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Native of the Old World. Born and raised in the Queen of all Cities, Constantinopoli (Istanbul), built his first boat at age 7 with his older brother. alas, that boat never saw water except for rainwater. He was rowing 'Kaiki' wooden dinghies of the Bosphorus at age 10, a rower at age 14, professional blue fish fisherman on the Bosphorus from age 17. After a huge oil tanker explosion in 1979 when the blue fish were almost extinct, he returned to medical school and became an orthopaedic surgeon, a professor and chief of his department. He was never far from the sea, rowing, windsurfing, scuba diving and most of all sailing in the Marmara, Aegean and the Mediterranean all his life. He induced many novices into the art of sailing, including his wife and 3 children. His first boat, the love of his sailing life was a classic wooden sloop, Forsa; his last, family summer palace in the Aegean, was an Elan Impression 434, Ekip. His lifetime ambition is to live on the water and sail the world. Thankfully, he has a wife who shares the dream. Next year, they will be retired, living on their new Alubat OVNI 445 (still without a name:)) and sailing towards the Caribbean. Adventure awaits!!!

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