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This template is to be used for regular Countries, States, Territories & Provinces. For example France, Australia, California, Queensland, Russia, etc. It is NOT for countries that are a single small island or a small Island Group like many in the Caribbean or countries like Malta, Cape Verde, etc. For these use the either Island Country Template or Island Group Template.

This is a "new" template functionally equivalent to the older Country and Country2 templates. It is an easier and less error prone then the older template because it uses whenever possible Embeddable templates.

The items in this template are for your guidance and assure a certain homogeneity and consistency across the CruisersWiki but are not cast in concrete. Use your judgment.

Items in magenta are to be substituted including the {{MagentaText|xx}} template or the <span style="color:Magenta">xx</span>.

Please remove instructions in green, including these lines, after reading them. Also, keep in mind that this template is Protected which means that you cannot alter it, however, if you think that any changes to the template are desirable, contact the wiki administrators by making an entry describing the proposed changes and your reason in the discussion (second right button at the top of this page).


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