebb around the quayside and 2.5 knots on the flood.

The relevant authority for the navigable parts of the River Tyne is The Port of Tyne


British Admiralty
Chart 1934 - River Tyne


The River Tyne is on the East coast of England and therefore winds with some westerly component usually give rise to the best sailing conditions at sea. The river itself is sheltered however strong northerly or easterly winds can produce rough conditions and make the harbour entrance dangerous.

Sources for weather reports:

  • Inshore Forecast for Berwick Upon Tweed to Whitby
  • Shipping Forecast for Tyne
  • Costal Forecast for Berwick Upon Tweed to Whitby
  • VHF: The coastguard broadcasts a forecast approximately every 4 hours after first announcing the channel to use on VHF 16


All distances are given from the river mouth between the piers

Within the river

Distances to ports further north

Distances to ports further south

Gateshead Millennium Bridge


  • VHF Channel 12 - Tyne VTS - Phone : +44 191 257 2080
  • VHF Channel 80 - Royal Quays Marina

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


The entrance to the River Tyne is well marked lit. There is a light house with characteristics Fl(3) 10s 26m 26M on the north pier and once inside the piers the channel has port starboard lateral markers for the first nautical mile to the fish quay.

The following cautions should be noted

  • Strong tides can flow across the entrance
  • In bad weather the piers can create a very confused sea
  • When heading downstream care must be taken to pass to the south of the starboard lateral marker on Bill Point (near the Newcastle Offshore Technology Park) as it marks a shallow area extending south from the north bank.

All vessels under 20m LOA should keep a listening watch for Tyne VTS on VHF Channel 12 and are requested to report in to Tyne VTS on VHF channel 12 as follows:

  • When nearing the pier heads e.g. "Tyne VTS this is your vessel name piers to Royal Quays over"
  • On leaving a marina to head for the sea e.g. "Tyne VTS this is your vessel name Royal Quays to sea over"

The Port of Tyne publishes Navigational Notices which can also be obtained via email or an rss feed.


See below for Marinas & Clubs. In addition it may be possible to arrange to stay on the private pontoon just before the millennium bridge. Contact River Escapes Phone: +44 1670 785666 / +44 1670 785777

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


  • There is an anchorage just inside the harbour entrance to the north side of the channel in 3 meters. It is subject to swell and wash from passing shipping but can be a convenient passage anchorage. Tripping line advised.
  • On the south side of the river the anchorage is a little further in off Little Haven Beach in 3 meters.


Water Royal Quays Marina, St. Peters Basin, City Marina
Electricity Royal Quays Marina, St. Peters Basin, City Marina
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage ?
Fuel Royal Quays Marina
Bottled gas ?
  • Storrar Marine - Comprehensive Chandelry
  • TridentUk - 15 minutes walk from Newcastle City Marina
  • PA Lynch – The Captain’s Locker
Repairs ?
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


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See United Kingdom.

  • An excellent cruising guide to the area is , Royal Northumberland Yacht Club Sailing Directions, RNYC, ISBN 0951599712


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