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Zadar is three miles across the channel from Ugljan

The island of Ugljan lies just under three miles W of the city of Zadar on the mainland coast of Croatia, separated by the channel of the Zadarski Kanal. The island is around 12 miles long and barely two miles wide at its widest point. On its western side are the islands of Iz and Dugi Otok and to the SE is the island of Pašman, to which Ugljan is joined by a road bridge with a clearance of only 16.5 metres. The island’s proximity to Zadar makes it a popular destination on summer weekends and its hourly ferry service enables a sizeable number of residents to commute to work in the big city. Most of the island’s harbours and anchorages are spaced along the NE side of the island, including two marinas at the island’s capital, Preko roughly in the centre of the NE coast and at Olive Island Marina in U. Sutomiscica two miles NW.


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Most Most Ugljan-Pašman.JPG
Bridge at S end of Ugljan (16.5 metre clearance only)

Danger: Mali Ždrelac/wiki/Ugljan#Mali_.C5.BDdrelacDanger icon Mali Ždrelac [[Ugljan#Mali Ždrelac|Mali Ždrelac]] (Prolaz Mali Ždrelac) 44°00.904'N, 015°15.084'E Prolaz Mali Ždrelac is a small strait between the islands of Ugljan and Pašman. The bridge over it has only 16.5 metres clearance. Also beware of currents running through it due to either tide or weather conditions.


Zadar is the nearest all-year port of entry.


There are 12 principal berthing options on Ugljan Island, the marinas of Marina Preko and Olive Island Marina at U. Sutomiscica, five smaller harbours, mostly along the NE coast, and six anchorages on both sides of the island.


Ports are listed anti-clockwise from Preko.

  • Preko Preko /wiki/Preko Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Poljana Poljana /wiki/Poljana Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Ugljan (village) Ugljan (village) /wiki/Ugljan_(village) Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Muline Muline /wiki/Muline Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Kukljica Kukljica /wiki/Kukljica Harbour icon – harbour |
  • Kali Kali /wiki/Kali Harbour icon – harbour |
Key to symbols: |Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage ||

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


Note: U. (short for Uvala) = cove. Anchorages are listed anti-clockwise from Preko.

U. Sutomiscica

U. Sutomiscica/wiki/Ugljan#U._Sutomiscica
Anchorage icon U. Sutomiscica [[Ugljan#U. Sutomiscica|U. Sutomiscica]] 44°05.890'N, 015°10.118'E
U. Sutomiscica is a U-shaped inlet on the NE coast of Ugljan, 1.5 miles NW of Preko. The bay is open N but is sheltered in winds from all other directions. Anchor in 4.0 - 5.0 metres N of the breakwater of Olive Island Marina, which lies at the head of the inlet. The holding is good in sand and mud. Alternatively, go alongside on one of the jetties off the village on the E side. Depths here are around 2.5 - 3.0 metres.

U. Lukoran

U. Lukoran/wiki/Ugljan#U._Lukoran
Anchorage icon U. Lukoran [[Ugljan#U. Lukoran|U. Lukoran]] 44°06.313'N, 015°09.135'E
The anchorage of Lukoran is a V-shaped inlet on the NE coast, a mile NW of U. Sutomiscica. The bay is open N but offers good shelter from all other directions. Anchor in 4.0 -5.0 metres in the inner part of the bay. There are shallows extending off the W side of the entrance. The holding is good in sand. Provisions shops and restaurants ashore in village of Lukoran.

U. Prtljug

U. Prtljug/wiki/Ugljan#U._Prtljug
Anchorage icon U. Prtljug [[Ugljan#U. Prtljug|U. Prtljug]] 44°06.339'N, 015°06.872'E
U. Prtljug lies on the SW coast of the island, three miles SE of the harbour of Muline. There is a good anchorage in the NW arm of the bay which is sheltered from all except S winds. Anchor in 5.0 - 6.0 metres. The holding is good in sand.

U. Lamjana Mala

U. Lamjana Mala/wiki/Ugljan#U._Lamjana_Mala
Anchorage icon U. Lamjana Mala [[Ugljan#U. Lamjana Mala|U. Lamjana Mala]] 44°02.646'N, 015°13.003'E
U. Lamjana Mala is the easternmost of two dagger-shaped inlets at the SE end of Ugljan, three miles NW of the Prolaz Mali Zdrelac, the narrow channel under the road bridge connecting the island to Pašman. There is an anchorage at the head of the inlet, past the fish farm and fishing boat mooring buoys. Anchor in 5.0 metres. Holding is moderate to good in sand and weed. The shelter is good in winds from all directions except SE.

U. Sabusica

U. Sabusica/wiki/Ugljan#U._Sabusica
Anchorage icon U. Sabusica [[Ugljan#U. Sabusica|U. Sabusica]] 44°01.369'N, 015°14.469'E
The anchorage of U. Sabuscica is situated close to the SE tip of Ugljan, just under two miles SSE of the anchorage of U. Lamjana Mala. It offers good shelter from winds from N round to SSE but is open to any W winds. Anchor on the N or S side of the bay, depending on wind direction, in 6.0 - 8.0 metres. Holding is good in sand.

