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Port of Entry
38°54.540'N, 001°26.651'E Chart icon.png
Dalt Vila 004.JPG
Dalt Vila, the old town. Ibiza Magna moorings in the centre

The main town Ibiza or Eivissa is the largest city and port of the island. The old town within the citadel is very attractive but the modern town on the waterfront is less so.

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See Ibiza





Autoridad Portuaria de Baleares. Puerto de Eivissa

Phone: +34 (971) 310611
Address: Accés Molls Nord, s/n. 07800 Eivissa


Approaches Ibiza are straightforward but there is a lot of traffic.

Warning: Approaching or departing Ibiza at night can be very confusing.

Approaching from S

Take care of islets:

  • Dau Gros/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Dau_GrosDanger icon Dau Gros [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Dau Gros|Dau Gros]] 38°53.420'N, 001°27.097'E
  • Dau Petit/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Dau_PetitDanger icon Dau Petit [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Dau Petit|Dau Petit]] 38°53.314'N, 001°27.247'E

Next to them there is a shipwreck/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#shipwreckDanger icon shipwreck [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#shipwreck|shipwreck]] 38°53.071'N, 001°27.114'E . Also further SW take care of L'Esponja/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#L.27EsponjaDanger icon L'Esponja [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#L'Esponja|L'Esponja]] 38°52.480'N, 001°25.583'E a group of islets and shoals.

Approaching from W

Take care of chain of shoals and passages S of Cap D'es Falco.

  • Channel Freu Chico/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Channel_Freu_ChicoDanger icon Channel Freu Chico [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Channel Freu Chico|Channel Freu Chico]] 38°49.699'N, 001°24.402'E where the depths are less than 1 m.
  • Seca la Barqueta/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Seca_la_BarquetaDanger icon Seca la Barqueta [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Seca la Barqueta|Seca la Barqueta]] 38°49.504'N, 001°24.110'E 500 m W Caragolé islet which could be difficult to note at choppy seas.
  • Channel Freu Medianoo/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Channel_Freu_MedianooDanger icon Channel Freu Medianoo [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Channel Freu Medianoo|Channel Freu Medianoo]] 38°49.385'N, 001°24.588'E where the depths are up to 3 m.
  • Channel Freu Grande, Bajo d´en Pou/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Channel_Freu_Grande.2C_Bajo_d.C2.B4en_PouDanger icon Channel Freu Grande, Bajo d´en Pou [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Channel Freu Grande, Bajo d´en Pou|Channel Freu Grande, Bajo d´en Pou]] 38°48.347'N, 001°25.171'E the depths are 6-7 m. Take care of N cardinal mark at the Bajo d´en Pou.
  • Channel Freu Grande, Bajo de Ahorcados/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Channel_Freu_Grande.2C_Bajo_de_AhorcadosDanger icon Channel Freu Grande, Bajo de Ahorcados [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Channel Freu Grande, Bajo de Ahorcados|Channel Freu Grande, Bajo de Ahorcados]] 38°48.636'N, 001°24.445'E 550 m SW of Illa des Penjats.

Further W, around Punta de la Rana:

  • Bajo de Morenallet/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Bajo_de_MorenalletDanger icon Bajo de Morenallet [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Bajo de Morenallet|Bajo de Morenallet]] 38°49.892'N, 001°22.515'E rocks awash 350 m E of Cape Rama.
  • Farallones de punta Rama/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Farallones_de_punta_RamaDanger icon Farallones de punta Rama [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Farallones de punta Rama|Farallones de punta Rama]] 38°49.729'N, 001°22.259'E two low islets islands are 300 m S of Cape Rama.
  • Wreck/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#WreckDanger icon Wreck [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Wreck|Wreck]] 38°49.828'N, 001°22.172'E depth 15 m, approx. 200 m W of Cape Rama.



Eivissa - Portua.jpg
Panorama of the port, view from S

This is a fairly large harbor and it's well sheltered from all weather.

Four berthing options can be found there. In any case, an advance reservation in season is essential:



Warning: It is prohibited to anchor inside the harbour.

The nearest anchorage can be found at:

Cala Talamanca

Cala Talamanca/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala_Talamanca
Anchorage icon Cala Talamanca [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala Talamanca|Cala Talamanca]] 38°54.758'N, 001°27.429'E
A big open bay just E of the harbour of Eivissa. It's protected from W by Punta Grossa, but exposed from SW to E. The bay is very shallow and the bottom is rock and weed, so you shouldn't anchor where there the depths are less than 3 m. Perhaps a better place is next to Punta Tabernera (Sa Tabernera) on some sand and weed. The shore is low. At the W corner there is a small jetty suitable for dingies.

E and NE of Eivissa

Ses Salines

Ses Salines/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Ses_Salines
Buoy icon Ses Salines [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Ses Salines|Ses Salines]] 38°50.270'N, 001°23.479'E
This anchorage is located at a protected area. In season (Jun-Sep) this anchorage is a managed buoy only field. See Balearic_Islands#Anchorages for more details.

Cala Yondal

Cala Yondal/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala_Yondal
Anchorage icon Cala Yondal [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala Yondal|Cala Yondal]] (Jondal) 38°51.871'N, 001°18.911'E

A large open bay. It quite well protected from NW-N-NE. Anchor at 6-10 m. The bottom is sand, shingle, weed. Ashore is a busy beach and a number of restaurants.

Danger: Beware of a submarine cable in the middle of the bay.

Cala de Porroig

Cala de Porroig/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala_de_Porroig
Anchorage icon Cala de Porroig [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala de Porroig|Cala de Porroig]] (Port Roig) 38°52.029'N, 001°18.133'E
A relatively large cove . Some stones at the bottom and a few permanent moorings are there. Anchor at 4-6 m. The bottom is sand, weed and rock. The protection is quite good except from SW. A few residential buildings ashore. No tourism.