U. Zdrelašćica

U. Zdrelašćica/wiki/Ugljan#U._Zdrela.C5.A1.C4.87ica
Buoy icon U. Zdrelašćica [[Ugljan#U. Zdrelašćica|U. Zdrelašćica]] (Prolaz Mali Zdrelac) 44°01.123'N, 015°15.191'E

Prolaz Mali Zdrelac is the narrow channel separating Ugljan from its close neighbour, Pašman Island. The anchorage is on the NE, mainland side of the channel.

Note: the road bridge over the channel has a clearance of 16.5 metres only, so the anchorage should only be approached from the SW side if your mast (and aerials!) give you an air draft of less than that. Pick up one of the mooring buoys here in depths of 3.0 - 4.0 metres or use your anchor. Holding is good in mud. Shelter here is very good in all conditions.


Water At Marina Preko, Olive Island Marina, and Kuklica
Electricity At Marina Preko, Olive Island Marina, and Kuklica
Toilets At Marina Preko, Kuklica, and Olive Island Marina
Showers At Marina Preko, Kuklica, and Olive Island Marina
Laundry At Marina Preko and Olive Island Marina
Garbage Bins in all the harbours and marinas
Fuel Preko/wiki/Ugljan#.5B.5BPreko.5D.5DFuel icon Preko [[Ugljan#Preko|Preko]] 44°04.622'N, 015°11.695'E half a mile SE of Preko harbour and NW of ferry terminal (depths of 2.5 - 3.0 metres alongside)
Bottled gas Give details on cooking gas (Camping Gaz, butane, propane, etc) suppliers. If there are no suppliers in the island just enter "None"
Chandlers Marina Zadar/wiki/Ugljan#.5B.5BMarina_Zadar.5D.5DChandler icon Marina Zadar [[Ugljan#Marina Zadar|Marina Zadar]] 44°07.142'N, 015°13.567'E limited parts from the yard, mainly engine spares
Repairs Olive Island Marina/wiki/Ugljan#.5B.5BOlive_Island_Marina.5D.5DService icon Olive Island Marina [[Ugljan#Olive Island Marina|Olive Island Marina]] DD.dddDD.ddd some limited repairs

Preko Harbour/wiki/Ugljan#.5B.5BPreko.23Preko_Harbour.7CPreko_Harbour.5D.5DService icon Preko Harbour [[Ugljan#Preko Harbour|Preko Harbour]] 44°05.065'N, 015°11.122'E limited repairs

Marina Zadar/wiki/Ugljan#.5B.5BMarina_Zadar.5D.5DService icon Marina Zadar [[Ugljan#Marina Zadar|Marina Zadar]] 44°07.142'N, 015°13.567'E Marina Zadar has an associated yard, Moto Marina, tel. +385 (28) 204 870 Kuklica yard/wiki/Ugljan#Kuklica_yardService icon Kuklica yard [[Ugljan#Kuklica yard|Kuklica yard]] 44°02.048'N, 015°14.838'E small boatyard in the town offering basic repairs

Internet WiFi in Marina Preko and Olive Island Marina
Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS on the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals N/A (Not Available)


Preko/wiki/Ugljan#.5B.5BPreko.5D.5DProvisions icon Preko [[Ugljan#Preko|Preko]] Supermarket and other provisions shops in the town. Preko/wiki/Ugljan#.5B.5BPreko.5D.5DProvisions icon Preko [[Ugljan#Preko|Preko]] Bakery, butcher, ruit and vegetable market. Poljana/wiki/Ugljan#.5B.5BPoljana.5D.5DProvisions icon Poljana [[Ugljan#Poljana|Poljana]] Small provisions shop in the village. Muline/wiki/Ugljan#.5B.5BMuline.5D.5DProvisions icon Muline [[Ugljan#Muline|Muline]] Small provisions shop in the village. Kuklica/wiki/Ugljan#.5B.5BKuklica.5D.5DProvisions icon Kuklica [[Ugljan#Kuklica|Kuklica]] Supermarket and other provisions shops in the town.

Eating out

Several restaurants in the town
Restaurant and café in Marina Preko
Restaurants and café/bars ashore
Restaurant ashore
Numerous restaurants ashore


Ferries to Zadar from Preko and U. Sutomiscica (Olive Island Marina).


The island of Galevac off Preko

Places to Visit

Ugljan Island’s proximity to Zadar on the mainland makes it a popular weekend and holiday destination for local tourists and its main harbours of Preko and Sutomiscica are invariably busy with vessels of all kinds during the summer. Several of the settlements on the island boast historic palaces from wealthy 15th or 16th century Zadar families as well as even older churches. Just off the town of Preko is the island of Galevac, which has a 15th-century Franciscan monastery, and the hill above it boasts a Venetian castle.


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