Cala Llentrisca

Cala Llentrisca/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala_Llentrisca
Anchorage icon Cala Llentrisca [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala Llentrisca|Cala Llentrisca]] 38°51.767'N, 001°15.313'E
A small cove surrounded by green hills. There are a few ubiquitous fishermen's huts ashore, but it's quiet there. Anchor at 4-6 m on sand and rock.

El Materet

El Materet/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#El_Materet
Anchorage icon El Materet [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#El Materet|El Materet]] 38°52.448'N, 001°13.107'E
A wide sand bar between the islet of Vedranell and the cape Blanc. In settled weather it's possible to drop an anchor there. Someone has suggested the place is good for snorkeling. Anchor at 12 m on sand and rock provided the weather is good.

Isla Vedrá

Isla Vedrá/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Isla_Vedr.C3.A1
Anchorage icon Isla Vedrá [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Isla Vedrá|Isla Vedrá]] 38°52.294'N, 001°11.843'E

A rather dramatic island with a high ridge in the middle. In settled weather it may be possible to make a day stop at the N of the island next to a rocky islet of Sa Galera.

Danger: Beware of some rocky outcrops at the NE shore of the island.

Cala d'Hort

Cala d'Hort/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala_d.27Hort
Anchorage icon Cala d'Hort [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala d'Hort|Cala d'Hort]] 38°53.342'N, 001°13.357'E

A rather open bay with a rather dramatic view of two islands of Vedrá and Vedranell which provide some protection from S. Anchor at 5-10 m on sand. A shore is a beach which could be crowded in season. A couple of restaurants are there.

Bajo de la Bota/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Bajo_de_la_BotaDanger icon Bajo de la Bota [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Bajo de la Bota|Bajo de la Bota]] 38°52.791'N, 001°10.759'E Beware of a rock awash 1 mile NW Vedra island.

Cala Vedella

Cala Vedella/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala_Vedella
Anchorage icon Cala Vedella [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala Vedella|Cala Vedella]] (Badella) 38°54.888'N, 001°13.214'E
It's a deep cove protected by high cliffs, but there are plenty of private moorings there, so it could be quite full in season. Ashore plenty of tourist infrastructure with restaurants, bars and grocery shops, so someone could find it overdeveloped.

Cala Molí

Cala Molí/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala_Mol.C3.AD
Anchorage icon Cala Molí [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala Molí|Cala Molí]] 38°55.808'N, 001°13.934'E
A tiny beautiful green cove only suitable for a couple of boats. Anchor at 5 m, on sand. Ashore a beach which isn't usually crowded and a restaurant.

Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala_Tarida
Anchorage icon Cala Tarida [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala Tarida|Cala Tarida]] 38°56.327'N, 001°13.970'E
An larger open bay with a few rocks closer to the beach. Given a proper weather it's quite usable for an overnight stay: anchor at 4-5 m on sand, weed and rocks. A fairly developed tourist infrastructure ashore with a few restaurants and a grocery shops ashore.

Cala Corral

Cala Corral/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala_Corral
Anchorage icon Cala Corral [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala Corral|Cala Corral]] 38°56.639'N, 001°13.651'E
Open from S to W. There is a rocky shoal at the entrance. Closer to the head at becomes sandy. Anchor at 5-6 m. At the head of the cove there is a tiny private harbour of Marina Coralmar which is shallow and suitable only for small boats(depth 1-1.5m, max. LOA 10m). Ashore some touristic buildings a restaurant and a grocery shop.

Cala Llentía

Cala Llentía/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala_Llent.C3.ADa
Anchorage icon Cala Llentía [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala Llentía|Cala Llentía]] 38°56.807'N, 001°13.612'E
A small rocky cove open to S-SW. Anchor in front of the beach at 5 m on sand.

Cala Codolá

Cala Codolá/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala_Codol.C3.A1
Anchorage icon Cala Codolá [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Cala Codolá|Cala Codolá]] (Codolar) 38°56.980'N, 001°13.524'E
Anchor closer to it's head at 4-6 m, on sand and weed. Ashore are a restaurant, a bar and some shops.


Water In the marinas
Electricity In the marinas
Toilets In the marinas
Showers In the marinas
Laundry In the Marina Ibiza
Garbage In the marinas
Fuel See Marina Ibiza and Marina Botafoch
Bottled gas
Repairs See Marina Ibiza and Marina Botafoch
Mobile connectivity Good
Vehicle rentals Outlets in the city and at the Marina Ibiza


There are plenty of the shops of various kinds in the city. Just to name a few:

SPAR/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#SPARProvisions icon SPAR [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#SPAR|SPAR]] A tiny cramped grocery shop appears to be the closest one to the Ibiza Magna moorings: at the E corner of the Plaça del Parc next to the old town walls (Carrer d'Abel Matutes Torres).

Eroski City/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#Eroski_CityProvisions icon Eroski City [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Eroski City|Eroski City]] A small supermarket is a bit further W (Via Punica, 11 bis).

Eroski/wiki/User:Vadim/Eivissa#EroskiProvisions icon Eroski [[User:Vadim/Eivissa#Eroski|Eroski]] A hypermarket at the N edge of the city. It's relatively close to the Marina Ibiza.

Eating out

Numerous restaurants along the waterfront and up on the citadel


Buses to other locations on the island.

For getting into the island see Ibiza.


Ibiza - panoramio - anibal amaro (7).jpg
At the old Town

The citadel and the old town is a delight to walk. The Cathedral and some museums are worth a visit.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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